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All in the Cards

by Zeddicus Zane 2 months ago in erotic
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Chapter 3: The Twist

All in the Cards
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Thrice the days since the breakup

And 3am, a door knock to wake up

I answer the door dazed and confused

Believe me, I was not at all amused

Amber is here wanting to hook up

Now Amber WAS her best friend

This could turn out bad in the end

I wonder if this is a joke or for real

But in caution, I offer her a deal

We can play, but only this weekend

As she follows me back to bed,

She tells me of what she's read:

Sex magic extends to the hearafter,

Knowing that I'm a good spellcrafter

But the girl is in way over her head

As she crawls into my warm bed,

I slide in behind, my lips to her head

I whisper an incantation into her ear

Binding her to me for a whole year

She'll be my little play thing instead

Now that she is under my spell,

I can do the things that I do well

My words put her into a trance

So her pleasure will enhance,

Increased by the incense's smell

Her senses are multiplied tenfold,

So I proceed to apply the blindfold

As I slide my fingers down her back

She begs for a hard booty smack

I allow it, and pain begins to take hold

Her blindfold prevents her from seeing

Specifically, what was coming into being

One more spell to duplicate myself

So I pull my athame off the bookshelf

And offer a pinch of hair for the feeing

With two of me now in the mix,

I pull out another bag of tricks

To slow her perception of time

For everything to last a lifetime

All the tingles, kisses and licks

As he kisses down her smooth legs,

She once again desperately begs

Ignoring her, he sucks on her toes

Through her hair my hand flows

Until I fiercely pull towards her legs

With her head back and chin tilted,

Her body becomes limp and wilted

My other hand squeezing her neck

Preparing her throat for the trek

For when she gets forcefully milted

As my other half spreads her thighs

She lets out a few depleted sighs

And I squeeze her neck harder

To make her mouth open farther

So she can take my full dick size

While I ram my fat cock down her

He pushes deeper and harder

As she tries to struggle through

He and I both thrust for the spew

And inside her, our milt we transfer

The forceful deposits incapacitate

The overload makes her lungs deflate

But powerless, she cant refuse

The massive, rapid bodily abuse

From which we forcefully penetrate

Two hours on my dick she sucked

To her, much longer we fucked

Hours to us seemed days for her

As to her, time was a long blur

Her pussy gushes like an aqueduct

So when her body finally retires

We complete our desires

Her whole body spasms

As she fiercely orgasms

Before I remove the blindfold

And she becomes my leasehold,

The spells, I have to banish,

So that he is forced to vanish

And that she can return to old

Not knowing she is now bound

Her eyes open and look around

She tries to get her things and leave

But cant with out an ok from me

Her consequence was profound

I realize that I went way too far,

I knew she was frail and I'd mar

But it was all because of her friend

That my revenge had me descend

And on Amber left many a scar

I dispel from her the bind she didn’t want

And taker her to a preferred restaurant

She says nothing during the drive

As if to connive and to contrive

But then she thanks me for the jaunt

Before I leave her with food to eat

She says her pussy is mine to eat

All I have to do is just say the word

"I'll remember that", I told the lil bird

She Smiled as her feet hit the street

On the drive home I freely contemplate

About how much she has made me hate

And what she made me to her friend Amber

My thoughts follow the highway's camber

I believe its time to go silent and meditate


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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