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A Series: Chapter 15.5

by Jackson Picco 11 days ago in fiction


You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I feel Like a Millionaire by Queens of the Stone Age plays from a speaker in Steve's apartment, the screaming rock blasting in and off the walls. Three shots are poured and three shots are taken by Steve, Warren and Larry who are all dressed up nicely. Larry the only one of the three pairing his dress shirt with a tie. Standing around the table in the kitchen Warren pours another round of whiskey shots and both Steve and Larry are drinking beer jamming out to the music "This song gets me fucking going" Larry says interrupting his singing along. Those are poured and the boys cheers and take them Steve gags from the brown and quickly chugs the rest of his beer while Larry laughs at him. Warren pulls out his phone, telling them he's ordering an Uber "I'm so pumped" he tells them excitedly and they start to get ready to go. Larry gets his coat on and looks over at Steve "Were also happy to be celebrating your interview with you Stevie" "Exactly and no better way than seeing some big tits dance on a pole. I think I'm gonna meet my future wife tonight, I can feel it in the air" Warren says slipping a pair of dress shoes on "It's a celebration bitches" Steve yells laughing "Maybe we can request that song? Do strippers take requests?" Steve asks as the three boys stumble out the door and head outside...

Now inside the strip club, the boys are looking around taking in establishment. Tap Out by Jay Rock is the song of choice while the women dance on poles, dance on men, dance on each other. It's a full house tonight, all different types of patrons are there and the girls are taking full advantage, walking around with a jiggle in their asses, allowing their scents to be smelled when they sit on someone's lap putting them in their trance, their show. One girl in a purple set of lingerie, brown straight hair (bangs) walks by smiling at the guys as they get to a table "This is the greatest" Larry says drooling from the mouth. The table is close to the stage (they wanted a good view) and it's not long at all until someone comes over to get them a drink, the waitress is wearing a black t-shirt and black leggings but the standout is her red hair, short and straight, although she's not showing skin you can tell she works out. She leaves after asking them what they want to drink "You should take the waitress to the interview with you" Warren says to Steve as all of them are looking at her ass as she walks back to the bar "You should definitely see her tits though first" Larrys tells him "Okay guys I'm not taking a stripper" Steve says laughing Larry and Warren both looking around the club not being bale to keep their eyes on a single body "I don't know man, these girls" Larry says as is eyes land on the stage "And can dance" Warren nods his head and the waitress comes back with a tray holding three bottles of beer. The dancer in the purple lingerie circles back over to the boys and wraps her arm around Larry has she bends down in real close to him "Hi" she says looking into his eyes "Hi. How are you?" Larry says back in awe, she puts her mouth real close to his ear and whispers "I'm good baby" and proceeds to ask him the same question back. She comes around in front of him and sits on his lap "Oh hello" she says feeling his bulge and giving him a seductive smile, Larry doesn't say much back so she takes the lead and grabs his hands and places them on her large, plump and firm fake breasts. She grabs at his necktie "I like your tie" she says tugging on it and laughing, Larry laughs back too while feeling her up (he flicks her nipple) Steve and Warren both just watching it happen. She whispers something in Larry's ear before getting up and pulling him out of his seat by the tie, he looks over at the guys "She told me she is a cocks-all-agist" he tells them before leaving following that purple goddess. Sometime passes and both Steve and Warren are being coddled by two dancers "So who are you going to take then?" one of the dancers asks Steve while she sits on his lap while his hands are gripping her ass cheeks "I'm not really sure, I mean I just don't know. Like there are lots of girls I could ask but I just don't know, maybe I'll just go solo" Steve says removing one of his hands and grabbing his drink with it "No no you should take someone with you. It seems like a pretty big deal you should share it with someone special" Steve's grip on her loosens has he ponders that and Warren gets up and starts to head toward the private rooms following one of the dancers. The girl on Steve pushes her cleavage into his face when she notices that his mind got distracted "Okay honey I have to go dance on stage soon" She pulls back a bit and stares into his eyes "Come watch" Steve gives her a smile and says of course, squeezes her (huge) ass one more time and watches her as she walks away from him. Watching the stage closely until Larry and Warren come back Steve keeps drinking and turning down other dancers offers for a private dance as he keeps his eyes on the girls who dance in rotation on stage. After a while he finally sees them coming out of the private rooms, Larry's tie is undone and he fixes it when he sits down next to Steve "You guys have fun?" Steve asks them smiling and sipping on a beer "I think I spent too much money Warrens says "I spent a lot of money too. And sniffed a lot of asshole" Larry adds before they all get up, and head out.


Jackson Picco

This is more stressful than writing my tinder bio.. I dabble in fiction.


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