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Awkward Romance

by Veren Strife 2 months ago in lgbtq
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Chapter 2: Jack

Awkward Romance
Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

Chapter 2: Jack

I was here. I have arrived at the great Le Dumas house. Well great to me. Everything about Alex’s family has been great in my eyes. Mr. Le Dumas makes great money as a doctor and that allows him and Alex to live in a wonderful house, in a wonderful neighborhood, with wonderful things. I was always minorly jealous of Alex but my love for him always overshadowed it. My parents worked hard and we could only afford to live in a small house in a so-so neighborhood. It wasn’t really dangerous but at the same time you didn’t want to be outside after dark.

I always loved being at his house. I felt safe and I enjoyed being a part of his life. Alex has a pool, hottub, any gaming system he needs. That is where my jealousy came in but my friend always treated me like I was his brother. Anything that was his, was also mine. Mr. Le Dumas acted the same. As I grew up and realized how much Alex meant to me, I realized it wasn’t friendship I felt or even brotherly feelings. I was truly madly in love with my best friend. I have been in love with him since I was fourteen.Everything about him was the stereotypical hot boy. He had beautiful ocean blue eyes, golden blonde spiky hair, a perfect tight athletic body and his smile could recreate the big bang. He had sharp canines and for so long I just wanted to be bit by them.

After my parents died, Alex was there for me every minute of the day. That night he took me to his house and I slept in his bed with him. I woke up that morning clinging to him, my head on his chest. He was awake and had his arm around me. I was beyond scared. I didn’t know if this meant something or if he was just being kind. I still don’t know. The way he acts around me makes me think maybe he feels the same way but at the same time he always just calls me his brother! It is frustrating and stressful. It’s one of the reasons I honestly didn’t want to move in with him. I don’t know how well I will do living with someone I am in love with.

We pull up to Alex’s house and I get out of the SUV. I get all of my stuff out of the back and put it in the yard. They offer to stay until I get in but I tell them it’s ok. “Alex will be up. He has been looking forward to me coming all day. Have a safe drive guys!” I wave to them as they drive off. I look up at the light from Alex’s room. I can see his shadow on the wall. I hesitate to go to the front door.

I take a deep breath and walk to the door. I knock on the door. I stand there waiting. My heart is beating so fast you could jumpstart a car. I hear the door unlock and I get a smile ready. It’s genuine, I am just very very nervous. The door opens and Alex bursts through the opening to pull me into a hug. He holds me tight. I can feel his all to perfect body rubbing against me. I felt his abs through his shirt and it made other parts of me excited. I had to lightly push away.

“I’m so glad you’re here! Come in! I’ll get your stuff!” Alex says as he walks past me and gets my stuff. He takes a couple of trips to get my things in. I stand in the entranceway until he’s done. Alex closes the door and drops the last of my stuff on the floor. “You hungry? I can make us something.”

“Oh no, I’m good. We ate something on the way. Let’s just hangout, watch tv or something.” I suggest. Alex slightly frowns but quickly smiles again and grabs me by the hand and pulls me into the living room. We sit down on the couch and he turns the tv on. He goes to Hulu and looks for a show for us to watch. He had all the streaming services but Netflix was lacking now.

Alex went and popped us popcorn and came in while I landed in on a show. Rick & Morty. It is a hilarious show and one we both enjoyed. One of the things I loved about Alex is that he can continue as if we haven’t been separated for months. I curled up on the couch and unconsciously leaned towards Alex as we watched tv. I grabbed popcorn here and there, our hands meeting in the bowl on occasion. I react like an idiot every time I touch his hand. He acts like nothing happens and why would he? He is straight.

I don’t realize it but I fall asleep next to him and while asleep, I fall onto Alex. My darling best friend doesn’t wake me and he just lets me sleep on him. Alex eventually wakes me up after I sleep through a couple of episodes of Rick & Morty. I wake up to his ocean eyes staring at me and a grin on his face. “Welcome back.” Alex says. He turns the tv off and asks me to follow him upstairs so we can sleep.

I assume he is going to take me to my own room and it is only then he reveals that for at least the next week, I will be sleeping in his room with him. I am freaking out and trying to keep my face from showing it. Don’t get me wrong, I always sleep in his room when I stay over but it’s usually just a night, maybe two! This is a week or longer! How will I survive this? I can’t imagine how I am going to explain away how hard I am going to be from every little brush or touch.

“You don’t mind do you? We’re best friends, I assumed it was ok until we got the other room ready.” Alex asks. I plaster a smile on my face. “Of course! I just need to get my sleep clothes on. I’ll be back.” I say. I walk out of the room and head down the stairs to grab one of my bags and go through it to find my pajama bottoms and oversized shirt. I switch clothes and put my clothes from today in my bag.

I head back up the stairs and Alex is lying in bed under the covers. He asks me to get the light and hop in. I flip the switch and walk over to his bed and climb in. I lift up the covers and get under with him. As I straighten myself out I accidentally rub Alex who is very bare. He is wearing boxers but he has no pants and no shirt on. I feel myself instantly awakened down below and turn away from him.

I feel the bed shift and he turns over. I feel him way too close to me. “Hey, are you ok?” Alex asks. His warm breath hits the back of my neck. I shudder and turn around to face him. I make sure to scoot my lower region away. “Yea, I’m just tired ya know.” I say. As my eyes adjust I can see the look of disbelief in his eyes. “In truth, I didn’t expect to be sleeping in the same bed as you.”

“Are you upset about that?” Alex asks. I can hear the concern in his voice. Instinctively I put a hand on his bare chest. “No! I am just exhausted and a lot going through my head. Can we just sleep? We can talk about this tomorrow or something.” I say defensively. Alex smiles at me and scoots close to me and hugs me. I wasn’t expecting it and I know my erection poked him. I pulled away slowly. “Goodnight, have sweet dreams.” I flip over onto my stomach and adjust myself as stealthy as possible.

Alex stays in his position and closes his eyes. I fall asleep and dream about Alex. I wish I could say it was the first time but that would be a lie. It’s hard being in love with your best friend. Every moment is both amazing and awful at the same time. Alex, he’s just oblivious to how I feel. Not that I want him to know the truth. It would ruin everything and he is my foundation. He kind of has been for thirteen years.

We met in Kindergarten and became best friends almost immediately. As we grew up, I became more introverted. He stayed the charming extrovert he has always been. Everyone loves him and wants to be his friend. Alex always chose to be kind and friendly with everyone. We both had other friends as well but our bond was unbreakable. Then again, a love confession could break it.

The next morning I wake up with my head on Alex’s chest. Why do I keep doing that? It is so frustrating that my sleeping self latches onto him. He smells amazing! Is that vanilla and roses? What kind of shampoo or cologne is that? I pull myself off of my best friend and sit up in bed. This causes Alex to wake up. He has always been a light sleeper. Though I can’t see his face, I know he is smiling at me. “Good morning! How did you sleep?” He asks with way too much chirpiness. I am not a morning person.

“Morning . . . I’d rather be asleep but I slept great. Your bed is so amazingly soft and comfy.” Alex chuckles. “Well get ready, Dad will have breakfast for us soon I’m sure.” Alex says as he throws the covers off of himself. I turn around and as he gets up I glimpse his morning glory and I blush instantly. More than that I am in shock. “That’s one more thing to add to his perfection list.” I whisper.

Alex walks over to the drawer in front of me and opens it for clothes. He looks at me. “Did you say something?” He asks. I shake my head. “Oh, cool. I am going to hop in the shower.” He grabs some boxers and socks and walks into his private bathroom. He doesn’t close the door and I see his boxers come off in the mirror. I turn around and walk out of the room. I have to get my clothes so I can shower too. Luckily there is another bathroom I can use.

I see Mr. Le Dumas and greet him. “How are you doing Jack? Did the drive go well?” He asks. I go through my bag. “Yea, got in just after nine and me and Alex crashed pretty quickly.”

“I noticed. You two were cuddled up together.” Mr. Le Dumas says. He smirks at me. I blush. Is he suggesting something? There is no way. I’ve done amazingly at hiding my feelings. “Yea, I always cling to whatever is warm. When I had a dog it was always in my arms when I slept.”

“I suppose. Breakfast will be ready soon, go shower up.” He says to me, I grab what clothes I need and head up to the bathroom. I am thankful for the privacy because I have to relieve myself. The night with Alex has me beyond flustered. While I shower I release my tension, twice. I make sure there is no evidence in the shower and finish up cleaning myself.

I walk into Alex’s room and he is just sitting there with nothing but a towel around his waist. I feel the heat rise to my cheeks. “Alex, I appreciate this is your room but can you please be dressed or lock the door.” I ask with a little frustration. Alex seems shocked by my words. “I’m sorry man, I didn’t think it would bother you. I mean we’re both dudes and best friends.” His naivety is almost too adorable.

“Yes we are, but that doesn’t mean I want to see your junk or feel it against me in the morning.” I say sounding like a complete homophobic jackass. Alex frowns. “I’m sorry if that happened. You know that isn’t something guys can control.”

I know Alex well enough to know he is feeling a little hurt. I am being too harsh over something that isn’t his fault. It’s mine because I am a lovesick idiot. “I know, I’m sorry, it just took me by surprise and once I have my own room it will be fine. I didn’t mean to snap.” I say. Alex flashes a smile. “It’s ok, I wasn’t really thinking about it. I’ll go change in the bathroom. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. I want you to be happy here.” Alex says to me. I feel my lips form a smile. He is so sweet. I don’t know how he hasn’t gotten a girlfriend yet. I pull my shirt on and slip on some athletic shorts.

Alex comes out of the bathroom a minute later and we head downstairs to eat breakfast with Mr. Le Dumas. He has told me over and over to call him Mike but it is so hard for me to do. It is just weird. Mr. Le Dumas made us western omelets, bacon and hashbrowns. It is amazing! My parents never had time to make breakfast.

“What are you two going to do today?” Mr. Le Dumas asks. I look at Alex because honestly this is his show. I am just along for the ride. Alex swallows his food. “I was thinking we might go to grandpa’s if that is ok and explore the woods or something. Then afterwards come back here and swim. We’ll get food somewhere in there too!” Alex says excitedly. He says grandpa’s but his grandfather died back in 2008. Donald. I met the man once but Alex assures me he was a great man. He was apparently a Mason. That rings bells with anyone who has seen National Treasure. Anyway, Alex said he was a very honorable man and has great respect for him.

I share my agreement with Alex on the plans. Alex’s dad has to work today so we won’t see him until late tonight. He plans to be back for dinner but doesn’t know if he will make it. As we finish up breakfast. I take mine and Alex’s plates and take them to the kitchen. I rinse off the dishes and Mr. Le Dumas thanks me. We all talk for a little bit longer before Alex insists we get a start to the day.


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Veren Strife

I've been writing for years. Hope to be published soon! I love fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, romance, whatever captures my attention! My favorite book series is Artemis Fowl, I read it as a kid and continue to read it!!!!!

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