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by Lady Lavinia Dasani 2 months ago in fiction

Chapter 3

W aking up from my late afternoon nap to the sound of Kyle's giggles and my parents' laughter from the kitchen area, I went to investigate what the whole ordeal was. I too wanted to know what could be so entertaining in the kitchen. Walking up to them at a leisurely pace, I was surprised by the view of all three baking cookies and little Kyle covered in flour from head to toe.

Taking in this messy yet beautiful, unfamiliar sight, I felt a gentle tug in my heart. The whole scenery playing in front of me was so surreal it almost felt like I was dreaming and still sleeping off the strain of my body from my flight back to Miami. And if all of this was indeed a trick of my mind, I did not want it to stop anytime soon. Particularly after hearing all of the shocking news about my brother and my parents' state of living.

"I wasn't aware turning my little Kyle into a cookie monster was part of today's schedule?" Approaching them with a smile, I cheekily commented while trying not to let the disastrous state of my used-to-be tidy kitchen affect this joyful moment.

Running towards me with another giggle, Kyle left a trail of flour behind him, "Grandma says not to call me a monster because I am an angel." Smacking his floury self into my legs, I bent down to Kyle's level knowing my clothes would soon need to go to the washer, just as his.

"Oh, really now." Raising my fine eyebrow at my mother then at Kyle, "Did grandma also told you that you aren't just any type of angel?"

Picking his curiosity, Kyle shook his flour-filled hair on my face. Immediately closing my eyes to avoid having to struggle from a sting-eyeball for the rest of the evening, I sputtered out the flour dust which got deposited on my lips. Gently dusting off my face, I softly ruffled Kyle's hair, removing the rest of the residual flour sitting on top of his head.

"You, my love, are mommy's personal guardian angel." Lightly wiping off the floury pasture on his cheek, I pressed a gentle but firm kiss on his cheek before getting back up on my feet.

Grinning brightly as if he has won the biggest lottery in the universe, "Yes! I am your guardian angel, mommy." Hugging my legs with more strength than before, "I love you, mommy." Kyle exclaimed with affection and true-to-God love before rushing back to my parents' side.

"Hey, what about us, young man?" My father inquired, faking hurt.

"I love you too, grandpa." Hugging my father's legs, Kyle professed with a small laugh, "You too, grandma, I love you." Moving to my mom's side, Kyle embraced her the same way.

"That's right, little one, share the love. – Hi mom, dad." Greeting my parents with a small laugh, I went to fill a pot of water, placed in on the stove and began preparing myself some tea.

"Hey, Angel, how was your nap?" My mom inquired while helping Kyle make the mould for the cookies.

"Good. It was much needed. I hope you guys got to relax as well." Standing by the stove, I turned to fully face all of them.

"We laid down for a while, but that's about as much relaxation as we could get in a new place." Letting Kyle play with more flour, my mom voiced out.

Silently nodding, I watched Kyle enjoying himself. My lips pulling into a smile, I was more than happy my little man was having a blast, particularly with people he hasn't physically met before today. Nevertheless, the thought of how much hassle and work it would be to get all those flour and sticky dough entirely off of him and his mane of black thick hair plague my mind. I wasn't, however, going to let my obsession for tidiness and control ruin this beautiful moment in my son's life.

"Your dear friend showed us around and let us know where everything was before taking off." Placing a batch of cookie dough inside the preheated oven, my dad added after a few beats of silence.

"I'm glad she did, and hopefully you guys got to bond with her in the process." Pouring the pot of steaming hot water into my favourite cup, with a scoop of sugar, a slice of lemon and a bag of mint tea, "Where is the woman anyways?" Walking to the front of the counter, away from the danger of flying flour, I asked both my parents.

"She mentioned something about needing to have a discussion with a certain Jackson." My mom nonchalantly pointed out.

"Jackson, huh!" I mumbled with a slight tint of disgust without thinking twice about it.

My tone and eye-roll, however, got my parents' full attention and interest, more specifically, my mom. The control freak in her simply needed to know what was going on in her surroundings or who exactly was the people around her and the people involved in the life of the people around her. I'll bet my ass to a dominant right this instant that the uncertainty of this whole situation and this new environment was driving her crazy. I know it would for me and this aspect of me came directly from her.

"Why do you say his name this way?" My mom questioned, proving my point in a heartbeat.

"It's nothing, mom. It's just Jackson." I merely stated, doing my best to not give out any details about Ana's personal life, since it wasn't my story to tell.

"Mommy, isn't Jackson the name of the bad guy who made Auntie Anna cried?" Kyle inquired with utmost innocence, plain confusion washing over his face.

Facepalming, I exhaled out a slow breath, "Kyle, baby, what did I tell you about filters and intruding into other people's conversations." – I was NOT going to get mad at Kyle, I kept telling myself. The child was just trying to help out and understand his surroundings better.

"Are you mad at me, mommy?" Lowering his eyelids, Kyle asked in a small voice, the realisation he must have done something wrong dawning on him.

"Come here, baby boy." Keeping my hot steaming cup of tea on a small spot on the counter where it was flour-free, "I am not mad at you, Kyle. A bit disappointed you didn't take what we had already talked about into consideration, yes, but I know your intention was good, and that's all that truly matters to me. But next time, please think twice before you butt into someone's conversation, okay."

"Okay, mommy." Slightly nodding his small head, Kyle gave me a little peck on the cheek before running back to his grandparents' side.

"As for you, mom and dad, I wish I could tell you more, but this isn't my or Kyle's story to tell. If you want to know more, ask Anna."

"That's cruel but fair." Was my mother's only response before she turned her attention back to Kyle.

"Whatever it is or whoever this guy is, I hope Anastasia would be fine. She is a good kid, I can already see it. Not only does she love you and Kyle, but she is sweet, genuine and extremely hard-working." Staring into the depth of my eyes with actual concern and appreciation for Anna, my dad stated.

"I hope so too dad, I hope so…" Walking out of the kitchen, I muttered under my breath, but loud enough for him to hear me.


Lounging on my couch with a blanket over my legs and a hallmark action movie playing on the big screen Tv in front of me, I typed a quick encouraging and supportive message as well as a threatening message to cut off Jackson's dick if he misbehaved and sent it to Anastasia.

Blowing out the smoke from my cup of hot tea and slowly taking a few seeps, I lost myself in the movie. Surely Anastasia was going to be alright confronting the jerk that was Jackson on her own. The only possible scenario I should be scared of is Anna stumbling again and hooking up with the asshole in the heat of the moment.

Engrossed in my own thoughts, the movie playing as background noise blocking all sounds from around me, I easily zoned out the noise of the main door opening.

"Guess who?" Instantly brought back to reality, all the hair on my body rising to attention and my sight darkened, I placed my hand on top of the one hand covering my eyes.

"Storm." I didn't need to touch the guy to know it was him. I would easily recognise his voice anywhere. Not to mention he is the only guy who dares and is allowed to come this close to me.

His hot breath fanning over my neck, Storm removed his hand from my eyes, giving me my sight back. "Him in person." Pressing a firm long yet gentle kiss on my jaw, the top of my body instinctively pressed against his chest and my neck stretched to give his lips more leeway.

"I missed you." Kissing the side of my neck but quickly pulling his lips away, leaving my skin tingling and needing more, Storm used the back of the couch as support and jumped onto the sofa to sit beside me.

"I was gone for only two days, Storm." Smiling at the Caucasian dark-haired, pale green almost grey-eyed, extremely well-built man with one of the most beautiful and sexy smiles I've seen on a man, I jocularly brushed him off.

This man knew he was hot beyond hell. Knew he was the catch. He even frequently works his body to make sure his muscular firm self doesn't lose its appeal and beauty. But most importantly, he knew I once had a major crush on him. Unluckily for both of us, just as we were about to go on a date to see if we as a couple could work out, his boss contacted mine to establish a partnership between us. And this was the end of us in that domain.

Not because it was against any rules, but because I sure as hell didn't want to take the risk to date someone I would have to work with on a continual basis. Especially with Kyle in the equation. The risk of broken hearts and significant hurt was too high to even contemplate, particularly when I've known from day one that Storm Ives is a renowned and proud playboy.

"Two days too many if you ask me." Bringing my reverie back on him and his smirk, I grinned back.

"Such a charmer you are."

Shrugging his shoulders at me, I noticed Storm was trying to hide something behind his back the whole time.

"What are you hiding?" Voicing out my curiosity, I tried to peak on either side of him from my seat, but he expertly moved it each time.

"Nothing." Acting surreptitious, Storm pretended he had no clue what I was speaking about.

"Oh, really now." Shifting closer to him, I pushed Storm down.

His back hitting the couch he laid still as I straddled him and attempted to snatch whatever he was hiding underneath him. Laughing and fighting him on the couch to the point where my blanket wrapped around my buttocks and stuck between his thighs, imprisoning us in its tangled mess, I successfully managed to seize hold of the bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Cocking an eyebrow at him, "What is it?" I inquired with curiosity.

"I don't know … Maybe your favourite wine." Holding onto both sides of my hips, Storm ambiguously articulated. Making a mental note to ignore the sensation of his palm burning its warmth onto my skin through my cloth or his hard-on pressing onto my womanhood, I brought all my sensory emotion to the bottle in my hands.

"Go ahead, open it." Motioning for me to open the bag with a nod, Storm acted as if he didn't know I was aware of his pressing manhood on my entrance when in all reality, something this huge could not go unnoticed.

His plan to get my attention back to the bottle, however, worked and got me all excited and curious again, because God knows how much I needed a good glass of red wine. Opening the bag, I pulled out the bottle of wine. – My favourite and one of the most expensive red wines. Squealing like a little girl in a candy shop, I hugged the life out of him and laid a 'thank you' kiss on his cheek, while making sure the bottle of wine was way above his head. We didn't want any disaster, after all.

"I'm gonna guess your visit back home didn't go particularly well." Storm spoke against my ear, returning my hug with a firm squeeze.

"How astute of you." Grinning against his cheek, I sarcastically uttered.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Two distinct loud fake coughs separated Storm and me in a blink of an eye. In a cacophony of mess, I pushed myself off of Storm while he pushed himself off the couch and attempted to pin me down on the couch all at the same time, the blanket became a death trap around both of us.

Placing his knees on either side of me, Storm's mere body mass restrained me on the couch. Poking his upper body over the couch, Storm pulled his freaking gun on my parents. If they were surprised before, they sure as hell were shocked out of their mind now. Me, on the other hand, I was trying really hard not to be affected by Storm's member screaming its 'Hello' at me while being under him. The temptation to touch it was extremely heightened, especially with him pointing his gun at the 'intruders'.

"Who are you?" Looking up at my hero of the day, from my position, I sensed and saw his body tensed furthermore, and I knew he saw Kyle with them.

"Touch the kid, and I won't think twice before pulling the trigger!" His authoritarian cop voice which has always had the knack of getting me all hot and bothered, boomed inside the room of my suite.

Touching his belly to get his attention, "Not now, Angel." Storm swapped my hand dismissively, without removing his fiery glare from my parents.

"Storm! They are my parents, stupid."

Dismissing the idea of smacking his cock to get his utter attention, I pulled onto his shirt with more force, propelling him to fall on top of me. Hissing, in an attempt to hide the obvious moan that tried to leave my mouth when his hard member smacked into my already soaked entrance, I turned his attention to me.

"You okay?" Gun above my head, Storm asked with concern.

Simply nodding my head, I took a deep breath to get myself and my hormones under control. I was a big girl, after all, not a teenager.

"Get that hard-on under control before you move too much." I hissed under my breath, not wanting anyone to hear us.

I was pretty sure my parents have been watching us from the very moment Storm opened my damn door, and the last thing I wanted was for them to see Storm's cock poking through his pants or our desire-filled eyes. Besides, I absolutely do not trust myself to be able to maintain control when he and his every part are this close to mine.

"Oh …" Looking down at me and staring back up at my parents with embarrassment and awkwardness, Storm turned bright red.

"Yeah, oh," I said in my normal voice with a small laugh.

Leaving a few beats for both of us to get a hold of ourselves and our genitals, "Care to get off me now." I mocked, raising my eyebrows at him.

"Shit … yes … sorry …" Scattering to his feet like an idiot, Storm patted down his clothes, more specifically his pants and put his handgun back in his side holster.

Stepping towards my parents with utmost carefulness, "I am so very sorry, Mr and Mrs Buar." Stretching his hands towards my parents, "I am Detective Storm Ives." Storm introduced himself with a smile, polite as ever. A politeness I've never seen from the man before. Not even when he had to break the news of death to an already grieving mother who we also had to question on the spot.

Shaking his hand with reserve, both of my parents eyed him with curiosity and wariness. "Auden Buar; and this here is my wife, Elize Buar." Seizing him up, my father finally introduced himself after a long awkward beat.

"Again sir, I sincerely apologise for my actions. I wasn't aware Angelica had company tonight, or I would have never been so jumpy at unknown voices coming out of nowhere."

Oh, so now I was Angelica to him, all of a sudden. – What magic trick was that? From the very first day we met, he had nicknamed me, never using my full name unless he was beyond angry, which is like a .1 per cent probability with this guy despite my several attempts to anger him. In the two years, I've known him, there was only one time he was beyond piss with me for not obeying his order and going right into the den of the lion while investigating a gang murder. He has always addressed me as Angel, Ang, Doc, Mommy when he is speaking with Kyle about me or sometimes even Miss Know-it-all, especially when I frustrate him, or when we are playing around.

Placing the bottle of wine on the round glass table in the middle of the living room, I walked up to Storm.

"You are rambling, Mister." Smirking up at him, I mused, finding his discomfort more than funny. Throwing me a daggered look, Storm clearly wasn't as amused as me.

"Storm, I made cookies. Grandma and grandpa taught me how to." Leaving my parents' side, Kyle broke Storm's daggered glare towards me and hugged his legs.

"Is that right, young man?" Bending down to his level, Storm high fived Kyle.

"Yes, it is chocolate chips. Come, I'll show you." Taking Storm's big hand in the small of his hand, Kyle waited for Storm to get back on his feet before dragging him inside the kitchen.

Following the two boys, I feign not noticing my parents piercing intrigued questioning gaze. The intensity of it able to drill a hole on my back.

Pointing at the oven glass, Kyle showed Storm his chef-d'oeuvre in the making.

"It looks delicious Kyle. I can't wait to try it." Stopping his hand midway, Storm entirely took in Kyle's floury self.

"What happened to you, young man? Were you trying to turn into a ghost?" Smiling at Kyle, Storm taunted.

"Mommy said I am her personal guardian angel. And angels are snow white." Cracking a laugh at Kyle's theory and explanation, I joined the two boys in front of the oven.

"Is that so?" Looking at me as I stood beside him, Storm voiced with interest.

"This guardian angel of mine needs a real good hot soapy bath. – That's what he needs."

"Noo … I won't be as white as an angel then." Whining, Kyle stepped away from me. I swear one of these days the cuteness of this boy would be the end of me.

Crunching down to his level, "I'll let you on a little secret, Kyle, but 'shush' don't tell anyone else, okay." Storm baited Kyle.

"Okay." Was Kyle's only response as he leaned closer to Storm with inquisitiveness.

"I'm your mommy's guardian angel too. But you see, I am all showered up, clean and non-floury."

Oh, really now. I wasn't aware that I had two guardian angels in my life, but whatever, I better bite my inner cheek and remain silent.

Lowering his voice to a bare whisper, "Are you really?" Kyle asked for confirmation.

"I swear." Fist-bumping Kyle. Storm got Kyle all wrapped up in his words.

"How about that shower then?" Butting in, I inquired with raised brows.

"Can Storm help you with the shower again, please mommy."

Laughing at Kyle's little jump, "You gotta ask him for that baby boy, not me." Pointing at Storm, I let him make the decision. The last thing I wanted was to make Storm do something he doesn't want to.

"I would love to." Standing to his feet, Storm stretched his hand out for Kyle to take.

"Doc." Handing me his gun to put in my personal safe, as usual, I took it from the grip.

"You guys get going. I will put this away, get a towel and a set of PJ."

"Mommy can Storm choose my PJ after the shower, please."

"Alrighty then, Storm's little follower. As you wish."

"Thank you, mommy." Walking past my parents, hand in hand with Storm, Kyle was unknown to the tension in the room. Or better, simply choose to ignore it. Acknowledging my parents with a nod, Storm quietly followed Kyle to the bathroom.

Waiting for them to be out of direct earshot, "Mom, Dad, I know you got tons of questions, and I promise to answer them later on. But right now, I have to take care of Kyle." Avoiding prolonged direct eye contact with both of my parents, I attempted to walk past them after making myself clear.

"Just tell us if he is your boyfriend before you run away?" My mom inquired; or better yet, demanded the very moment I stepped past them.

"No mom, he is not." I simply uttered, aware this was going to be the first and foremost question they would have.

Entering the bathroom, I sat down on my knees beside Storm, joining him with splashing water at Kyle. Convulsing with laughter, Kyle played with the bubbly water. Diving into the pool of steaming water every now and again, Kyle helped in removing the dough and flour from his small body.

"Do I need to guess what the main question you're parents asked before you joined us?" Locking his gaze with mine, Storm inquired while Kyle played with his cars and trains in the tub.

"The usual. – Whether we are dating or not?" Shrugging my shoulders, I answered back. At this point, it was no big deal. Everyone we meet, initially think me and Storm are a couple. There was no battling it and no changing how we behave towards each other.

"Figured as much. But hey, at least they didn't see my erection for you." Lightly hitting me on the shoulder with his broad shoulders, Storm stated in a low voice for only me to hear, his infamous smirk playfully decorating his face.

"Do you seriously think they didn't notice that huge thing? They are my parents, Storm." I stated in a 'duh' tone, draining all the colour from his face.

"Shit!" Absentmindedly playing with the pool of water in front of him, Storm's nervousness nearly cracked me up.

"Storm, mommy, look at my car driving on top of the water." Grasping our attention once more, Kyle made engine-starting noise through his mouth while demonstrating his magic.

"That's cool man. What else can it do? Can it fly?" Playing along, Storm welcomed the distraction and gave Kyle his undivided attention.

Taking in this lovely sight in front of me, I could not help but smile. Seeing these two like this tugged at my heart every single time, feeling me with utter happiness. Our moments were, however, short-lived. Feeling the stares of my parents on my back, it dawned on me they've silently and surreptitiously been watching and hearing us once again.

"Can you sense them?" I whispered for Storm only to hear. Kyle was too interested and vested in his water games to pay any real attention to our mummers or us.

"I can literally hear their questioning gaze, Ang. And my stupid move when they faked a cough hasn't helped my case either." Storm explained in an equally low voice.

Reaching for his arm, I gently squeezed, "I appreciated your stupid move." With a slight smile, I tried to ease his discomfort and anxiousness.

"If my memory serves me right – and it rarely ever does anything but- you snickered at me, not show your appreciation." Faking hurt and turning his gaze away from me, Storm complained in a low voice.

"Would me kissing my hero show enough of my appreciation and grant me his forgiveness, Your highness?" In a low suggestive tone, I once again caught Storm's undivided attention.

"That could be arranged." Briefly looking at me before turning his attention back to Kyle, Storm playfully stated.

Leaning towards him, I allowed my breath to linger on the side of his cheek and neck. "Alright then," I whispered with a hint of flirt. Closing the distance between us, I pressed a lingering kiss on his cheek and pulled back to return to my original position at the sight of Kyle curiously gazing at us before shrugging his shoulders and returning to his toys.

"Am I all forgiven now?" I cheekily inquired, aware this small not-so-innocent act of mine turned Storm on. We might very well be just friends, but I know all the buttons to push to get him all riled up.

"I have no choice but to." Storm mumbled after getting a handle of his composure.

"Mommy, I'm done with my bath." Standing butt naked in the tub of water, Kyle captured our ultimate attention.

"No, sweetheart, you are not. You still need to be scrub." Chuckling, I pulled Kyle towards me.

"Would you pass me the sponge, please?" Sitting Kyle back down on his butt in the warm soapy water, I waited for Storm to hand me what I needed. Rubbing and sponging Kyle while making sure he keeps his eyes shut, I clean every single part of the boy.

"Storm, would you please help me get dressed? Mommy makes my hair look weird."

"Hey there," I exclaimed with a mock appalled.

Ignoring me, Kyle got his way and lifted his hands for Storm to pick him up. Handing Storm the towel, I let him dry Kyle and hold him in his embrace. Having been with us for so long Storm knew Kyle loved cuddling and being held after a shower.

"Tell me about it, young man." Teasing me, both of them got a nasty look from me.

"Don't worry mommy, we still love you." Cuddling against Storm's broad chest Kyle seeps in Storm's warmth.

I knew exactly how that boy felt. There was just something about Storm's cuddle and embrace that's warm, comforting, safe and addictive.

"Yes, mommy, we do." Ruffling Kyle's hair, Storm voiced out on his way out of the bathroom with Kyle in his arms, causing an immediate halt on my steps.

Wide eyes and a heart beating rapidly and out of sequence, I surely must be overthinking his words. Storm surely couldn't mean his words the way I am thinking. No, he must mean it in a friendly way. – Yes, it must be that.

"Are you coming, Doc?" Calling me from Kyle's room doorstep, Storm brought me back to the present.

Inhaling a deep breath and exhaling out my nervousness, I convinced myself I was merely overthinking the whole situation. It must be my parents being here and all.

"Yes, coming," I called out before joining them.

Catching a glimpse of my parents patiently waiting for us a few feet away, I threw them a shy smile. Clearly, they saw and heard pretty much everything that happened inside the bathroom given the door was opened.

Walking inside Kyle's room, Storm had already finished dressing Kyle up in a set of Spongebob PJ and was on his way to help him choose a game. "Are you choosing your game for the night, Kyle?"

"Yes, mommy."

"Would you please make sure you are choosing the ones you can play by yourself? Mommy, Storm, grandma and grandpa need to have a long talk without any disturbance before dinner time. Do you think that's possible, sweetheart?"

"Can Storm play with me next time, though?" Kyle asked with expectation.

"Of course, big boy. I'll play and beat you at the same time." Storm interjected.

"Okay." Accepting my conditions without any fuss and excited at the idea of being able to beat Storm on their next game, Kyle ran to the living room with his Xbox cart game CD in hand.

"You're ready for the million questions and intense interrogation?" Looking up at Storm, I asked with a deep intake of breath.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Taking my hand in his, Storm laid a gentle kiss on the back of my hand before we stepped out of Kyle's room.

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