Amber Riverwood. Don't Be A Zombie Eating A Brain

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Simple advice from a good witch.

Amber Riverwood. Don't Be A Zombie Eating A Brain
The Coven of Amber Riverwood

Hello. I am Amber Riverwood. Gina Swan has invited me to make a guest appearance on her blog. To talk about my experience with Roscoe Forthright. And my experience as a Wiccan High Priestess.

Let's start with Roscoe. I first worked with Roscoe two years ago, when he helped me record my original zombie protest song, “Don't Be A Zombie Eating A Brain.” He did a great job with vocals and guitars!

Don't Be A Zombie

There is also a version for grown-ups on [ Dr.MozeDontBeAZombieRVersion ]

Don't Be A Zombie Eating A Brain

Elegant people with power and money,

Turn us into economic slaves.

We let them do it,

All cheery and sunny.

Leading us into early graves.

Raise up your eyes,

Raise up your hands,

Don't let the zombies

Spoil your plans.

Raise up your voices,

Sing 'til you're sane.

Don't be a zombie

Eating a brain!

Elegant people

All over the TV,

Want us to swallow idiotic views.

Don't change the channel,

Assimilate it all.

Big propaganda, which they call News.

Raise up your voices,

Sing 'til you're sane.

Don't be a zombie

Eating a brain!

Roscoe and I have had great fun together ever since!

It was Roscoe's idea for me to write down what I know about witchcraft, and create my series of Witchcraft Guides. The target audience is Young Adults, teen girls who reeeeeallly need something worthwhile to do with their time!! And could use a bit of spiritual education. I have started selling the series in two places online.

Amber Riverwood on Etsy

Amber Riverwood on Shopify

There is much to say about the value of witchcraft in the 21st Century. Many of us are not satisfies with the views of reality offered by establishes Churches, Mosques and Synagogues. We want something more direct, without a lot of middlemen and mumbo-jumbo. Frankly, we just don't buy into the worldview, and cosmic cause-and-effect as presented by established Churches. NeoPaganism in many forms offers direct contact with the Earth, Moon and Stars, and the spiritual realms, with no need for large, expensive building, and their large expensive corporate structures. A could go on for days on this subject. The fact is, many of us are looking for direct spiritual experience-- not ancient stories about ancient people in countries which are mostly at war, and have been at war for several generations! What religious philosophy can feel proud of that legacy!? Jews. Muslims. Christians. Gimme a fuckin break! If those religions were so damn wonderful, the followers of those faiths would not be so eager to kill each other and push each other around.

But fuck. That is all too serious. I will give you one very effective magick spell to use on your cat, dog, rabbit or parrot.

Good Health Spell for Your Cat, Dog,

Rabbit or Parrot

You will need the following items for this spell:

Spray bottle of clean, lukewarm water

Wand and Ceremonial Cup

Grimoire and pen

1. Sneak up on your pet when they are asleep.

2. Make sign of the Pentacle over them.

3. Sip clean water from the Ceremonial Cup.

Say: “By the Laughter and Surprise of God,

I bless you, little (your pet's name.)”

4. Spritz your cat, dog, rabbit or parrot with one

shot of lukewarm water.

5. Write this spell, and what you pet did in your

grimoire. If you can, make a video of this spell-casting

on your cell phone. You will enjoy

watching it with your fellow witches!

Gina Swan
Gina Swan
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