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Afternoon Romance

by Brittany Jones 2 months ago in erotic

A sweet afternoon with your CEO boyfriend

Sitting in the window nook of your high rise, sipping coffee in the morning light, you’re reminded how you got here. It started as a fling, being the new intern for the biggest tech company in the area. You were in school for IT and when you landed the internship, it was a dream come true. What you weren’t planning on, was the young, hot CEO, Eric, to take an interest in you. Or that you would become friends with his also equally attractive, six best friends and co-workers. You also worked your tail off to get higher in the company and become a full-time employee, despite your love interest.

What started as sly glances and winks when others weren’t looking, turned into hidden kisses and hot make-out sessions behind closed doors. Now, you’re a full-fledged couple and you couldn’t be happier.

The rest of the boys love you like a sister and treat you as such. Eric dotes on you hand and foot, making you feel like a princess. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of. And you now get to work closely with the guys, being the IT specialist.

But with the big merger coming up, and Eric being busy, things have been getting a little crazy. So, when he sent out a memo that he and the guys were going on a collective vacation, you were ecstatic. You got to take some much-needed time off and so did your boyfriend.

After you finished your coffee you decided to sit and read until Eric woke up. A couple of hours have gone by and you hear a ping from his phone. And then a succession of more pings, ‘Must be the boys’ you think to yourself.

You can hear Eric groan at being woken up by the device buy you know he really doesn’t mind. You close your book as you hear the bedroom door open.

“Baby?” Eric calls out.

“I’m here,” you answer. “Was that the boys?”

He smiles and nods, “Yeah, they want to get lunch. Just us guys. No ‘girlie friends’ allowed, in the words of Taylor.”

You laugh at that, knowing it’s exactly something Tay would say. You stretch your arms over your head and stand, walking over to Eric. He immediately wraps you up in his arms and buries his nose in your dark brown hair.

“Well, I guess you better get ready then,” you tell him, your breath ghosting over the skin on his neck making him shiver.

He whines, “But, can’t I just stay here? I’ve missed you.” He leans in and gives you a sweet kiss.

“Babe, go see the boys. You’ve been off for two weeks. I know you miss them.” You tell him as you pull back and give his nose a kiss.

He smiles his adorably bright smile at you and asks playfully, “Why are you always right?”

“Because I’m me, duh.” You reply as you give your hair a sassy flick over your shoulder.

He lets out a deep laugh at the gesture and you smack his arm. You kiss him one last time and then push him away to go get ready. He goes to shower while you fix yourself something to eat. Just as you’re sitting down to enjoy your food Eric walks out of the bedroom.

He’s dressed in a plain white V-neck t-shirt, ripped jeans, a pair of sneakers and a snapback that sits backward on his head with his forehead completely exposed, his bleach blonde hair just visible underneath. His milky skin exposed on his chest from his shirt and your breath hitches as you look up and down his body and you mumble out a curse.

“What’s wrong babe?” He asks innocently with a smirk.

You gape at him for a minute before you can pull yourself together. Eric just stands there with his hands in his back pockets, still smirking at you and all you can do is stand there looking like a fish out of water. You’ve been rendered speechless. Finally, you take a deep breath and say “Shit, Eric. You look so sexy.”

He shrugs his shoulders and says, “I know.” He then saunters over to you and goes to pull you into a hug but instead of putting his hands on your waist, they find their way straight to your ass. He gives you a nice, firm squeeze as he kisses your lips softly. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be all yours when I get back.” He pulls away from your embrace and grabs his wallet and keys. He gives you a wink as he walks out the door.

You’re left standing in the middle of your apartment completely dumbfounded. The fact that he still takes your breath away after being together for a year is amazing to you. And he just left you for lunch with the guys and you’re completely wet, over just his outfit. “What the fuck?” you think out loud.

You hear your phone vibrate on the table and it brings you out of your daze. You look and see Eric’s name on the screen. You open his text and all it says is:

[EM: Be ready for me when I get back]

“Ugh!” you grunt exasperatedly. You think to yourself of what you’re going to do to get him back. A lightbulb goes off in your mind and you smirk to yourself. You know exactly what you’re going to do.

You spend the next hour taking a shower and getting ready. You then find one of your soft oversized sweaters, some cute knee-high socks, and get dressed, sitting comfy on the bed. You draw your knees up to your chest and make a cute pouty face and snap a selfie.

You smile to yourself and then sent it off to Eric with the caption, ‘I’m lonely baby…come home quick’ You were surprised when you got a reply almost immediately. You beamed at his response saying he was coming home now. You lay back on the pillows for him and wait.

Fifteen minutes later you heard the click of the lock turning and the front door opening and then slamming shut. You chuckle at the thought of him flustered and getting to you so quickly. He comes through the bedroom door and you smile sweetly at him.

“Baby, you’re home.” You coo at him.

He huffs and puts his hands on his hips. “You did this on purpose.”

“Did what?” you ask, feigning innocence.

He uses both hands to point at his crotch and you see the obvious bulge in his jeans. You smirk at him, “Oh, baby. That looks uncomfortable.”

“You did this to me in the middle of lunch. What are you going to do about it?” he retorts.

He stalks over to the bed with darkness in his eyes and it makes you shiver in anticipation. Once he makes it over to you, you get up on your knees on the edge of the bed and place your hands on his chest. “I’m sure I could think of a few things to help you.” You tell him.

You trail your hands down his chest, over his taught abs to the hem of his t-shirt, and lift it off him. He goes to take his hat off and you stop him. “Leave it on, please.” You say quietly.

He chuckles and does as you ask. You then move your hands back down his now bare skin, ghosting your fingers over his nipples and down, down, down until you come to the button on his jeans. You undo it easily and then unzip his pants. You take them and his boxers off in one fell swoop. His thick length springing free and hanging heavy in your face. Your mouth starts to water at the sight of it.

“Suck it, baby.” He whispers.

You take his cock in one hand and opening your mouth you give the tip a small kitten lick to tease. He hisses at the contact and when you wrap your plump lips fully around him, he groans. You take him further in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. You don’t go too far down, not wanting to hit your gag reflex, and Eric doesn’t push you either. He keeps groaning and giving you praises as you suck his dick as his hands brush your hair back out of your face and holds it in one of his hands.

You give him a few more bobs of your head and then pull off with a pop. You whine and look up at him with your innocent, blissed-out blue eyes that he loves so much, and he caresses your cheek softly. He then manhandles you and turns you around so that your feet are dangling off the edge of the bed and he has perfect access to your entrance. He runs his hand over your still clothed ass and down toward your core.

His long fingers brush ever so slightly over your pussy and you shudder at the touch. He can feel the wetness that has gathered in your panties and he moans loud and deep.

“You’re so wet, baby. I want to taste.” He says.

You moan and wiggle your ass a bit. He grins and slides your panties off and down your legs to your knees. And because he’s impatient he leaves them there. He gets down on his knees so that he’s eye level with your pussy and kisses the curve of your ass. He kisses down one thigh and then back up the other one. He gives little bites along the way and you whimper.

“Please, Eric.” You beg.

“Mmm, I love when you’re needy.” He moans and then his tongue is on you. He licks from your clit up to your soaked entrance, you let out a small moan, and your chest collapses onto the bed. Your sweater falls around your shoulders as your back arches and your hips in the air, fully on display for him as he eats you out. He laps at your pussy like it is his favorite treat and you become a whimpering mess. He brings you just to the brink of an orgasm and when you whisper that you’re close he pulls away.

You whine at the loss of contact from his tongue and then lose your breath when you feel his large member invading your pussy and pushing into you. He takes it slow and you feel every glorious inch stretching your walls and just as he bottoms out you clench around him. He groans deep in his throat and it makes you preen hearing how much he enjoys you.

“Fuck baby, you’re so tight.” He growls and then he starts a steady pace of thrusting in and out of your wet, hot core. You squeeze him every so often to hear him moan in pleasure. “I won’t last if you keep doing that.” He says as he delivers a quick slap to your ass. You moan into the mattress and meet his thrusts by pushing yourself back into him.

He gets the hint and picks up the pace. Fucking you just the way you like it. You moan again and pant as he keeps hitting your g-spot just right. It makes your whole body shake in want. You let out a loud groan and say, “I’m gonna cum.”

Eric’s movements slow but he thrusts into you deep hitting you exactly right and then the dam explodes. Your core tightens as you feel the burn deep in your belly. You moan his name, clutching the sheets in your fists as you clench around him and cum all over his dick. Your release coats his length as you spasm around him. He groans at the feeling and he fucks you through your climax. It doesn’t take much longer and he’s joining you in ecstasy as he fills you with his cum. As he comes down from his high, he leans down and kisses your shoulder.

He pulls out gently and cleans you up with his shirt that was thrown on the ground. Once he’s finished you climb up into the bed and pull the blankets up over yourself. He climbs up next to you, encompassing you in his arms as he whispers sweet nothings of love into your ear and you both drift off for a nice afternoon nap.

Brittany Jones
Brittany Jones
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Brittany Jones

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