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An Orgasm Donors Tale!

by Bella Cooper 10 months ago in erotic

The complications of a simple life!

Loving a married man when your not the one married to him. In heathers book, it's the best. An orgasm donor to the needy. A self described whore with a heart of gold, her sexual talents are about to be put to the test to save her sisters marriage.


Gone fishing, need some bait

My name is Heather and I admit it, I’m a whore. So was my big sister Susan, I learned from the best. That is before she fucking married John. Don’t get me wrong. I like John but not for my sister. He is such a beta boy. He was a rebound because my sister got all twisted up by her ex. Now, her ex, he was a man. Makes me week in the, well everywhere, thinking about him.

In her grief she got knocked up and John came along. Fuck, any ship in a storm right? So that's her miserable life. Seeing her go through that is why I don't pine to get married. I like thick, long, hard cock and a rough fuck. I know that about myself. I can't go from prime rib to hamburger, call me shallow but I can't.

Beta boys worship the ground you walk on but they just don't fuck like that, lame. Of course the alpha guys are all that, and they know it. They might fuck like a jackhammer but at the end of the day they are heart breakers. And that’s where Susan fucked up. I’m smarter than that. What I want is a groomed beta, but one that will fuck like an alpha and treat you like a woke beta might. And also a beta that won’t press for a commitment, just be happy with what I dole out.

Sounds like a mythical beast, but they aren’t that rare if you know where to look. They go by another name, a married man. Not just any married man though, I’m not a home wrecker. A neglected married man, maybe he used to be an alpha, now he's settled down, his glory days behind him. The stupid cunt he’s with has gotten spoiled and thinks she gods gift to him.

These are the guys at work that complain that they never get laid. The trick is in courting them. These are not the guys that troll bars, and I don't go to church. There’s work of course, but that is always a bad idea. So the question is how do you meet them?

It's easy, I just need one little accessory to make it work. My sisters kid, Julia. My little niece likes to call me ama for some reason, which gets interpreted as mama, and that is really what sells the scene I lay out. The neglected wife.

“So do you have the list?” My sister Susan asked. I like to help her out and shop for her. You will see why in a moment.

“Yep, got it. And where's her bag?”

“Fuck its in Johns car and he went golfing.”

“Its fine. She not a baby anymore. Ill just grab a couple pull ups in case.”

“Thanks, your such a good sister. I don't know what i would do without you,” she said.

“I know, I'm all that. Ok so, what are you doing this afternoon. Sleeping?” She didn't say anything and I knew that look. That's her slut face. Its been a while since I've seen it. “No way!”

“What? Oh, fuck you,” she said with a shit eating grin.

“Spill who is it? Not Jake. That would be a mistake you know he cant keep his mouth shut.”

“No, no,” she said emphatically. “no.”

“I have to ask, did you finally cuckold John?”

“What no,” she said.

“Well that can't be good. Susan, what the fuck. What happened to ‘I'm an adult now and a mother.’ what changed,” I asked.

Nothing, nothing at all and that's the problem. I thought I could change but god I love a thick cock up my ass. John isn't into it,” she said.

“Butt slut Susan," Her nickname in college. The look on her face, guilt, shame, and excitement in the same moment, I felt sorry for her. "Well, let me know if you need anything,”

“Heather, Thanks.”

“For what?”

“For not busting my balls over cheating on John. I love you so much,” she said.

“Hey, I'm your sister. Blood and chocolate, right. I’ll always have your back,” I told her.

Just then there was a knock on the door. I looked out of the window. It was Susan’s boss, Tanner.

“Shit, your boss. Wow you are going right off the fucking edge. What happened to don't shit where you eat. I guess your breaking all the rules,” I told her.

“What? We are getting ready for a conference. And maybe if he wants to be handsy, I will let him,” she said blushing with a coy smile.

Susan's boss was handsome, muscular and driven. Basically everything John wasn't. I could see the attraction. I grabbed my niece and let myself out the back way as Susan answered the door all nervous and giggly. Yeah, she's giving it up all right.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Susan having an affair sort of blows my mind. Sure she used to be a slut but she’s a submissive girl so going out like this must be a sign she’s frustrated beyond belief. Susan always had these great tits and never had to work for a cock in her life. He advice to me was simple, just don’t say no. Looks like she went back to that policy.

Butt Slut Susan was on the prowl again. My title? Cunt Whore but it's not a bad thing. It was given to me by a boyfriend, because I’m aggressive and I will fuck your balls off. I liked it and went with it. I’m more one of the guys really. I like cars and football, so I have always had a lot of guy friends.

“OK, little bug, we are here,” my niece smiled as I unbuckled the car seat. “Time for Ama to have some fun.”

I love shopping, but that’s not why I’m here. Walking the isles I do a few loops cruising past the contraceptives, feminine products and diaper sections three or four times as I go. I was a little disappointed at first the pickings were slim today. But then I saw this hot guy looking around at the diapers. Bingo.

“You play with your toy, OK,” I told Julia and I went to the end of the cart. Standing on my tip toes to reach a pack of diapers. I like to really stretch out, I wear the short t-shirts with no bra for a reason. “Shit.”

“Can I help,” The guy asked. I try to capitalize on chivalry. Lets see. Ring, check. Arms, Check. Eyes, check. Belly, check, I imagine a washboard. Cock Bulge, check. Yes. He will definitely do.

“Oh, Yeah.” I giggled a little, “Thanks, those right there.”

“They have some down here you know,” he said with a smile.

“I know but everyone has been man handling those. I’m a freak I know,” I told him and brushed my hair behind my ear, something I do to act nervous. I make sure to be obvious checking him out.

“My wife is too. I get that,” He told me and out of the corner of my eye I caught him checking me out too.

“I’m Heather,” I said.

“Jack,” He said.

“I wish my husband would come pick up diapers for me, that's so hot I think.”

He blushed a little and put a pack in his cart. I sensed he was about to take off. Time to see if he’s my man.

“Hey, before you go. I know this is probably so inappropriate, but. Does your wife breast feed?”

“Umm, Yeah. Why?”

“Well, you know I have been having this issue, My nipples are like, dry and a little worse for wear. I wonder, do you know what she uses on them?” I ask like its the most normal question in the world, making sure my tits are front and center. His eyes go immediately to my tits and my hard nipples.

“She has some stuff, I don’t know what it’s called.”

“Could you show me?” I asked looking hopeful.

“Yeah I can probably pick it out,” He said. The stuff is over on some shelves in the corner, but I already knew that. There are no cameras there and it’s secluded. I pulled my cart over. “Here it is. Bag Balm I guess it’s called.”

I look at the jar in an attempt to be interested.

“How do you apply it. Like just all around?” I asked and looked around, over my shoulder to make sure Julia was facing away and playing. Then I lifted my shirt to reveal one tit to him. “Like, could you show me.”

He froze and looked at me. Moment of truth.

“Just, you know, touch my nipple where she would put it,” I told him. He didn’t bolt as I expected he might. Which tells me a lot. He lifted his hand and touched my nipple.

“She rubs it here, and some around here. I think,” As he traced his fingers in a circle around my nipple.

“Did she complain about losing sensitivity?”

“No. But it's not like we talk about it,” He said. I let my hand reach forward and touch the bulge in his jeans. I tickled the fabric with my fingertips.

“I have to admit, I wouldn’t know either, my husband hasn’t touched me in a while. Not since the baby.”

He didn’t move, but looked around nervously. I grabbed his bulge and gave him a gentle squeeze.

“Your hand feels really good on my tits.”

“Your hand feels pretty good too.”

“If I didn't have the baby with me, I don’t think I could control myself,” I told him and kissed him. He kept hold of my tit as we kissed. I kept rubbing his cock. “Fuck I wish I could have you in my hand. Or other places”

He kissed my shoulder and bent down and look my nipple into his mouth. I cradled his head as he did and enjoyed the sensation of his hungry lips on my nipple. The sounds of someone coming stopped us. I quickly lowered my shirt and he backed up. He looked terrified.

“I’m sorry,” I told him. “It’s just been a while and your so sexy. I wish I could return the favor and suck something for you.”

“Yeah. Well. I. I shouldn’t have,” he said out of breath. “I, I’m sorry.”

“Can I have your number.”

“I don’t think…”

“Give me your phone,” I told him and he handed to me. I put my number in his contacts. “There. If you need to talk.”

He didn’t say anything. He looked at the number and put the phone in him pocket and that might have been that but he leaned in and kissed me again. He was hungry you could tell. I think he would have gone for it again but a woman rounded the corner, and she gave us an annoyed look. He broke the kiss.

“Baby, You go over and get that stuff you need for the car and I will finish up over here in the condom isle. Meet me at the car OK,” I told him and played off like he was my husband. The woman's look went from annoyance to envy as I went to browse the condoms hanging near by.

“Your lucky,” the woman volunteered.

“I am.”

“You husband is a hunk, and your shopping for condoms,” She said with a sheepish smile.

“Oh, yes. I’m very lucky. He’s a great guy.”

I grabbed the Maxam XL condoms and smiled at her. I left her, eyes wide and no doubt a wet pussy thinking what would happen when I got my hunky huge cocked husband home.

The line is cast, now we wait.

The seed planted in his mind now I wait to see if he will text. Usually they don’t. I suspect they delete my entry so the wife won't find it. If they do, it will be around 2am. It starts with some sexting, a dick pic, and moves on from there. But before I got out of the store I got a text.

Jack: Thanks

Me: For?

Jack: Playing that off.

Me: No problem it was fun :)

Jack: Thanks again.

You could tell he wanted to start something but was just not allowing himself. So I threw out a little bait to encourage him.

Me: My husband shares me!

Jack: What?

Me: I’m going to be at the park on 3rd and Elm. I’ll drop off Julia why don’t you meet me?

There was a long pause.

Jack: 3:30? By the picnic area.

Me: Too public. 3:30, by the little creek.

Jack: OK.

Bingo. I had to finish up and get Julia home pronto. But on the way I remembered that Susan was busy. Shit. I was fucked. So was Susan by now. I thought for a moment trying to think. I have a girlfriend nearby and she has a boy about Julia’s age, maybe she could watch her for a few. I called but no answer. Fuck. I drove around a while to think.

When I drove by the park I spotted John, walking. He looked a little shell shocked and whiter than usual and so I pulled up beside him. Maybe I could get him to watch his own kid while I got laid.

“Hey, John?” I called to him and he turned. “You OK? What are you doing.”

“Nothing, thinking,” He told me and came to the car. I looked at the car clock. 3:20. I looked across the park and saw Jack walking toward the car headed to the creek. I thought fast.

“About what? Susan?” I asked and gave him a knowing look.

“Yeah. I was just by the house. Her boss is there, they are planning the convention trip,” He said.

“Yeah, so.”

“I saw a bra on the floor through the window and I see you have Julia,” He said with a pained look. Susan was screwed. I had to do something. I threw the car in park and I got out. After all I am the supportive sister-in-law. I hugged him. “I’m sorry. It will work out, You’ll see. She does love you.”

He hugged me back. Then I spotted Jack, spotting me with John. This was going sideways so fast. Jack had a conflicted look, like he was about to retreat. So I pulled back and kissed John on the mouth. I forced my tongue into his and he finally gave in.

Like I said, I like John, even if he is a beta. his life was going to change anyway so I might as well comfort him like I know how to do. I think secretly he’s wanted me a little anyway. The kiss got pretty hot, nice warm up between my legs. finally we broke and I pushed him away a little. The look on his face now told me that this kiss really fucked him up.

“Take Julia to my place and hang out. I have something to do but then we can talk all about it. OK?”

“OK. What are you going to do? It’s quite a walk.”

“See that guy over there. I’m going to fuck him,” I told John. John has always been shocked by me and how I behave.

“Married?” John asked.

“Always,” I told him and smiled. “It’s my thing. Now go home. Give Susan some space and have dinner ready for me, say, 6? Well talk.”

"What do you want me to make?"

"Your a good cook, figure it out. Good luck I have hardly anything," I said and smiled at him.

He looked at the guy and got into the car. He drove off and I blew him a kiss for effect.

One in the basket, one on the line

Jack had started to walk off and not in a lazy pace either. I finally caught up to him on the other side of the park.

“Hey, wait up,” I said. It’s a rare day that I chase after a man. I have no idea why I did. He stopped and turned around.

“Sorry. I don’t think I can do this,” Jack said with a guilty look.

“Why?” I asked as I came to a full and complete stop. The answer was obvious of course.

“I saw you kissing your husband. I don’t know, it’s a little strange. Between you’re situation and my wife,” He said. Now, generally I let a guy go and move on. It's generally not worth the struggle. Maybe it was the situation with Jack and Susan, throwing me off my game.

“My husband, Oh, yeah. Like I said he shares me. Look, lets just sit down and talk. Hang out. Your here, you made it this far?” I asked raising one eyebrow, teasing him a little.

He looked back at the parking lot and then at his phone, which had buzzed a second ago. “Yeah, OK. Sure. Like you said, I came this far.” He took a deep breath and I took his hand and we walked to the creek.

Reeling him in

The creek flows slow this time of year and makes that soft babbling sound. There are birds, small fish and generally its secluded and shady. I sat down on the grass near the edge and turned my attention to Jack.

“I’m not one for games Jack, so I’ll just tell you. I really want your cock in my mouth right now,” I said and I scooted close to him and put my hand on his crotch.

“I…” he started to say as I unzipped his fly and unbuckled his pants. He looked like he wanted to resist for just a moment. But I kissed him and he relaxed. "Let me make you feel good."

The key here is to be decisive. They want it, they don't want to make a decision. I pulled his cock out and before he had much chance to say anything else he was down my throat. His hand had found its way to the back of my head. He was rock hard as I bobbed up and down on his cock. Soft sucking noises combined with a little moaning on his part told me he was appreciating this moment and it made me wet.

“Fuck that’s so good,” He said, I pulled my head up.

“Better than your wife?”

“Fuck, so much better. I can’t compare it to anyone else,” He said wiping the corner of my mouth as he leaned in and kissed me. His cock twitched in my hand. I loved this moment, the moment when I guy becomes mine completely. No thoughts or regrets. If you think about it, this is where the movies end and skip all that long term bullshit.

“I should get back to repaying you. Your cock tastes so good. I want you to come for me,” I said. But instead of letting me get back to my fun he looked into my eyes, kissed me and pushed me onto my back. Mmmm, a tamed Alpha coming back to life, my favorite. He was in charge now, his lust peaked, his cock hard I wasn’t going to stop him from finishing what I started. He kissed my tits through the t-shirt and I lifted it for him. I loved it when he kissed and licked just under my tits.

“Fuck Jack, that feels so good,” I encouraged and I unbuttoned and lowered my shorts. The moment I did his hand went to my pussy. I was ready for his middle finger to slip inside my warm hole. “Oh, yes, fuck. Yes.” I panted into his ear.

“Your so wet,” He said as he sat up and pulled at my shorts. I lifted my ass and found myself in my favorite position. Wearing only my shoes, socks and a t-shirt pulled up under my arm pits. My legs open and the cool air on my hot wet pussy.

I was ready. His cock stood straight out and I started to sit up in an attempt to suck him as he kneeled there, but again he pushed me back and this time held me down by my wrists. I'm not much of a hold me down girl. But I love when a guy does that. I maneuvered under him, arching toward his beautiful hard on. Frustrated when I could only just feel the tip.

“Do it Jack. Fuck me. I need it inside me,” I said desperate now. The whore in me coming out as I begged. He teased me and kept sucking my nipples. I was afraid that maybe he was holding back, “Fuck me baby. I need it so bad.”

Finally, with a single stroke he entered me as he kissed my neck. His cock was just right, just enough to stretch me just a little, but not way up banging my cervix. He started to fuck me slowly and deeply. Each thrust deliberate and hard followed by a slow pull out. I could feel the walls of my pussy grab him as if trying not to let him go. I spread wide and lined him up for maximum penetration as he fucked me.

“Fuck I’m going to come. I don’t know if I can hold it back,” He said as we kissed and he looked into my eyes. This just what my cunt needed to hear and I felt that familiar twinge inside. I was close, a guy telling me he's going to fill me up is a huge trigger, just a few more strokes.

“Fuck yes, come for me baby. Come in my pussy, fill me up,” I told him. “I’m close too, don’t wait. Come.”

His strokes quickened and my clit throbbed each time he fucked his rod into me. I love that feeling, a man growing harder and larger inside me. “Oh god, Jack, I’m going to come on your cock. Fuck me, that’s it, take it, make it yours.”

His pace was frantic now and then suddenly he thrust deep one last delicious time and came. With the first pulse of come shooting into me I came too. I love that feeling, It’s always made me feel like a real woman, whole. “Oh, Oh, fuck yes, I’m coming. Your making me come Jack,”

I wrapped my legs around his ass and rocked my hips up fucking his cock as he kept on coming. I imagined it has been some time for him. I could feel his come running out of pussy and down the crack of my ass. I imagined the cream on his cock from the friction of our fucking. That brought on a second smaller orgasm. I loved that second one almost more that the first. I loved that I was pleasing this man, making him feel good. Fuck, it's a public service I am doing here.

“I love,” I stared to say. I have a bad habit of saying I love a guy. But I caught myself. “God I love your cock.”

He settled down on me as we kissed and he held me down with the weight of his body. “I love your pussy. God your so hot. I’m glad I came.”

“Me too. We need to do this again. Soon.”

A twist, did I get played?

We kissed a while until he started to go soft and We put ourselves together again. I love the feeling in my freshly fucked cunt. Right up until a woman with a stroller walked up. She had a weird look on her face. Something between jealousy and I don’t know what. I waited for the fight and her to call me a whore.

“God that was so hot jack. The way you slipped you cock inside her. I don’t know what to say,” She said. I looked at jack.

“My wife, Stevie. This is Heather,” He introduced us. What the fuck. Are you kidding me right now.

“I want to…” She stopped herself. “I can’t help wondering what your cock tastes like right now.”

“Wait. What is happening,” I asked.

“Stevie and I are separated. We met at a party, she got knocked up. We made it work for a little while but then. Well you can guess. I was taking her shopping to spend time with our child and we had talked about us a little, how to make it work."

"Ok, not following you. none of this is making sense," I told him.

"Stevie and I really enjoy spending time together. It's the best when she's been dating someone, we get together and the next thing we know. So we have been trying to figure it out," He said. "I told her you had come on to me and I sucked your tits in the store. The next thing I knew she wanted to see you,” He said and Stevie continued.

“And when I did, and you were so hot. I texted you and made Jack go. I just. When he moved out I imagined him fucking all these other women and I was so upset. But it got me horny too. I dated other guys to try to move on, but I never wanted to fuck him so badly in my life, certainly not while we were together, but now. Mmmm, fuck, I just can’t think straight watching him fuck you like that,” She said and then looked doe eyed at Jack.

“Remember your question Jack. The answer is yes. I’m sure and it will always be yes. More than that, I love you. I think we hit on something here, come home.”

“What’s the question?” I asked.

Jack looked at me. “When we separated, I asked if she even liked me at all. She couldn’t answer.”

“Oh.” I cringed a little.

“You should come over, if you have time,” Stevie said. “I would love to watch the two of you together again. You looked like you really enjoyed my husbands cock. Maybe, if I have the nerve,” She started to say. OK, that’s where I bail. I love fucking married men, not their wives. She was cute but I would have to be so wasted to do a three way.

“I would totally love to. But I have this thing I need to take care of. I told John, My husband I was going to be quick this time. Next time, OK.”

She didn’t care, she had that look like she was going to be drinking from the tap in a moment.

You can't make this shit up

I have to say. Walking out of the park now, I felt a little cheated. I mean I went from whore to vixen in three seconds and I feel a little played. Still, it was a good fuck, and in my book, a day I get cock is a good day. My phone buzzed. It was Susan.

“Hey sis what's up?”

“It’s John,”

“What's John?” I asked imaging he had gone over there and confronted her and her lover and beat someone to death. Or worse, he wrecked my car and killed himself. I just bought that car and he's not insured for it.

“his car is in the driveway, his keys are hanging in the door. Oh god he knows, he probably saw us. Fuck I’m so stupid, I….”

“Susan. Susan, get a grip,” I told her. “First, what did you think would happen? Second, go back to bed and let that hot fuck toy of yours fuck your brains out a while longer. I got this. I just have to ask, do you love John?”

“I do love him, I do but…”

“But? Your not In love with him. Right?”

“I don’t know. I… I’m so confused.”

“Like I said sis. I got your back. So happens that Johns at my place with Julia. I got this.”

“What? Why is John at your place?”

“I saw him wandering the park. Long story, anyway I’ll keep him at my place and you just unwind and let your boss have that tight sexy asshole of yours. I’ll talk to you later, I have some things to do. Trust me.”

I hung up before she could ask more questions. Jack and Stevie inspired me and it gave me an idea, Susan would not like it and that was the point. I smiled as I walked home and thought about all the delicious things that might happen.

John is about as groomed a beta as I can think or and I am a whore for married men after all.


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