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All day love affair

Neighbor has the beef.

By DSPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
All day love affair
Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

I was waiting in line at the coffee shop, and I saw my neighbor sitting at one of the tables. I waved and he waved back. He was an older man. He had just turned fifty. He had long grey hair that went to his neckline. He still looked nice. His whole body was muscular. He works in a local steel fabrication shop. His name was Alfred, but everyone called him Al.

I got my coffee and asked Al if I could share his table. He simply shook his head yes. I went on and asked what he had going on today. He said he was heading back home today; he already had his medicine picked up.

I was off too so I asked, " If he wanted some company."

He replied, "Sure why not, I hope you like Purple Passion ever clear. I plan on getting drunk."

Julie replied, “I’ll try anything once.”

We made it back to his house and we made our drinks. We were just chatting along, and I noticed his head of his tool had escaped his shorts. It was still flaccid but the size of it not being hard was huge. We sat and chatted some more, but my eyes could not stop watching his rod.

We had downed a two liter of the ever-clear punch stuff and I was starting to get turned on. It had been nearly six months since anyone had touched me. Old Al was starting to look very good through my eyes.

Without thinking I tried to stand up and ended up falling right in front of Al’s chair. I crawled up and wedged myself between his legs. I reached under his shorts and pulled out his very long soft rod. It was nearly halfway down his leg. I started pulling on it. It was so soft. I knelt my head down and slipped the tip in my mouth. I started sucking it with all my might. Still nothing happened.

Al started laughing at me. He reached over to the coffee table and grabbed one of the prescription bags he brought home. He opened it up and handed the bottle to me.

I read what it was. No wonder I was not having any luck. It was medication for his rod. He had to take a pill to get hard. I started laughing too. I opened it up and got one out for him. I handed it over and he took it right away. He finished off his drink to make sure it went down.

He reached down and pulled off my shirt and bra. He grabbed my massive mammary. He had such a firm grip for his age. It felt like my breasts were being squeezed right from my body. Using my breasts, he lifted me to my feet. He finished undressing me. Then to my surprise he put both his arms between my legs and cupped my booty. He lifted me up by it and brought me straight to his mouth. Where he started eating my nice young tight kitty out. His mouth was so talented, and he was so strong. I was spilling my juices all over his face after only a few minutes. He had me so horny my body was quivering from my multiple orgasms. It was like one right after another.

The booze and his tongue both mixed had me really going. I was moaning and groaning in ecstasy for what seemed like hours. I climaxed so much Al was drinking it from me.

Al had stopped with his mouth and started lowering my bottom down. He was putting me right on top of his very big and hard tool. He was teasing me just curling me up and down ever so slightly. Just using his tip. He finally put me all the way down on him. He moved his hands and arms, and his tool was holding my bottom half in midair. It was so massive I could not fit it all inside of me.

I put my knees down on each side and started riding Al. I was banging my insides out. That ever clear sure was a great pain killer. My little kitty was being stretched six ways from Sunday. His tool was so wet from my juices just pouring out of my kitty now. I was riding him so hard. Each time I tried to fit more in. All I did was hit the bottom of my kitty so hard I felt him inside my belly. It was strange having something that big inside me.

I pulled off his shirt and he was covered in hair all over his body. It was a mix of coal black and light grey. I started rubbing his massive muscles as I slowed my ride. Al was busy watching me riding his massive tool.

Al noticed I was getting tired, so he grabbed me by my sides and stood me up. Pulling his tool out as he did it. He stood and removed his shorts and then picked me up like I was a feather. He scooped me up one arm under my legs and one on my back. He did it so elegantly. He carried me across the room. He kicked open his bedroom door. He laid me on the middle of the king-sized bed. He then climbed in and grabbed me by my ankles. His stiff tool was still hard as ever. He masterfully maneuvered it to my kitty without any hands. He slid the tip in. He started slow and easy. He moved in closer and pushed my bottom up more and more so I could see my kitty with his huge tool inside me. Little by little he pushed in further. I felt like I was going to break.

With his huge rod now deep inside he started thrusting me hard. Not pulling any out. He was forcing the rest of his tool inside. His whole tool would disappear inside for a mere second and then be back where he was. He kept up the slow steady thrusts. I was already quivering and having climax after climax by this point.

Then out of nowhere he pulled back and started a marathon ride. He was just using half of his tool. He was sliding in and out so fast. It felt like heaven. He had me covered in his sweat. He was slick as ever all over.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer. I used my kitty’s muscles to grab him while he was inside me. I had not stopped feeling orgasms yet. My body was in heaven. I was quivering and could not shake the feel of his huge tool inside me. I rolled him over and climbed off his huge tool. I went and put his tip into my mouth. I tasted my juices. They were so sweet. I had smothered his tool in them. It looked like I was going to cook his rod. He was basted and ready to go. I grabbed his rod with both hands and started sticking as much of him as I could down my throat. I reached down with one hand and rubbed the spot between his balls and his booty hole. My other hand is still grabbing his shaft tugging it with all my might. I started hearing Al start to moan so I sped up. I felt his whole body go stiff and his big member started to throb. I quickly moved to just sucking and flicking his tip with my tongue. I was sucking so hard. My hands holding his tool in place. I felt his spasms. His load hit my mouth and filled it completely up. I swallowed most of it. He was still shooting in my mouth and filled it up again. His load was massive. I kept milking his huge rod. I swallowed a gallon or more it seemed like.

I crawled up beside Al after he stopped spewing his load. I laid next to him on my side. I was playing in his hair. I watched as his massive tool slowly went down. I started kissing him on the neck and lips. He even French kissed me after I had swallowed his load.

Al started talking, “Julie, thank you so much. That makes an old man feel so good. The look in your eyes when you saw how big I was. It was priceless. Most women I know never let me finish.”

I answered, “Awe, that is the best part. I love watching a guy unload his juices. You tasted so good, baby. I know quite a few girlfriends my age that would kill for the way you treated me today. All the younger guys get in and get off and leave me hanging most of the time. “

Al giggling, “So you did enjoy yourself I am glad. Maybe we can make this a regular thing. I mean minus the alcohol of course. Today was my anniversary. My wife passed away when she was young, and we used to take the day every year. We would get sloppy drunk and play in bed till we fell asleep.”

I replied, “Well I feel honored you chose me to share this special day with then. I do think we can find some time to make this a regular thing too. I want to be sober next time though. I hate to say it, but I believe you wrecked me today. I had your whole tool inside my little kitty. I know this will hurt tomorrow but it sure was fun today. The sun is starting to set. I better get my stuff and head home.”

Al replied, “You can stay the night if you wish, I do not bite much.”

I simply shook my head and cuddled up next to him and fell asleep.


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