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Adventures in Domination and Blackmail

Scene 2

By Derick SinclarPublished 2 years ago 17 min read

Adventures in Dominance and Blackmail Chapter 2

Tuesday morning seemed to never arrive, the lingering question of how much intrusion into the life of the client before the client decides to make a scene or report the dom. Time will tell. The dom was making ready the room to be used for today’s scene. An older gentleman, the client tried to get a specific scene whenever he got the itch but was not satisfied. The first couple of times he tried, the expert never showed up at the meeting place. His last try had an illness that prevented the client from meeting with the dom.

Today, Monday, the anticipation for the most promising scene looked like it would indeed happen. The dom provided his home address and directions, and the procedures were incredibly detailed. Little doubt that this is not the first rodeo for the dom. The client wasn’t sure whether he could hold his energy another day. He would have to, the choice not to would leave him depleted. The client watched porn for hours today and was ready to find the release he needed.

Tuesday morning.

The email left no wiggle room in the instructions. The garage door would open at 10:00 and close no later than 10:05. If that window was missed there was not a second chance, no number to call and complain or explain that traffic was killer, a flat tire anything didn’t matter. The garage door policy was absolute.

The time had come, the timing was perfect. Striking 10:00 on the clock, the door lifted. The garage was empty other than a table at the back of the bay. Monochrome white walls and a gray enamel floor greeted the client. At the back of the bay, against the wall a table with a red basket, the only color in the room other than gray or white, had a small sign Put Clothes Here.

The client entered the garage, his heart pounding stronger than it had in years. Today was to be the turning point in a life filled with all sorts of sexual firsts. Today was not planned to be one of those. Needed more than most of the other special days, not from the content of the event, but the duration of abstinence. Today needed to be simple, to the point, and a graceful exit. Hopefully, it would be a regular activity, but today would set the tone for that.

The client exited his car. As he did, the garage door closed. He looked around and didn’t see a wall-mounted switch to open it up. The manual release was too high to reach due to an extra panel in the door to give height to the opening. Built for a truck or some high lifted SUV, thought the client. A voice came over a speaker.

“Good morning, remove your clothes and place them in the basket,” said the voice.

The client took off his clothes and did as he was instructed. His reward was a door to a cabinet opening with a click. A door sprang open. Inside a robe was hanging on the hook.

“Put the robe on and go toward the door,” said the voice.

Swinging the robe around his head like a matador, he put the robe on, tied the waist belt, and moved toward the door. Also, white, to complete the look of nothing distinctive, the door opened with a heavy click and smooth operation. Now inside the waiting area of the dom’s home, the door closed and locked behind him. No turning back now said the voice inside the client’s head, all the while the anticipation was creating a surge in the what-if factor. Around the corner, the noise of footsteps heading toward the client came closer and closer.

“Good morning, you may call me Sir. I trust you have had a good night’s rest and are prepared for today,” said the dom.

“Good morning, Sir, I did get some rest but am excited to be here, said the client.

“I will call you Slave, for now,” said Sir.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Slave.

“I have coffee prepared and some Danish. Join me, said Sir as he walked out of the waiting area and moved along the carpeted hall towards the office.

“The carpet is so soft, it feels like cashmere,” said Slave.

“Yes, don’t get used to it,” said Sir with an intensity that the Slave knew right away he was in charge.

“I love the smell of coffee,” said Slave.

“Please be quiet. We have a task ahead of us and idle chit-chat is not part of the experience. We will spend time together, have some coffee to increase your stimulation, and begin the process,” said Sir.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Slave.

They moved along the carpeted part of the floor. The rest is a combination of tiles and hardwood flooring. The carpet leads to the office of Sir. From the outside of the space, you could see the couch and the small table had a silver coffee pot and an assortment of Danish, two cups, and what looked like a buttplug with a tail.

“Here, sit on the couch,” said Sir.

“This looks so comfy and soft. I wasn’t expecting anything to be soft, or comfortable,” said Slave.

“Have you prepared yourself according to the instructions,” said Sir.

“Yes,” said Slave as he took the offered cup of coffee.

“Good, please take a strong sip of coffee it should be a comfortable temperature,” said Sir.

Slave tipped the cup and took a mouthful followed by a large swallow.

“Shall we begin,” asked Sir.

“I’m ready,” said Slave as he took a bite of Danish and another sip of coffee.

“Please stand, remove your robe, and bend at the waist,” said Sir.

As he stood, he had hoped that he had prepared his ass enough to take what was next. The dildo was a bit larger than he was used to and the tail looked too scratchy. Sir took the plug, dipped it in a small crystal dish of lube, and with no hesitation, he took it straight to Slave’s pleasure ring. One circle around the ring and Sir pushed hard and the plug sank to the shank in a single motion. The steel plug had enough girth to be a stretch for Slave but not so much that it is overly painful.

“Let's move to the den,” said Sir.

“I’m ready,” said Slave.

“On your knees, follow me,” said Sir as he led the way toward another room across the main floor. The soft carpet changed to rough tile, with grout lines that felt raised and caused Slave to wince when he first “walked” on the floor with his knees.

"Ouch, I wasn’t expecting that," said Slave.

“Quiet and keep up,” said Sir as he picked up his pace and made his way to a room that had windows on the inside of the house. Covered with blackout curtains the room was set up for viewing by people outside the room.

“Yes Sir,” said Slave.

The nosey neighbor decided that today was the day to find out what was going on over there. She knew of the 10:00 meeting time and waited five minutes before she got into full spy mode. She had purchased a parabolic microphone to listen in and an assortment of filters for her camera to cut the glare on the glass. Ready to put her newest pastime into play, she could see the couch in the office unobstructed from her remote camera. The parabolic did an adequate job of recording the sound. But today was supposed to be a breakthrough and all she had so far was some gracious kindness and the insertion of a tail plug. She wanted the good stuff.

The doorbell rang.

“Excuse me, I’ve been expecting a delivery, and this may be it. Wait here,” said Sir.

The doorbell ringer would typically have been on camera, but an obstruction prevented the visitor from showing up remotely.

“Oh, it’s you. What do you want?” said Sir to the nosey neighbor.

“I know you have one of your clients here today, and I am so curious. Would you mind if I watched what goes on?” she said.

“I don’t mind, but the client may have issues with being observed in his current…dress," said Sir.

“Well, ask him,” said the nosey neighbor.

Sir walked over to Slave and said, “A neighbor of mine is here. She knows what I do and would like to watch, do you want a spectator. She would not be involved in our activities, only an observer,” said Sir.

“One condition, she is naked like me,” said Slave.

Sir walked back to the front door. “He said "fine as long as you were naked,” said Sir.

“That’s fine. May I come in?” she said.

“Yes, you may take your clothes off in here and a robe is hanging from the wall. Be quick about it, said Sir.

She walked into the area near the garage door and removed her clothes, put on a robe, and was back out in less than a minute.

“We were about to begin. Follow me,” said Sir as he walked toward Slave gathered him, and entered the room with the blackout curtain.

“Slave please take off your robe, hang it on the hook, and move over here,” said Sir.

Slave did the task and was moving toward the center of the room, he stopped, stood up, and looked for guidance.

“Where should I stand,” he said.

“Right where you are is fine,” said Sir.

Sir looked at the spectator and said, “Lose the robe and come help me get him rubbed down and settled on the pleasure stool,” he said.

She dropped her robe and Slave was at once overwhelmed by who she was. He hadn’t paid any attention up to this point. His head was down most of the time he was on his knees.

“Hello…. Gloria, what brings you here,” said Slave.

“You know her,” said Sir.

“Yes, she belongs to the same ski club that I do. All a bit awkward. I’m not sure how I feel about this,” said Slave.

“Steve, don’t worry, your secret is between the three of us. I would not tell anyone. Besides, I’m here, naked at the same time and place you are. Enjoy whatever you are going to do,” said Gloria.

“Enough small talk. Slave, take your position on the two red dots on the floor,” said Sir.

Slave took his feet and put them on the dots. The dots were over a floor drain. Sir produced two sheepskin washing gloves. He gave one to Gloria and took the other and proceeded to wash his backside down. Gloria did the same on his front, lingering a bit longer than cleanliness dictated. The result is Slave was wet but spotlessly clean.

“Go on, you want to. I know you do,” said Sir.

Gloria faced Steve and reached for his now erect cock and took it in her hand. Pulling on his member and squeezing his balls brought Slave into full attention to the process.

“Wow this is fun, can I do more?” said Gloria.

“What would you like to do?” said Sir.

“You tell me. I’m new at this but I have never felt so much power over a man before and I like it,” said Gloria.

“Take this switch and lightly smack his ass. Get a little color going, “said Sir.

Gloria took the bamboo switch and started slowly patting Steve’s rear end. Barely creating a reaction, she upped the impact power and the speed. His cheeks were starting to take on a rosy glow, and he was squirming nicely. Sure, she was not going to be able to keep doing this as a guest she took two mighty whacks at his rear end and Steve jumped and let out a cry.

“Thank you, Goddess,” said Steve.

“Yes,” said Gloria as she dialed up her intensity. Whack after whack, until he was whimpering steadily.

“Enough for a moment. Let me show you something else you will probably like this one as well,” said Sir.

He took an exceptionally soft dry sheepskin mitten and rubbed it all over the reddened area.

“Do this for a couple of minutes, and he won’t be able to tell the difference between the elegant softness of the mitten and steel wool,” said Sir with a smile.

Gloria put on the mitten and rubbed the red areas. Lightly touching him then increasing the pressure until he was again crying with pleasure.

“Now move to the front and let him feel the softness on his cock, balls, legs, and chest,” said Sir.

She did as she was instructed. She rubbed his cock, now straining for relief, and rubbed his legs, chest, and genitals using a light touch

“Now take the mitten and rub his rear end again, but do it firmly,” said Sir.

“My brain is short-circuiting, and I don’t know what I am feeling anymore,” said Slave.

“Shut up Steve, you always think you know so much, you don’t know anything. I am in charge of you right now and you will take this, and you will love it, “said Gloria.

With that, she grabbed his cock and pulled hard. While rubbing his ass with the mitten and then followed up with softly touching his cock and stroking it lightly. Slave had no idea from moment to moment if he was in pain or pleasure and was getting agitated.

“Sir please, I can’t take this, I am losing it, I want to come but if I do the pleasure will stop,” said Slave.

“Gloria, please adjust the pressure to be at maximum extremes,” said Sir.

She was a kind as a loving wife on his genitals and a severe as a drill sergeant on his ass and back. The result left Steve in a no-win situation that had him writhing in excessive sensation and loving the pleasure both at the same time. He was in overload. He needed this to stop or explode. Could he do both?

Squirming and feeling such pleasure at the same time, having a person he knew outside of this room was creating all the results that were expected. He was begging to have it stop, while also screaming to have it continue.

“Gloria, we are going to switch it up a bit and move toward completion. You have proven to be valuable as an assistant and I would like you to continue. Take his cock in your hand without the mitten on and stroke him slowly. While you do that, I am going to remove the buttplug and replace it with something larger," said Sir.

Sir did. He placed inside Slave a vibrating dildo with special attention to the prostate. The variable vibration is intense enough to result in an orgasm. He pulled Gloria close and whispered something in her ear.

Gloria kept up her stroking.

“Now,” said Sir.

With that, she stopped stroking his cock and Sir dialed up the vibration of the dildo. Slave was squirming all over and was at a loss of what to do. He felt the sensations in his ass and had never orgasmed this way before. But here he is, in a room with a new dom and fellow skier from his club. The feelings and sensations were all colliding together to be too much to keep up. Something would give.

“Gloria, pinch his left nipple hard,” said Sir.

Sir handed a clothespin to Gloria and said to put it on his nipple as soon as he showed and signs of getting comfortable with the sensations.

The moment had arrived, Slave was in full overload. The clothespin, adding the last bit of extreme stimulation with the altering vibration frequency in the plug delivers the coup de gras. Slave was about to explode.

“Oh my God. I’m, going to…:” said Slave as he unleashed his seed into the air. He was bucking and wiggling while wanting to be touched so urgently.

“Please, I need some contact. Gloria, please, “he said as he was coming.

“Sorry, not my job,” said Gloria.

Slave shot the last of his seed and was coming down from the high he had experienced. Limp on the stool he was on the verge of passing out.

“Let’s let him enjoy the moment and tidy up a bit,” said Sir.

“Of course,” said Gloria.

She took the vibrator out of his ass in one quick motion. Placed it in a bucket Sir had filled with a cleaning solution, wiped down the bamboo switch, and then looked to Sir and said, “I think he should give you a blowjob for giving him so much pleasure,” said Gloria.

“If you insist,” said Slave.

With that, Slave slid from the stool and dropped to the floor. He was on all fours. His legs were spread apart ready to receive any attention offered. Sir moved up to him and placed his cock in front of Slaves mouth,

“I’ve never seen two guys together, so I am getting super excited for you to play. If it helps, I could take a dildo and fuck you in the ass while you are sucking off…,” said Gloria.

“I never knew how much pleasure I could feel. I would be honored to offer you anything you want,” said Slave.

“Make a decision, now,” said Sir.

“OK, please fuck me,” said Slave. He was saddened that it would be over soon enough, and he would get back to his regular life and move on.

“Another day perhaps,” said Sir. The denial left Slave one choice.

Within a minute or two Sir was depositing his seed into the throat of Slave.

Suddenly a flash interrupted the pleasure. Slave and Sir were caught off guard and separated.

“What the hell, no, no, no…” said Slave as Gloria had somehow produced a camera and had taken a picture of Slave as he was getting his throat pounded.

“Well, it will be a souvenir of today,” said Gloria.

“What are you going to do with it,” said Steve.

“Nothing for the moment,” said Gloria.

Slave sank into the carpet a whipped, pleasured, puddle of a man fresh off a man’s cock and spent. Sir said he wanted to see the pictures before he would unlock the doors to the room. Gloria showed him the pictures and it was clear that his face was out of the frame in all the pictures.

“No problem,” said Sir. With that, he pushed buttons on the keyboard near the door. With a loud click followed by a buzz, the door was released from the lock. He would let Slave free from the restraints of the room in two minutes this gave Gloria a head start to get dressed and leave.

The longest two minutes passed, and Slave was released.

“I hope you know that you are finished in this business,” said Slave.

“Why do you think that. She has pictures of you having sex with a man. I can’t imagine that going over too well at the family dinner,” said Sir.

Silence took over the room.

“You would do that?” said Slave.

“Of course, what greater humiliation could there be than to sit on the couch and have your picture sucking another man on the screen of the family TV. You tell me, who has the power here. I have you scheduled for next Tuesday at 10:00 I wouldn’t be late if I were you,” said Sir.

“Will Gloria be here,” said Slave.

“Do you want her here,” said Sir.


The two moved toward the dressing area and concluded the session.


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