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A Whole New World!

by James Richards 9 months ago in sex toys

Testicle Tapping

A revelatory approach to masturbation!

Oh my literal and actual golly goodness! Why the hell did nobody tell me all about this before? I’ve been trying to look it up online since discovering it and can’t find an awful lot written about it, if at all, that is similar or the same as my experience!

This devilish discovery all began on a dark, mysterious night when the wind was howling as I browsed a magazine called “man buns” by candlelight...!

I lie. Nothing as cozy as that! I was basically wanking my way through Pornhub (gay ❤️) when I was struck by an idea: “James, seeing as you’re too scared to shove your brand new vibrating dildo up your butt, why don’t you just lay it across your balls?”

I took it out of my sex draw, turned it on and put it on a mild setting - couldn’t go hurting the little ones no could I?

At first, it just felt like a nice buzzing sensation, not adding a great deal more pleasure. I kept on going for a bit longer and played with where I placed the tip: across the shaft, the head, the balls, in between the balls, on the perineum. I played with the amount of pressure across all of these different places and the speed at which I changed spots or the speed at which I tapped the same spot.

Hmm...this feels kinda good! Then, next came a feeling I have never, ever experienced before and I was probably for the first time in absolute bliss...As I began to climax, the intense pleasure I normally felt in the shaft of my penis was now felt across the entirety of my balls. Just pure, red hot pleasure, the intensity of which forced me to lie back in my chair, tilt my head back and just keep caressing my balls as though they were my best friends who had done me a huge favour!

Well, it was a true revelation and I just had to find out more about it and tell someone! First, I searched online and all I could find was information about how guys like it when someone licks their balls or puts pressure on the perineum when they cum. I told my partner who just looked at me like some kind of freak and wasn’t at all convinced by the idea!

After a few months using my little toy on my balls, the vibrator broke. As you can imagine, I was inconsolable and desperately wondering how I was going to get my kicks - didn’t want to order another vibrator!

So, I thought that seeing as how I wasn’t only using the toy for its stimulating vibrations but also for tapping and applying pressure, why not just try using my fingers?

I began by masturbating with one hand, gently tapping my balls (and the space in between them) with separate fingers, like gently playing the keys of a piano. Nice sensation, must have been getting some increased blood flow to the area. As I got closer and closer to climax, I tapped the fingers separately, a little faster and then began to tap the four fingers together, a little harder each time.

And lo’ and behold, the exact same, incredible, intense, beautiful feeling came forth! The entirety of the genetalia in excruciating pleasure....exquisite agony. Omg. Hot!

And so it was born for me: testicle tapping! I try to do it each time I masturbate. I am a little cautious of hurting my balls, so don’t do it every day. But, I need my fix...know what I mean?

Now, I know I won’t have been the only person in the world to discover this, but I just can’t find anyone else who has tried it. I’ve put posts out on Instagram, Twitter, but no takers! A few said they’ll try it. I implore you all to try it - start changing your masturbatory life today.

Go ahead. It’s free!

I support you ❤️

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James Richards
James Richards
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