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A Virgin's Roots

Creative Desires - II

By Rice BeanPublished 6 days ago 12 min read

With excellent grades and a summer of freedom on her back, Dani set off on a road trip to surprise her family after a long school year. Maintaining an honor roll meant she wasn’t able to act on her desires, and often held back on dating. Though most of those endeavors never lead to more than terrible dates.

She was a confident woman and it permeated through all aspects of her life, including; academics, beliefs, relationships, and goals. Her courage had granted her opportunities many would not have obtained, or even dreamed of.

The car ride was a twelve hour nightmare. In the car sat two designated drivers at the front, and 3 passengers at the back: Laura, Ben and Tyler. Dani and her best friend Beth, were the only ones with licenses. The others had exceptions ranging from an expired permit, to a suspended license, to a learner’s permit. The front seaters were the only ones who could legally man the vehicle.

They left at dusk to make it on time for the next day’s activities, and decided to stop every few hours to give each of the drivers a break and a sleep rotation. Beth was the first to drive and it was now Dani’s turn.

The 5-seater was filled with snores and light breathing, as the car cruised down the highway. Dani, being the responsible one of the group, drove carefully at first contrary to her substitute, but after some time the duration of the trip was getting to her.

It was around 4 AM when she needed to use the washroom. Urgently. She drank about 2 cups of coffee from the first pit stop that was intended to keep her awake, but they also had unintended side effect. The need to pee was amplifying by the second, and she was beginning to get jittery in her seat.

The issue was that the nearest gas station was about 70 kilometers away, almost in time for her next switch.

She glanced over to her friend Beth in the front seat, and she appeared to be texting someone angrily.

Beth huffed. She must be texting her boyfriend. I never did like him.

She shifted her gaze to the rear view mirror to see what her other friends were doing. They were all knocked out with awkward postures and open mouths, as if they had been doing the driving. Dani giggled quietly an shook her head. She returned her gaze to her friend, and gently nudged her arm.

“What’s up Beth?” she inquired with a low voice.

“It’s Jeremy. I think that asshole’s cheating on me again.” she stated with obvious mixed feelings in her facial expression.

“You think or you know?”

“I think.” she said and looked out into the dark scenery.

She knows.

“If he’s not all that into you, you should consider breaking up with him. It hurts to see you agonize over his sorry ass every day.”

“I feel like I’ve heard this tale before” she said with a grin.

“Have you now?” they shared the same crooked smile.

“I love him, and I want to try and make this work. Even if it means I have to feel this paranoid every single day.”

Dani looked at her with care and concern.

“I love you Beth, and I care for you. I mean this with all the positivity in the world when I say this, but you know you’re digging a deeper hole for yourself by the day every time you accept his BS?”

Beth gave her a faint smile, almost in understanding, but didn’t verbally reply.

Dani dropped it and moved onto more urgent matters.

“By the way, I have to pee. Like real bad. I think the coffee made its way through my system already. Maps estimates the next pit stop to be further than I can hold. Is it cool if we pull over so I can use the loo? The natural one that is?"

Beth gawked. “Why I never imagined you of all people would suggest doing such a thing. You’re always as straight as a pole with your terms and conditions. What's changed you?” she asked with amused concern.

“Desperate times.”

They both laughed.

“Sure. Although it’s leaves or nothing cause we don’t have any toilet paper and the napkins have all been used. Pull over just before that huge rock over there.” She pointed towards the boulder that sat about a hundred meters away to the right side.

The car slowly rolled to a stop on the shoulder of the more or less empty highway. More cars passed on the other side of the margin than they did on the car’s side. Aside from the forestland next to the highway and the newfound passengers in the stationary vehicle, there was nothing else in sight but road and road markings. They were completely alone, Dani thought. How eerie.

She hopped out of the car along with Beth, and stepped towards the grass.

“You know what? I’m gonna call the son of a bitch! Just to see what he’s up to.” Beth stated with intent.

“Need I remind you it’s 4 AM and the only thing we’ve consumed is half a breakfast wrap from 3 hours ago, and enough coffee to take care of toddlers at a daycare for an entire day? I don’t think right now is the best time to be confrontational.” Dani suggested.

“Right now is the PERFECT time to confront him! If he’s doing something he shouldn’t be, at least I’ll be able to catch him in the act.” She grinned a little diabolically.

“And if he doesn’t answer?”

“That would be even more suspicious. We’ve been texting up until now, there’s absolutely no reason for him not to reply now. Unless...”

Dani stared at her crazy friend with bewilderment.

Is it love? Is it jealousy? Or is she just plain psychopathic and I missed that chapter?

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to change her demented friend’s mind, she settled on taking care of her own business for now.

“Good luck with that Beth. I’ll be conducting my business in front of the rock.” she started.

Beth only waved in mild acknowledgement without looking back. She began marching in the opposite direction. Dani gave one last look towards the people in the back seats, and let them continue their sleep fest in peace.

Dani walked towards the boulder that was some meters in front of the car. She arrived and observed its surroundings. It was only illuminated by the headlights of the car and the moonlight. The closest lamppost was about a hundred or so meters away, so it barely provided any extra light.

Dani figured that with the long grass strands poking out of the cold ground, and the lack of light and vehicles, it would be the perfect location to relieve herself. She walked towards one of the trees in the forest that appeared to have large leaves, snapped of a few, and walked back towards her destination.

She glanced back around to watch for any prying eyes knowing that the chances were slim. She slid her pants and briefs down her legs, and held the garments in her armpit.

This is very risky, but there could be some splatter and I don’t really want to get it on my clothes.

She squatted down to relieve herself and finally released the urge she held in for such a long distance.

Once she finished, she started wiping herself with the leaves in an effort to keep herself as clean as she could. She suddenly felt a long tendril against her leg. She didn’t think much of it as the grass in the area was pretty long, and she was shifting her feet to adjust herself. Then it quickly slid up and encased her leg as if to restrict it.

Son of a biscuit, what the FUCK is that?!!

Dani made an attempt to remove her leg from the tendril, but it was no use. It heavily restricted her movements.

She stood up as much as she could to look over the rock and back at the car without exposing herself. Her back seaters were still sound asleep and her best friend was pacing away from the car in an evident argument with her boyfriend.

She only had one option- Screaming.

As if nature read her mind, a new tendril emerged from the ground, and secured itself around her mouth like a gag.

Dani held her position in shock and surprise. She quickly gathered herself and grabbed her phone from her pant pockets with her free hand, and turned on the flashlight to observe what she was dealing with.

If she could widen her mouth any further, she would have.

Are those roots? FUCKING ROOTS?

The flashlight illuminated a brown like flexible stick that appeared to move like a tentacle. She shined the light on her leg, and the root seemed to be tightening it’s grip.

Almost as if the ground had an eye for its surroundings, a new root emerged and smacked her phone out of her hand as Beth turned to round back in Dani's direction. The back of the phone was now flush against the surface of the soil. The darkness behind the rock had returned, and the events going on behind the rock were unbeknownst to Beth.

The root then secured her wrists behind her back, dropping the clothes under her armpits in the process. The only limb she could control was her right leg.

The tendril on her left leg snaked up to her exposed pussy and explored it. Dani moaned at the intrusion, her voice muffled by the root wrapped around her head. The plant had a rough exterior devoid of any thorns or sharp surfaces. It contorted itself to reach the right spots and the deep ones. Tears surrounded Dani’s eyes at the absolute pleasure that she was feeling in her most intimate spots.

She never had enough time in her busy schedule to delve into the world of sexual desires and all that came with it, so she mostly stuck to her weak and small vibrating wand that died some time back. This was the first occasion in many months that she was able to feel any type of pleasure.

Two new roots emerged from the soil; one guiding itself to her breasts and the other, to her clit.

The first root circled around her waist and snaked around her right breast. Almost as if it was in tune with her sensations, it wrapped around her boob over her shirt and squeezed. It eased up and squeezed again, the motions repeating themselves. The tip of the tendril made its way to her nipple at first dryly lapping at it, then pressing into it. Dani was screaming out of desire under the gag, but the surrounding bystanders were deaf to her noises. It appeared to leave behind a sap on her titties that it was rubbing all over her boob, like a massage. The left breast also got fondled when the same tendril alternated and started squeezing her hard nipple under her shirt, as if trying to stretch it to its maximal length.

The other root reached her pussy and hovered over her clit before making a few passes on it. It then slapped her pussy, and Dani arched her back in surprise. The gratification she was getting from that smack was driving her closer and closer to her orgasm, with every root playing an integral part.

Dani momentarily thought about what would happen if her friends found her in this position. She shuddered a little at the thought of being so vulnerable around the people she cared so much about. She was supposed to be the responsible one, the one in charge. At this very moment, she was losing her grip and any sort of control she had over her body and her desires.

The thought made her quiver a little. As if the plant was telekinetic, it shifted her body a little past the rock, onto a patch of grass that was exposed to the road.

Her eyes opened wide at the scene. Her body illuminated by the headlights of the SUV, and her best friend just turning around and walking away in the opposite direction of where she was seated on the ground. If any one of them woke up and looked towards the rock, she would be done for. She began moving against the rooted restraints in an effort to shuffle herself safely back behind the rock.

In the distance, beaming lights could be seen lighting up the highway some meters back.

A car! Shit, I can't be seen like this!

Her panic reached elevated levels as she was working to cover herself up a little more. The car was slowly approaching the parked vehicle, brightening the road as it was approaching at the speed limit. In less than 100 meters, the occupants of that car could probably make out what was happening to her.

The stimulation on her body from the roots suddenly kicked into overdrive from the newfound accelerated pace. Her nipples were receiving so much attention they were turning numb. Her core was being prodded in every possible direction, her g-spot flicked ever so lovingly.

50 meters.

Her clit being rubbed and smacked repeatedly without any break of momentum. That same tentacle was pushing her stomach down, making sure that all the sensations were being felt in the pit of her stomach.

20 meters.

Dani was shaking at the overstimulation. She attempted to close her legs in reflex, but it was a futile attempt. The roots spread it open, giving a great view to any passerby. Her faltering resistance ceased when she reached her climax.

Her body trembled at the sensory overload when she orgasmed. She looked ahead at the oncoming vehicle and barely made eye contact with the driver, whom had an agape mouth, while groaning out a delicious moan before she closed her eyes and leaned back, arching her body even further and squirting. She released her fluids for a few seconds before the last spurts of vaginal liquids escaped. It took a minute for her brain to ease out of her daze.

The roots unlocked themselves from her limbs and mouth and she started taking deep breaths to stabilize her heart rate. Her legs were still shaking and she rolled against the ground, her mind adjusting itself to her surroundings once more. When her brain regained its ability to function after the few seconds of oxygenation, she looked back to where the oncoming vehicle went. It appeared to have disappeared into the horizon, the tail lights completely out of sight.

She returned her gaze to her friend and their car. Beth was waving her arms around in grand movements while speaking to the phone. It was then that the discussion became audible again.

Dani glanced at her clothes on the rock next to her and grabbed them to put them back on. She unsteadily got up from her position on the grass and looked around. The roots were gone and all that was left behind was a puddle of what could have been mistaken for water. With a wet crotch area and an unusual gait, she walked towards her friend.

“I can literally hear her feet moving in the background like a Mr. Krab. You know what you little fucker? Find another bitch to gaslight, I'm done.” she ended the phone call with a finger.

Beth turned around and looked up to her friend’s face, then glanced over her entire body and back.

“No more Jeremy?”

“Yeah." Beth said with a newfound resolution. "Took a shit?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Dani looked down and answered a soft “Yeah” after a few seconds of silence.

She'll never believe me.

“You took so long, one might think you were doing something else. But we all know you wouldn’t.” Beth stated with a decent amount of certainty.

“Yeah…” Dani trailed off while looking back to the car.

“I’ll drive since we’re less than an hour from the switch.”

Dani gave her a weak smile.

I’m glad she offered. I don’t think my legs would have enough coordination to finish that last leg.

The two students returned to the SUV and pulled back onto the road. Dani gave one last look towards the hidden spot, and all she could see was the tall grass dancing to the light breeze. She turned her head and focused back on the oncoming road and her best friend’s chatter.


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