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At the Carnival…on Halloween

by Kit Kitsune 2 years ago in fiction
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Part 1 - Sari & Noor

At the Carnival…on Halloween
Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

The Carnival was very busy this evening. All the flyers and advertisement for the Halloween Spectacular at La Madame's Carnival were a huge success. The crowds were full to busting at the seams in crazy, creepy, and sexy costumes. The Dungeon and the Funhouse were the hit of the Carnival. Everyone saying they had a different experience when they went in, repeatedly. The Arcade Games were raking in the cash but dispensing plenty of prizes as well for sweethearts and friends.

Noor stepped out from the employee's area for a break and fresh air, it was frenzied work coordinating many different rides, but very rewarding. In the distance, he saw Madame Sari overlook her Carnival with pride.

Madame was happy with the turn-out for Halloween. She was never sure what to expect and she was more than pleased that so many people showed up. As she walked through the fairway, she took delight in watching lovers win prizes for their mates. Though it did make her sad at times, seeing as how she had no one to call her own. Seeing her favourite staff member emerge from the employee area, she walked up to him swiftly. "How are you this evening, Noor? Everything running well, I hope?"

Stretching and flexing his joints, Noor worked the kinks out of his neck and shoulders from sitting too long over a computer screen. He saw as Miss Sari walked over to him and his heart skipped a little, "Oh, I’m fine, Madame. Everything is going very well. I have Ein running Overwatch on many of the areas. I think we have a complete success tonight!" He looked back at her and noticed the sadness in her eyes. "Is.. something wrong, Madame? I figured you be ecstatic with the turnout."

Madame looked up at Noor and smiled. She didn't really need to force one when she was with him. He was always incredibly sweet to her. She had considered him her favourite for some time, though she was loathe to show it. As she looked into his eyes, she thought how much he was her type. She always did go for the brainy ones. "Oh, it's nothing really, Noor." She waves her hand through the air dismissively. "Hey, why don't you walk with me for a little bit. I'm sure you're happy to get away from the computer for a while." She holds out her hand for him, smiling even brighter than before.

"Oh..k- alright" He took her hand as she led him through the crowds. The truth was, he really did need a break from the control room. Looking around the crowds, he noticed angels and demons, Zombies and Vampires, Werewolves and Nurses, Catgirls and Teachers. But every time he looked about, he stole a glance at Madame Sari. She was very beautiful, and he was a little nervous around his employer. Soon however, they approached the Ferris Wheel. The scaffolding was lit almost every inch with lights and neon. The centerpiece of the Carnival. "The line's a little long isn't it?"

Madame loved all the costumed guests running about. Though sometimes Halloween made her a bit leery, as she knew sometimes the creatures you see weren't really costumes at all. Pushing that thought out of her mind as they approach the Ferris Wheel, her eyes light up with glee at the sight of it. Truly her pride and joy, it is a monstrous piece of architecture. Larger than any Ferris Wheel in the surrounding states, hers was enormous. Each of the cabins was made of wood to ensure the comfort of her guests. The metal frame was completely covered in neon lights that dazzled if you looked too close. She looked to Noor, "Oh sure, the line is long, but we can get around that." Smiling, she led him to the front of the line, offering the next person in line a two-week-long pass to the Carnival for their spot. She let Noor open the door to the cabin and stepped in, waiting for him to join her.

Noor shook his head at his own density. Of course, Miss Sari owned the place after all. He smiled at her as she stepped into the cabin and followed suit. The seat was very comfortable, and the gentle swaying of the cabin was a nice change from the stillness of the control room. The operator tipped his hat to the Madame but gave Noor a smirk of disbelieve. After the safety speech, the operator cinched the door closed and moved the cabin forward for the next group. "It's been a while since I had a break this nice."

Madame smiled as Noor joined her in the cabin. As it swayed back and forth, she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the movement. Sensing when they were reaching the top, she opened her eyes to look out the window of the cabin. The Carnival was completely lit up & was such a pretty sight from above. What she really enjoyed though, was the sight of the city in the distance. Grabbing Noor' arm and pulling him to look out of the window on her side, she excitedly exclaimed, "look!! Isn't it beautiful!" As she turned back to look at him, she realized their faces were but an inch apart. She looked into his eyes and her heart skipped a beat. Feeling his breath on her lips, she looked down, noting how perfect his lips were. Leaning forward slightly, she brushes his lips with hers, pressing forward waiting to see if he'd kiss her back.

Noor was actually starting to feel comfortable as more cabins were filled with Carnival guests. The sudden starts and stops swayed the cabins in a relaxing motion. At the top, he saw the city in the distance and the surrounding clusters of light from the townships. He indulged Miss Sari when she pulled him to the window and looked outside, childlike delight on their faces. They turned to each other and he noticed how close they were. His eyes darted everywhere but her face, his courage lacking. Until... she bridged the distance and kissed him! His mind was reeling, and his hands were shaking, but... he pressed forward and met Miss Sari's kiss. It was a peck at first, then a meeting of lips. Tentative tongue flicking turned into a deep and passionate kiss. Their hands wandering furtively over each other's backs. "Whoa," for a long moment, Noor was stunned but he asked, "... Are you sure you’re Ok with this? Miss Sari?"

As soon as Noor pressed forward into the kiss, she was lost. Opening her mouth slightly to flick her tongue out, she was happy to accept his tongue back. She felt their tongues entwining, their hands roaming all over, as though it were someone else taking these actions. It had just been that long for her; it had become unfamiliar. She almost whimpered as Noor pulled back, her breathing slightly laboured. As he asked her whether she was ok with this, she smiles at him and blushes a little, realizing she'd crossed the employer/employee boundary. "I'm ok with it, if you are?" Her eyes searched his for his response as she bit her lower lip a tad nervously.

Miss Sari was glancing nervously but her smile was too alluring, "Yes, I.. I am ok with this." He leaned back towards Miss Sari and kissed her again. He wasn’t sure about what transpired, but a dam had broken between them. Restrained and repressed feelings were finally vindicated as they wandered over each other's body. Their kissing was deep, and more driven by lust than passion now. He wandered down her neck and kissed a line down to her collarbone, and back up to her cheeks. His hands were shaking from anticipation, and adrenaline but he wandered to the sides of Miss Sari's breasts over her cloths. He brushed by them and cupped them momentarily, before wandering to her hips and back again.

She smiled even brighter as Noor leaned in for another kiss. She had always found him attractive, but she guessed she never knew how much. Kissing him lustfully, she sucked at his bottom lip whenever she could, loving the feel of it in her mouth. She moaned lightly as his lips traveled over her neck and back up to her face. She ran her hands through his hair, stroking over his ears delicately. As his hands reached her breasts, she groaned as he cupped them. Realizing they didn't have much time, she started to undo the string at the bust of her peasant dress. She yanks it down and grabs him by the back of the neck at the same time, pushing his face into her breasts, sighing softly with pleasure...

"Mmff" Noor' mind was still reeling from the situation. Miss Sari moved very fast and he barely kept up with her. They fumbled a little bit and fell to the floor of the cabin, with Miss Sari on top. Her breasts were pressed into his face and he was in heaven. He kissed her breast and sucked lightly at the underside of it. When a nipple wandered too close to his mouth, he began suckling on it. Rolling his teeth on the nub and flicking it with his tongue. He fidgeted with his belt and pants, trying to unbuckle and unzip them, but he decided to just slid them down. Noor hands wandered up Miss Sari's skirt and he played between her thighs and at the crease of her butt. Just barely missing and always teasing the right spots. "I.. I like you a lot... Mi- Miss Sari"

Madame couldn't restrain herself any further with Noor, as she pulled him to her, they were jostled in the cabin and fell to the floor. Moaning louder and louder as he played with, kissed and suckled at her breasts, she could feel him fumbling to undo his pants, yanking them down in the end. Her groans filled the air of the cabin as he touched her all over, his hands running between her thighs & playing with her butt..."I like you too, Noor. Since I first met you, even..." She leans down to kiss him once more, but suddenly notices they're almost at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel! Quickly straightening her hair and dress, she motions for Noor to stay where he is. As the cabin comes to a stop at the bottom, she waves at the window in the door for the attendant to keep going. She noted the smirk on his face but chose to ignore it...til later. Turning back to Noor, she says, "we don't have much time!!" She quickly straddles him, taking him in one hand and impaling herself on him immediately...Groaning loudly, "Oh God!! Oh, Noor! God, you feel goooooood!!"

"Holy shi~a" Noor was in heaven. He had to be. Nothing ever happened this way except in movies or books. He almost released into Miss Sari when she slid onto him, but that was amateurish. He'd represent himself to Miss Sari and deliver. He pushed up to meet her as she came down. At first, it was a couple slow movements, but Miss Sari was egging him on. Encouraging him to go faster. He obliged her and continued to wander a hand on her breast. Sometimes he would roll a nipple that came between his fingers. He used the other hand to settle on her hip and prop her up as she continued to meet him up and down. "I’m coming close, Sari!" He kept at though, only wanting to make Miss Sari feel good.

She couldn't believe how good it felt as she moved on top of Noor. A small part of her mind said it was because it'd been awhile, but the rest of her knew he was something special. The way he met her downward thrusts, the feel of his hand on her hip, how he treated her breasts, everything was just...perfect. So close already, after but a minute on top of him, she tried to hold back as long as she could. The thrill that someone in one of the other cabins on the other side of the wheel could see them turning her on beyond belief. She kept riding him, moaning loudly each time their hips met. Finally, unable to hold back any longer as they reached the apex of the wheel, her cries filled the air of the cabin. Sure that if people were listening, they could hear her outside as well, she didn't care. She was exultant with pleasure. Her body was shaking, her hands clutching him for support, her sex milking him as she orgasmed hard. "Noor! I'm c-coming!"

"Hiii~yyaaahhh!" Noor roared as Sari came. He erupted within her. Thick streams of hot cum painted her insides, and she wanted more. He continued thrusting into her as the Ferris Wheel went back down again. The pleasure of orgasms still fresh in him and racking throughout her body. In quick succession, they came again. As they did, Sari tried to scream again, but was pulled down to Noor and muffled with another Lip lock. Riding the waves of pleasure, Noor grabbed her hips and pushed her down as he rose up to meet her. Finally, at the apex of another circuit, they had slowed down and embraced each other. Thoroughly exhausted, disheveled, and satisfied. The cabins below were starting to empty of guests... "That was amazing, Sari..."

Crying out again and again as Noor continued to thrust up into her, she couldn't believe it as another orgasm started to wind its way through her body. Starting to yell, Noor pulled her down into another kiss, and she blissfully acquiesced. She could not believe the amount of pleasure she got from this man. As their movements slowed down, and their moans quieted, they were left only with heavy breathing and incredibly mussed up clothes. She looks down at Noor and smiles, "YOU were amazing, Noor..." She blushes slightly then looks up in distress as she notices they were about to be next to disembark the wheel. "Hurry! He's going to open that door in a minute!" She reluctantly disengages from him, quickly straightening her dress, tying the top again. She watches, smiling, as Noor gets up and straightens himself out as well. "You ready?" she asks as their cabin was next...."Here we go!"

Noor had barely gotten his pants on as the cabin came sliding next the platform. He pulled his shirt and jacket loose when the door began to open. "Yea, always ready for you. Miss Sari" A little shaky still, Noor stepped out of the Ferris wheel cabin and held his hand for Miss Sari to disembark. Through deft misdirection, the operator closed the cabin and moved the next one forward as Miss Sari and Noor descended the walkway. "We... should do this again sometime, Miss Sari." Noor' face turned red, but he was glad he didn’t stammer at his request.

Madame takes Noor' hand as she exits the cabin, smiling up at him softly. She was very glad she ran into him this evening. It had certainly made her night, hell, her year! Holding his hand as they walked back towards the fairway, she smiled even brighter and blushed a bit as he mentioned doing this again. She liked the idea...very, very much. "I think that would be a wonderful thing, Noor. You should come see me in my chambers sometime...we can...hammer out the details." Giggling slightly at her bad joke, she held his hand tightly, not wanting the moment to end. But aware there was only so much they could do in the sight of others.

Noor held her hand longer than he should have and chuckled with her joke, but his heart sank as he realized that they couldn’t keep the moment from ending. "Don’t worry Miss Sari. We may not get to keep this moment, but we can have plenty more moments later on." He smiled and was partially uplifted by his own words. "Maybe the next one could be later tonight? After my shift?"

Smiling up at him brightly, she nodded. "Yes, do that...come by after your shift. Just knock and enter. My door won't open unless my special staff knows I want the person to enter. And they'll be instructed to let you in." Stroking the back of his hand with her thumb softly before letting his hand go. "I'll see you later then?"

"Oh yes, Miss Sari... definitely"


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