All the Colors of Sin - Rose

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A Beautiful Woman Gagged With Roses...

All the Colors of Sin - Rose

When just a little can be too much.

You have to understand, I could only do this to Alice because she’s so beautiful. A heartbreaker. The sort of woman you see at a restaurant and your date pales by comparison. Your whole evening just seems dulled because you’re not with Alice, you’re with Sarah from accounts. It’s a form of beauty that doesn’t need to be touched, just looked at. Though normally we touch a lot, kissing, screwing, you name it. Our sex life was still at the stage of experimenting when we were in the sack and texting each other when we were stuck at work. Usually about what we wanted to do to each other the next time we got our clothes off.

At that moment, she was lying on a satin sheet of midnight blue. Her blonde hair was scattered all around her head, thoroughly disordered. She couldn’t move because she was tied down so securely. She couldn’t speak because she was gagged with long-stemmed roses. The pair of them sat between her sharp white teeth, the flowers at either end like she was wearing some kind of horse bit. The scarlet reflected on her pale skin and made it all glow. I enjoy using flowers this way. It’s sweet but brutish and I’ve never met a woman who didn’t feel a May Queen when I used flowers to stop her groans.

Alice’s legs were parted, and I was forcing myself into her body. Just.

I’d explained it to her over dinner. Funny how you can cover the finer points of your sex life over chocolate mousse. I went through the way I would tie her, the way I would tease the hell out of her for as long as it took. She licked her spoon suggestively and said "that sounds pretty hot."

And as a result she let me tie her to the bed with soft cords. All the time I got her ready she was giggling and making coy remarks. It probably seemed really exciting at that stage. Before she realised how frustrating it was going to be. How maddening. Even for a lady with a submissive kink, this would be a test. She wasn’t cracking wise now. She was just writhing and moaning.

What was I doing? Measuring my own ability to endure pleasure, using her magnificent body as a tool. You see, when you make love to a woman you can let passion overflow and end up taking her with hard, deep strokes. I say "you can" but that’s mostly what men do. They lose themselves in the moment and put their whole shaft into their lover, deep and hard. Which is very satisfying but it leads to a—well—swift conclusion.

So tonight I was doing something different. I was only pushing my glands slowly into her, feeling the tightness of her vagina as it closed around me, sensing its hunger to be filled. I understood that. Normally I would respond, but not this time. This was about becoming entirely selfish and being as slow as I could.

Alice had never experienced anything like this. A crushing need sense to be filled. But all she was going to get was the very tip of my cock. For as long as I could stand the pleasure.

This took massive self restraint. A part of me was hugely turned on and wanted to mount her properly, but I knew that would spoil the effect. The only part of my body touching her was the very tip of my cock as it fucked her. Sometimes slowly, so I could savor the pleasure of her body holding me. Sometimes quickly, in the fastest thrusts I dared. But always, only a few inches, if that.

She loved it and hated it in equal measure. On one level it satisfied her desire to be used. That ran pretty deep with Alice. On another it was just hateful. The way she was being treated left her utterly powerless and depersonalized. She might as well have been a fleshlight. It turned her on mentally. And physically, because that tight two inches of her I used were very sensitive. But it wasn’t enough. She began to want to feel me properly inside her. Deep thrusts. After a minute or two she was in desperate need of something more dramatic. Something that properly impaled her. She was wheezing and pleading behind the gag. It was pretty but not very efficient, to be honest.

But I was just pleasing myself today. No matter how much she begged.

She wasn’t the only one. The pleasure I was trying to control was relentless and intense. Imagine filling your palm with lube, and swirling that around the helmet of your prick, never grasping the shaft, never applying too much pressure. You are looking at pictures of the most beautiful, sexually desirable woman you can imagine. You want this to last. You control your breathing and just allow those sensations to flow up from your groin. You could alter the speed a little but never the depth. Always just making use of the first two inches of her slit. That was what I was doing—but for real. And with a beautiful blonde partner who was almost crying tears of frustration as I shallow fucked her.

I could see the effect this sweet torment was having. The entrance of the vagina is packed with delectable nerves, but it’s not the whole story. No G spot, no body over her, rubbing her nipples. No deep satisfaction.

It seemed to last hours. We both loved every second of it.

When I came, it was sudden and sweet. No explosion, more like a knot being untied releasing a flood of pleasure. I felt my brain go numb and my knees loosen.

When I recovered—and believe me, that was not right away—I took the gag out of her mouth. Alice worked her jaw and looked at me curiously.

“Are you—okay?” she asked.


“It's just—that was a strange one, wasn’t it?”

“Sort of. Very intense and—irregular.”

“So—you enjoyed it?”

“I did. Thank you.”

She blew some of the blonde hair out of her face.

“Well, I’m happy for you. Now—what about me?”


“Jesus, you have no idea how turned on I am.”

I laughed. In theory, I could leave her tied to the bed and she would end up with a higher degree of frustration. When I had recovered enough to fuck her again… But that would be pretty cruel.

I went to her bedside drawer and rummaged around. She had a lot of toys in there. But I found her favorite, a long, vibrating G spot wand. Silvery and a bit space age, really rather too big.

“Would you like this?”

She wet her shapely lips, like a cute but half-starved bear.

“Yes! God, yes!”

I turned the monstrosity on. It trembled in my hands. She trembled on the bed.

Now it was time to explore deeper waters...

James Missaglia
James Missaglia
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