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A Welcomed Distraction

by Thomas Michaels about a year ago in erotic

A chance encounter leads to more

Jennifer was finishing the final touches on her makeup as she thought about the evening ahead of her. She had been seeing Jack on and off for six months, and was hoping their dinner this evening would be an opportunity for her to tell him that she wanted more. Jennifer knew there was a risk in bringing up a committed relationship, but it was something she couldn’t keep bottled up anymore. Her friends had warned her to play it cool. They reminded her that Jack was a successful attorney, as well as extremely handsome, and guys like that don’t like to feel trapped. Jennifer disregarded their comments. They hadn’t spent the time with him that she had. They hadn’t seen how he looked at her. They weren’t there when he held her and told her how beautiful she was, or how he made her feel like the only woman on the planet. As she looked at herself in the mirror she felt good about her decision. She told herself he would be just as lucky to have her.

Jennifer met up with her friends after work for cocktails at Jasmine, the hottest new bar in the city. They shouldn’t have been able to get in, but Jennifer’s friend was a publicist and knew the owner. She loved spring in New York City. The air was cool, but not too cold and on this particular night, the rooftop bar was buzzing with energy. It was packed and was definitely a who’s who of the New York City social scene. She had agreed to meet up with her friends for drinks before having dinner with Jack. The drinks were flowing freely and with each sip, she became more convinced that she was making the right decision in talking to Jack about their relationship.

As Jennifer was gossiping with her friends about who they recognized at the party, one of her friends pulled her aside and pointed towards the end of the bar. “Isn’t that Jack?” asked her friend. Jennifer looked in the direction that she was pointing, and her heart sank. It was Jack and he was talking to a very attractive blonde in a black cocktail dress that was slit three quarters of the way up her thigh, exposing her slender leg. Jack had told Jennifer that he was working late on a deposition and would meet her at the restaurant at 9:30. Before Jennifer could process exactly what she was looking at, Jack leaned over and began to kiss the blonde´s neck. By this point, her other friends saw what was happening and tried to keep her from making a scene. It was too late; however, and Jennifer stormed over to the couple at the end of the bar and, without saying a word, threw her drink in Jack’s face. “Fuck you,” she shouted at Jack. “What the fuck,” he said. “You told me you were working late on a deposition,” responded Jennifer. “How did you even get in here, Jennifer, ” sneered Jack. He was pissed and seemed to be completely unaware of why Jennifer was furious with him. The question stung. “Why couldn’t I be here? Does he really think he is that much better than me?” Jennifer thought to herself. She didn’t wait around to ask Jack those questions and made a quick exit before the bouncer, who was making his way through the crowd, or the tears that were welling up in her eyes, got to her.

As she walked home thinking about how wrong she had been about Jack, she decided to get one more drink at the bar next to her apartment building. She didn’t want to go home just yet and she didn’t feel like being alone. She also didn’t want to be with her friends and the center of attention after the evening’s events. She walked into the bar and down some stairs to its lower level. It was much less crowded and seemed like a better place to drown her confusion. She took a seat at the empty end of the bar and ordered a scotch, neat. She never drank scotch, but tonight seemed a good night for its bitter bite and harsh burn. The bartender poured the drink without speaking to Jennifer; he only nodded in silent recognition of the mood implied by her choice of drink. She took a sip and savored the burn as the warm liquid worked its way down the back of her throat and into her body. A heavy feeling washed over her as the alcohol worked its way through her system and made her sigh. The pain dulled just a little.

“Stiff drink for such a beautiful woman.” The voice jolted Jennifer out of her daze. A man had sat one seat over from her while she wasn’t paying any attention. The line seemed cheesy to her, but not overly so. She appreciated the gesture, but wasn’t in the mood for childish flirting. “I’m sorry?” replied Jennifer, “it’s just been one of those days.” “I appreciate the compliment, but I am going to finish this drink and leave.” “Wait, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as disingenuous,” the man said. “My name is Michael but my friends call me Brooks. You just looked like you could use a kind word, and that was the first thing that came to my mind. I’ve had my share of days like you seem to have had, and a friendly distraction always seems to help.”

As he spoke, Jennifer noticed how handsome he was. His complexion seemed dark and he had short hair. He was dressed nicely but not so stuffy that it was a turn off. He facial hair was a distinguished five o’clock shadow that accented his dark complexion perfectly. She couldn’t put here finger on his style, but there was something about it that piqued her interest. What captured Jennifer’s attention the most though were his eyes. They were blue, but not like a blue she had ever seen before. They were lighter than normal, and the contrast against his dark complexion made them brighter than seemed possible in a dimly lit bar. Something about them was soothing. Maybe the scotch was working itself on her or maybe he was right, a friendly distraction could help. Whatever it was, she apologized again and asked him if he lived in the neighborhood or if he was just visiting the city. “I am visiting an old friend from college. He was supposed to be back from a business trip this afternoon, but his flight was cancelled and he won’t be back until tomorrow,” explained Brooks.

They continued to get to know one another and Jennifer’s one drink turned into three. The entire scene with Jack earlier in the night faded more and more with each drink and by the time she was finishing her third scotch, it seemed like only a distant memory. It didn’t hurt that Brooks was extremely handsome and deftly asked all the right questions to keep her mind in the moment and off of her night’s troubles.

As she took the last sip of her drink, Brooks reached over and put his hand on her knee. The look on his face was soft and understanding. “I know that something bad earlier tonight brought you here, but your being in this bar has made my ordinary night suddenly special. So while I am sorry about whatever happened to you, I’m happy to have met you and I don’t believe in coincidences. Are you interested in a nightcap at my friend’s apartment? The view is stunning and he won’t be home until late tomorrow.” “I would love to have a nightcap with you. Let’s get out of here," Jennifer said, without hesitating.

Brooks paid the bartender and the two of them walked hand in hand four blocks to Brooks’ friend’s apartment building. The gothic looking building was located on the east side of Central Park. It looked old and expensive. Jennifer wondered what Brooks’ friend did for a living that he could afford an apartment in what she suspected was an exclusive building to live in. They walked through the large rotating door and into the lobby. Brooks made small talk with the doorman, while Jennifer waited. She was starting to have second thoughts. How well did she really know this guy? How many scotches did she have? Didn’t she love Jack?

All of these thoughts were swirling in Jennifer’s head as they got into the elevator together. Brooks pushed the PH button. Jennifer inquisitively looked at Brooks. Brooks shrugged his shoulders and said, “I told you he had a great view.” “Fuck it,” thought Jennifer. She deserved some fun. She leaned towards Brooks and brought her lips to his. The contrast between the softness of his lips and the roughness of the stubble on Brooks’ face turned Jennifer on. It seemed like the perfect balance of masculinity and tenderness. He put his arms around her and pulled her into him.

Passion took them both over quickly and Jennifer’s initial kiss led to exploring hands. Her hands moved to where his shirt was tucked into his pants and she pulled his shirt loose. She ran her fingers up his stomach towards his chest and as she did this, she realized that Brooks was in much better shape than she had noticed in the dark bar. Her fingertips bounced as they moved along the ridges of his abs and were stopped completely by a wall that was the bottom of his chest. The realization that Brooks was not only handsome and charming, but also apparently an Adonis, made Jennifer wet. His soft lips, chiseled abs and gentle touch obliterated any hesitation that she may have been feeling when she entered the elevator.

The elevator door opened on the penthouse floor. Only it didn’t open to a hallway. It opened directly into Brooks’ friend’s apartment. This guy owned the entire top floor of the apartment building. Jennifer stepped off the elevator and into the most beautiful apartment she had ever seen. It was very modern and exceptionally clean. On the walls hung what Jennifer could only guess was original artwork by the custom lighting for each piece that Brooks’ friend had carefully installed. The floor to ceiling windows framed a view of New York City that she had never before experienced. Three sides had unobstructed views of the park and a terrace that wrapped around all three sides. Jennifer was speechless. Not one to be easily impressed by wealth, she tried not to betray her desire to seem unmoved by the apartment, but this was another level entirely. Brooks told her to go out on the terrace while he poured the wine.

Jennifer stepped out onto the terrace that directly overlooked Central Park. They were above the surrounding buildings, so it was completely private. She took a second to reflect on how badly the night had started, and now how wonderfully it seemed to be turning out. She was thankful that she had decided to get that last drink instead of going home. Brooks turned out to be the perfect distraction, and she intended to fully convey her gratitude for him. As she looked out over the stone balustrade, Brooks came up behind her. He reached around to hand her a glass of red wine. She took it and turned to face him. She sipped the wine while never taking her eyes off of his. She took both of their glasses and set them on the terrace floor.

She then pushed Brooks down onto a chase lounge, pulled her skirt up to her thighs and stepped over his lap to straddle his waist. As Jennifer sat on him, she could feel that his cock was already hard. She leaned forward, brushed her lips across his, and gently kissed his ear lobe. “You’re never going to forget this,” she whispered seductively into his ear. Before Brooks could respond, her hands were on his belt, unbuckling it and then she unbuttoned his pants. She pulled the zipper down, and let her nails run down his hips and thighs as she pulled his pants and boxers off in one continuous slow motion. His cock sprung out of his boxers as their waistband moved down his thighs. It was so hard that it made a soft smacking sound as it hit his stomach. He wasn’t huge, but certainly bigger than Jack. Not really longer, but thicker and the ridge around the head of his cock was more pronounced.

As Jennifer kissed her way down his chest, she could feel his manhood throb with every heartbeat against her body. By this time, Jennifer was dripping wet and wanted to pull her panties to the side and sit on Brooks’ throbbing manhood. She took a deep breath to collect herself. She definitely wanted this to last, as well as to show him how grateful she was for his distraction this evening.

Moving down his body, while kissing and licking along the lines of his abs that make the “V” leading to his pubic area, Jennifer’s mouth, like her pussy, began to water at the thought of how close she was to sucking his beautiful cock. She knew this extra lubrication would help make her blowjob one that he wouldn’t soon forget. She gently kissed the base of his shaft as she lightly traced a fingernail up the underside of his cock, all the way to the tip. Her kisses followed the path of her fingernail and halfway up, she switched to the tip of her tongue until she reached the head. At this point, she took the head of Brooks’ cock into her mouth, closed her lips tightly around it and began a strong but gentle suction. While she sucked just the head, she wrapped her hand around his shaft and moved it up and down with a slight twist of her wrist. Some saliva had escaped her lips and now made its way to her hand, creating a natural lubricant. Her hand slid easily up and down his thick shaft.

Jennifer heard a low groan escape Brooks’ mouth and his hips moved in rhythm with her hand, letting her know that he was enjoying being in her mouth. With this encouragement, Jennifer became more excited and her passion for the task at hand increased as well. She became more bold and allowed Brooks’ cock to slide farther into her mouth. She kept the movement with her hand consistent, varying the amount of pressure she used to squeeze his shaft. She was able to take more than three quarters of his length before she thought she might gag. She was so turned on that the feeling quickly passed, and she took the remaining quarter of his cock easily. She moved her hand to his balls and massaged them. She then lightly used her nails on the space behind his balls. Jennifer could see that Brooks was tightly grasping the sides of the lounge chair with both hands. His knuckles were turning white from the strain. Brooks was doing everything he could to not to buck his hips, while at the same time trying not to cum too quickly. She could feel his balls tighten and she knew he was close. She backed off, licking the sides of his dick, massaging his balls and tickling the underside of his head.

Before Jennifer could resume deep throating Brooks, he put his hands under her arms and pulled her up his body until her mouth reached his lips. He kissed her passionately and deeply, and then rolled her under him to where he was previously laying. He positioned himself between her legs, parting them. His fingers slowly grazed the outside of her legs and up her thighs, lifting her skirt. His touch and the anticipation of what was to come sent electricity through Jennifer’s body. Her pussy reacted in kind and by this point, she had completely soaked her panties. Brooks kissed the top of her now exposed tights. He continued to kiss up to her hipbone and then pushed his tongue under the seam of her panties. As Brooks moved his tongue under her panty line, she could feel the stubble on his face lightly scratch along her skin. When he was a few inches from the top of her pussy, he used two of his fingers to pull Jennifer’s panties to the side until he exposed her neatly shaven landing strip. He let his lips graze the top of her trimmed pubic hair, taking in the scent of her arousal. His cock ached to be inside of her. Brooks’ fingers curled over the sides of Jennifer’s panties and then slid them down her legs. She tossed them to the floor with a flick of her foot.

Jennifer spread her legs, opening herself completely to him. Part of her wanted Brooks to finish what he had start with his mouth, but after he took her panties off, she moved to pull off his pants as well. She wanted him inside her now and couldn’t take any more teasing. Brooks wasn’t going to let her rush, however, and he placed his hand on her chest and pressed her back against the lounge char. He left his hand on her breast as he kissed the sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh. His hand kneaded her breast and he rolled her nipple between his fingertips. He passed his tongue over her perineum, teasing it. His tongue moved up one side of her pussy, passing over her inner lips that were swollen with arousal and dripping with wetness. His tongue continued its path, but stopped just short of her clit.

Jennifer’s back arched as she tried to press her clit against Brooks’ tongue, but he had already starting up the other side of her pussy in the same way. He did this a few times, always stopping just short of her clit. It was driving her mad with anticipation. She ached for release. Brooks read her body language and on the next bottom-to-top pass along her pussy, he let his tongue flatten against her clit. She grabbed the back of his head and ground her womanhood into his face in pure ecstasy, as he delivered the contact that she had been yearning for.

Brooks took this cue that his teasing wouldn’t be appreciated much longer. He put his middle finger inside Jennifer, palm up and started to put pressure on her g-spot, while slowly stroking it with his finger. His tongue flicked her clit in an upward motion and at a steady rhythmic pace. The pressure was perfect. Not too hard and not too light. Brooks continued to massage her g-spot with his finger. As Jennifer moaned louder and moved her hips more, he increased the rhythm of his tongue against her clit and changed the direction to a back-and-forth motion.

Jennifer could feel her orgasm building quickly. All of the teasing left her close to orgasm before Brooks even began fingering her and licking her clit. Her pussy gripped his finger as he massaged her g-spot. She threw her head back, pinched her knees together against Brooks’ head, and let out a cry that she would have sworn was someone else’s. She had never made such a raw noise like that before. The orgasm took over her whole body. She tingled all over and felt light headed. She shook as her orgasm started to subside. She wanted Brooks’ cock inside her now and pulled his face up to hers. She kissed his lips and licked her arousal off his face, savoring the sweet nectar. She always enjoyed the way she tasted off of a man’s face when he was done going down on her.

Brooks took his rock hard cock and put the head against Jennifer’s swollen sex. It slipped on her wetness as he tried to find the entrance to her pussy. Finally it found its target, and his head pressed past her lips and into her body. He easily slid all the way in. Both Brooks and Jennifer moaned in pleasure as their bodies became one. They kissed each other hard and Brooks moved his hips, pulling his manhood almost all the way out of Jennifer and then all the way back into her. His thickness filled her perfectly, pressing against her walls with just the right amount of pressure. His pelvis pressed against her clit with each thurst. His pace built slowly but steadily, and Jennifer matched each thrust with one of her own. When she thought Brooks looked like he was getting close to cumming, Jennifer stopped him and got up from underneath him. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra. She turned, leaned against the railing, and arched her back, offering her ass to Brooks. With a sly grin she asked, “Well, what are you waiting for?” Brooks got up and kneeled behind Jennifer. With his hands on her ass, he parted her cheeks and licked her pussy and ass from behind. Then, cock in hand, Brooks led his member to the opening of Jennifer’s sex and started fucking her from behind. This time he didn’t start slow. He fucked into her fast and Jennifer braced a hand against the railing overlooking the dark New York City sky, forty stories above the streets of Manhattan and Central Park. It didn’t take long for Jennifer to cum hard on his cock. She let out a loud cry that she was sure had woken someone up nearby. The feeling of Jennifer’s body contracting around his dick as she came was too much for him. Brooks thrust hard and with a grunt, he exploded deep inside her. She could feel his warm cum splash into her, filling her up. They stayed connected in a post-coital dream state, looking out over the park until Brooks’ cock softened and slipped out of her. She turned around and kissed him passionately. They left the terrace and went to the bedroom for another round of passionate lovemaking.

In the morning, Jennifer woke to the sun shining warmly on her face. It took her a second to remember where she was and whom she was with. As she opened her eyes and looked around the room, the evening’s events flooded back into her memory. She smiled and dug her face into the pillow as she thought their romp on the terrace.

“Morning Sunshine,” said Brooks. Jennifer looked up to see him walking into the bedroom from the kitchen with two cups of coffee in his hands. “Join me on the terrace?” he asked. Jennifer got up, put a dress shirt on that she found in the closet and took one of the cups of coffee from Brooks. Together they walked onto the terrace and laughed as they saw their clothes right where they had stripped them off of one another the night before. They sat together on the chase lounge; listening to the city below them begin its day.

“I have a confession to make,” admitted Brooks. “Oh,” replied Jennifer with a worried look on her face. “This isn’t my friend’s apartment, it's mine. I told you that because I was trying to be modest, but I really like you and I don’t want whatever this is, or might be, to start with a lie.”

Jennifer smiled and said, “I forgive you,” obviously relieved. “And I like you too.”


Thomas Michaels

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