A True Friend

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Hidden Secrets

A True Friend

The hardest part about being born a hermaphrodite is that you feel like you can't tell anyone. You can't tell a friend or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You're never sure how they will react. Other than having a cock I was all female. I still had a vagina right under the cock. Only difference is I could finger myself or jack myself off if I was horny. Sometimes I even ate my own cum and imagine it was a guy. Or I would put my cock into my own pussy and imagine I was fucking another girl.

We were at school one day and waiting for the time to pass by. I was ready to go home for the weekend. We had been doing a lot of work this week with testing so a break was defiantly deserved. Then finally the last bell rang. I got up and headed out right away.

"Hey." I heard a voice call put from behind me as I walked out of the building.

"Yuki," I said turning around.

"Hey Saka. Mind if I stay again this weekend?" she asked looking as bright as ever.

She lived with her parents so she liked to escape as much as possible. I lived on my own already.

"Sure. You are always welcome at my place," I said as we walked together toward my house.

She pulled out her phone as she did almost every weekend to let her family know she was going to my place. We had been friends for several years now since she moved here.

We arrived at my place in a few minutes. I lived relatively close to my house. It was also close to my job which was nice. Luckily I didn't work Fridays and Saturdays. So I was free to play games with her all weekend.

"I need a shower," I said as I dropped my bag and headed toward the bathroom.

"Oh mind if I take one with you?" Yuki asked as she threw her bag to the side.

This made me pause. She had never asked that before. And I have never been seen naked due to the way I was.

"Why would we shower together? You can take one after me," I said as I looked back toward her.

"Well I figured we would just get it over with. I mean c'mon we are both girls not like we have anything to hide right?" she said with a huge smile.

"I'd rather do it alone," I said as I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

I shuttered at the thought of how fast she would rub away if she knew. Besides it would feel awkward. I'm used to showering alone my whole life. I removed my skirt and panties and turned on my shower. I hadn't removed my top yet as I still had things in my shirt pocket to remove.

I turned around to grab a towel to set next to my shower. As I did, I saw her.

"Uh," she said as she looked down at me.

I looked down as well and noticed I already took my clothes off. My cock was out in the open and she was staring at it.

"Oh no," I said as I fell to my knees and covered myself.

"Wait so you're a boy?" she asked still looking at me.

No hiding this any more. She was gonna need some kind of answer and soon. She had already seen me.

"No. I mean not really," I said still shaking from fear.

"What's that mean?" she asked tilting her head slightly.

"I have a penis but I also have a vagina. Im...," I said as I tried to summon strength to finish, "I am both. Just in this area. I am all female besides this. I was born like this."

"Oh. I've heard of something like that. Never thought I would know one. I have so many questions," she said now walking into the bathroom.

"Why did you even come in here?" I asked.

"I was gonna ask if there is any good shows to watch while I waited but this is way more interesting. Can I see it?" she asked kneeling next to me.

"You wanna see it?" I asked aggressively as I looked up to her. Honestly I was surprised she didn't just run away screaming.

"Yeah. I have always been curious. Please I won't judge you at all. It will be the first penis I have ever seen too," she said rubbing my arm.

I was lost. She really wasn't scared of me. I wouldn't have to hide it from her. I could be myself in front of someone.

I slowly removed my hands from my cock. She began to get closer to it as her eyes widened and a smile grew over her face.

"I suppose," I said nervously.

"Can i touch it?" she asked

"I... I guess so," I answered.

She grabbed my legs and spread them. She slowly grabbed my cock as I began to grow hard. She jerked it until I was standing fully erect with the top of my penis pointing at her face. She then moved her other hand to the pussy. She put her finger inside of it as I started to squirm.

"You can feel both of these?" She asked stroking my cock and fingering my pussy.

"Yes. Very much so," I said as I finally stood up.

I felt weak but tried to show I was still assertive. She didn't care. Now I was standing up with my cock right near her face.

Without warning she grabbed it again. She placed it into her mouth and started sucking my cock. Her hand worked it's way up my leg slowly until I felt her to her inside of my pussy again. The feel of her lips on the base of my cock as her tongue caressed the rim of my penis.

As she sucked she removed her panties as well. She started fingering herself while sucking me. She then looked at me in the eyes.

"Can this thing cum?" she asked still stroking it.

"Yeah," I said barely breathing.

"Then I want to feel it inside of me," she said as she pulled me down on top of her. We removed our tops so we could be just naked flesh with each other.

I laid down on top as our breasts rubbed each other. I then agreed and slowly placed my cock inside of her. I fucked her slowly. If felt her pussy getting wetter from my pre-cum and her pussy cum mixing.

I looked and saw she was bleeding. She was a virgin. Her blood now all over my cock as I thrusted into her.

She rolled me over and began to ride my cock as she moved her hands behind her to finger my pussy again. The feeling was overwhelming. I felt as if I were having several orgasms. My pussy cum was now dripping out of me. I felt myself explode inside of her. My cum gushing out of her pussy and onto my own.

I wasn't done. I wanted more. I rolled her over and slowly removed my cock. Her pussy was soaked in her cum and my sperm along with her blood.

I could feel more wanting to come. I slowly positioned myself over her face as she placed my cock into her mouth again. I thrusted as deep as I could over and over as she fingered me deeper I to my pussy until I was bleeding from her fingers popping my cherry. I was bleeding all over her tits while thrusting my dick deeper until my penis was in the back of her throat.

She moaned as I shot another load Into her neck. My cum shot so hard it was dripping from the sides of her mouth. I removed myself and rubbed my pussy on her face so my sperm would mix with her spit and my own pussy cum.

I sat back and looked at her. Her legs were still spread as sperm dripped from her pussy and her mouth. Both of us covered in cum and blood. I laid on top of her as we both dripped with fluids and licked the sperm off her cheek. It was still In her eyes and nose as she kissed me passionately. We then fell asleep without cleaning ourselves. We lay in our cum and blood until we woke the next morning.

When we woke she kissed me.

"I never want to be away from you," she said as she licked my lips.

"And you never have to be," I answered as I licked her tongue while it was still licking my lips.

She truly was a true friend.

Johnathan Hunt
Johnathan Hunt
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