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All in the Cards

by Zeddicus Zane 3 months ago in taboo
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Chapter 2: The Confrontation

All in the Cards
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Its been two weeks since the spirits spoke

All the information has had time to soak

As I look at all of her routes closely

I figure she made her choice… mostly

Time to show the routes of her and bloke

I left work early so I'd be home before her

So I can separate reality from the foggy blur

As I near the house I see her kissing him

Then I pull up to see the lights getting dim

Making so many thoughts and emotions stir

I walk in my house and catch them in the act

We are definitely through and that is a fact.

He grabs his clothes and, out the window, flies

While she tries her best to speak perfect lies

I tell her to get out as we make eye contact

As she leaves, "YOUR LOSS!" she screams

I reply " not even in your wildest dreams"

Now that she's guilty and its finally done,

I'm going to have myself quite a bit of fun.

I may even take things way into extremes

She tries to walk away, but can't make it

Turning around she knows shes in deep shit

"Why can't I leave?, she frighteningly asks

I reply, "I have not relieved you of your tasks"

Grinning, I have one last thing for this twit

"Come, you have one last job", I command

She is bound to follow my every demand

The prenup specifically covered this event

The cheater can't leave without consent

And is fully bound to the other's command

Magical prenups are quite different from mortal

To leave requires the use of a magical exit portal

So, unable to leave, she follows me to "the room"

The room, sometimes, referred to as room of doom

When I am done with her, she will get her portal

Again, I put her on her knees and she begs

Then I cuff her hands and bind her legs

Her eyes are covered and her ears stuffed

Then I leave her there scared and cuffed

Until there is no more feeling in her legs

I return later for her to finally be released

And find that her whimpering has ceased

I completely unbind her and carry her to bed

To be clear she was "will broken", but not dead

And my anger, wrath, and disgust had decreased

"Break me, daddy. I've been a dirty slut" she sighs

I agree, and very very wide, I spread her thick thighs

The recent isolation had gotten here dripping wet

Because me fucking her brains out was her bet

I pound her pussy so hard that she rolls her eyes

She screams my name and digs in her nails

"Harder daddy, harder, harder" she wails

I whisper a spell to make my cock wider

To stretch her pussy while i'm inside her

Then fucked the bed right off of the rails

An orgasm comes and I slow down time

The longer she cums, more pain will climb

Then when I put the speed of time back

All the times she cheated will flash back

Knowing her punishment fits the crime

As time returns to normal, and she succumbs

I open the portal and give her the thumbs

"Now, get the fuck out, you slut", I scream

She nakedly stumbles into the slipstream

What she karmicly deserves, her way comes

I sit back and organize all my thoughts

And remember all of our usual spots

I realize that all the signs were there

But at the time, I was just unaware

But now, I have connected the dots

The more I think, the more I realize

That everyday is a brand new sunrise

She was just a test for me to overcome

But obsessing on the past is just dumb

So the time is nigh for me to romanticize

There are so many ways for this to go

I could always cast a love spell ya know

Or I could go old school and bar hop

Or swipe right on tinder to babe shop

Either way, it's going to be an epic show

There are some details to be planned

Like to go slow or for one-night stand

Shall I look for good girl or bad one,

Or lower my standards to "anyone"?

Stay here or move to Queensland?

In all actuality, ill probably just let go

And let all of my creativity truly flow

Whatever happens, I'm on for the ride

Taking it all in, never missing a stride

Look out ladies. Here comes your beau

Well, lets get this epic party started

Be warned. It's not for the fainthearted

The rest of the story won't be x-rated

But your imagination will be stimulated

As the following chapters are charted

Oh look, she left her brush and some hair

My intentions begin to manifest in the air

The house, my legacy, knows to shut down

And conceals itself form the rest of town

Becoming invisible to eyes everywhere

My hand flick lights hundreds of candles

This spell to stop all of her future scandals

Into my mortar, I place her hair as it burns

To make a powder, the pestle now churns

A wind blows in and flickers all the candles

Ingwaz, Eihwas, Algiz runes are laid out

This is what her burnt hair was all about

My hands over the runes, as magic flows

Following the incantation, the barrier flows

Now she will always be forcefully kept out


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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