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An Insight into the Best Sex Tourism Locations Worldwide

by Philip P. 5 years ago in travel
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Not sure where to go to have some fun?

Traveling is a lot of fun. The landscapes we see, the people we meet, the new experiences we enjoy, are all reasons you would like to see a new place. A foreign country has a lot of new things to offer and it’s the reason we save for vacations. While being in a new place and seeing new things may be very interesting, there is more to the typical vacation than sightseeing.

For the lonely traveler, a vacation is not only about such things; enjoying company from the opposite sex is also always in the cards. For some people, sexual encounters are the icing on the cake for a great vacation. If you are looking for destinations which offer great sex tourism, then you need not look any further.


Thailand is well known for a thriving red-light district. Bangkok’s red-light district is so well known that it featured in the movie The Hangover Part II. In Thailand, the local culture has taught people to bear with all types of personality and the laws against commercial sex are hazy. Thailand has 3 million sex workers at current, making it one of the most sought after destinations for sex tourism. The famous "ladyboys" of Thailand are transsexual sex workers who offer the best of both worlds.

The Dominican Republic

The country is a haven for tourists and what’s more, you don’t have to spend much to have a good vacation here. The natural landscape is breathtaking and the weather is just great. The country also has another kind of attraction; prostitution. In the Dominican Republic, prostitution is legal, making it one of the well-known destinations for sex tourism. Areas like Boca Chica and Sosua, are known for the throngs of sex workers.


You may visit the country for a view of the Temples of Angkor. However, sex tourism is also one of the things that the country is famed for. In recent years, the numbers of sex workers have particularly increased with cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap having a reputation for commercial sex workers. The country may have experienced a spike in the number of sex tourists visiting but the locals remain the biggest consumers.


In Germany, prostitution is widespread, so much that there is street prostitution too. The practice is completely legal and is organized in a certain way. Organized prostitution in the country dates back to 1200 AD so you know that it’s nothing new here. The practice is basically run like any other business with commercial sex workers advertising for sex and HR companies offering jobs. The practice took root in the olden days as a Frauenhäuser (women’s house) was believed to control other more heinous crimes by offering its services. Today, Germany is a powerhouse when it comes to porn business, even creating their own "German" category of porn which is, apparently, the most searched for category.


The club and bar scene in cities like Barcelona, Ibiza, and Madrid is well known. The destination is a popular site for sex tourism and tourists to flock in. The wild parties in these cities are one of the reasons so many people like to party here. The red-light district in Barcelona can be found in the southern part in Las Ramblas Boulevard which comes alive at night. When you are in Madrid, you might want to visit the Gran Via street which is known for its commercial sex workers.


Prostitution may be illegal in Malaysia, but the practice is out of control. The services can be found in any major city you visit and the sex workers are sprawled all over the place. In places like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh, the red-light districts have made a name for themselves. The reputation has made the country a destination that tourists with different tastes want to visit.


The industry is huge in this country with about 800,000 sex workers involved in the trade. The number includes men, women, and children. The country gained an international reputation for sex tourism due to the "girlie" bars which were widespread here during World War II.


The country has some very attractive landscape and all of the big five when it comes to wild game. Aside from the PG tourist attractions, the country is also known for sex tourism. It is one of the countries with lax legislation when it comes to prostitution. In cities like Kisumu and Nairobi, sex workers indulge in the practice unabashedly.


Brazil is known for its lively carnivals which attract people in the hundreds. The party-centric tourists looking for some other pleasures can also find them here. Cities like Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro have thriving red-light districts, which have gained the country a notorious reputation as a sex destination. The government has openly denounced the practice in the country even though it continues to thrive.


Amsterdam is known for a red-light district that is always thronging with tourists and sex workers alike. The scenic landscape may be one of the main attractions, but the commercial sex workers have also carved a reputation for themselves. Aside from the sex tourism, the country is also a haven for marijuana smokers. A tourist who comes here with the two in mind can enjoy the culture and scenery and also sample some marijuana.

Sex tourism is not one of the most outspoken aspects of visiting a new country but truth be told, many people travel hoping to try something different. These ten destinations have all there is to be found when it comes to sex tourism. Go to Ruwix to learn the solution of the Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzles like Pyraminx, Skewb, and much more.


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