A Night With Master (Transman/Man Gay ErRo)

The Usual Night With My Master Who Loves Humiliation

A Night With Master (Transman/Man Gay ErRo)

We strolled through the grocery aisles slowly. I carefully studied the list I had compiled the day before from this week’s meal planner and looked at the items on the shelves. I glanced up from the list to see Him staring at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

A slight grin formed on His face and I couldn’t help but smile. It was late in the evening so there weren’t many people in the store. “On your knees, boy,” He ordered.

I looked around us but dropped to my knees carefully. My gaze shifted up to meet His eyes. A pleased look graced His face as He held out His hand. I took it and got to my feet. We carried on with our shopping. Once all the groceries were in the cart, we wandered towards the pet section of the store. Our cat needed food and litter and I wanted to find her a couple toys since she had room in the new house to play. “Can we please look online tomorrow for a cat tree to put near the window?” I pleaded slightly.

“Of course, I think she would like that a lot. It will get her more sunlight,” Master replied.

I pointed at the bag of cat food she eats and Master hoisted it into the cart. We put the litter on the bottom of the cart and went on.

We passed by a display of cheap washcloths in an 18-pack for five dollars. Master grinned to Himself and put one in the cart. This made me remember something. “We forgot puppy pads,” I sighed, turning around.

“Don’t you buy them online, bunny?” He asked, genuinely.

My heart skipped at the name bunny. It always did. I blushed slightly and nodded, “I would like to just buy them here today, if that’s okay. Otherwise I have to make a big order online just for the pads.”

He nodded in response, “That’s fine, love. Let’s go look for them.”

I smiled gently and we turned back toward the pet supplies. There wasn’t much selection but Master picked the biggest package of them, boasting one hundred pads wrapped in its thin plastic. “Planning a lot of use?”

He shrugged and set them in the cart before gently squeezing my ass and leaning down next to my ear. “Maybe I have something in mind already, or maybe not,” He teased, quietly.

A shiver of excitement ran up my spine. “C-Can we look at the books, please?” I stuttered.

“Of course, bunny.”

We walked along the book aisle, Master standing close by my side while I read the back covers of books. I put two of them in the cart and glanced up at Him. He looked at the books sitting in the cart and shook His head. “You have an entire library at home.”

I nodded. “And?”

“Sass, boy. Watch it,” He growled gently.

I smiled and nodded, “Sorry.”

“All set, bun?”

I nodded again and we headed for the checkout. I blankly watched as Master checked out. Once He loaded the bags into the cart and paid, we walked out to the car. He pulled out the puppy pads and the washcloths. I knew better than to question but I couldn’t help myself. “May I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“What are you doing? Why not just leave them in the bag?”

He pulled out his knife and cut open the pads and then began working on freeing the washcloths. “You’ll see. Finish loading the groceries in the car, boy. I have to do something real quick,” He stated, walking around to the passenger side of the car.

I shrugged and started putting bags in the car wondering what He was doing. He came back a minute later and started putting bags in with me. “Done with your thing?” I asked, curiously.

He nodded and smiled. “I’m going to finish loading these in the car. I want you to go get in the car, take your pants and boxers off and cover your legs with the blanket.”

I blushed, nervously. I was hesitant but knew to trust Him and go with it. I walked around to the passenger side of the car to get in. I saw He had covered the seat with a puppy pad and put one on the floor. I counted three pads and quietly giggled to myself. The first was against the back of the seat, curved down to the seat itself. The second was on the seat and the third on the floor. “Thorough,” I mumbled.

I got in and found the blanket. I cautiously took my pants and boxers off like I was asked to. Looking around to make sure there were no people around. It was late at night and dark but I was still nervous. I put the blanket over my legs and Master got in the car. He noted my boxers and pants on the center console. “Lift the blanket,” He ordered.

I took the blanket off my lap. “Worried I’m still wearing something?” I teased, playfully.

He shrugged. “With you, I never know.”

I laughed a little before covering my legs again. “What is all this?”

He shrugged, handing me the AUX cord before pulling out of the parking space. I put on some slower music. He smiled and pulled out of the parking lot. Once we were on the road, He pulled His own pants down just enough to reveal His hardening cock. I blushed and felt my own cock getting harder. “You know what to do, boy.”

I nodded and leaned over the center console. I heard Him grip the steering wheel tighter with a moan as my lips wrapped around His cock. I lowered my mouth onto it before raising it back up. Instinct kicked in and I began to suck His cock more excitedly. “Start stroking your cock but know that you’re going to squirt and cum before we get home and I am going to cum as well. Can you handle that, slut?”

I nodded and continued to His cock, reaching my free hand down to stroke my cock. I felt Him pull the blanket away, putting it nearby. I moaned in pleasure as my cock throbbed. “Do you think we could find a back road?”

He thought about it for a minute before remembering a deserted road we had traveled down before. It would be on the way home and He nodded. “I think we can do that. I am curious to see what you have in mind.”

I continued to pleasure His cock and stroke my own while we made our way to that empty dirt road. “Pull over further down the road, please,” I pleaded.

He nodded and pulled over into a slightly hidden area. I carefully climbed into the backseat, motioning for Him to come, too. He got out of the car, I could hear the cicadas buzzing as the doors opened, the warm summer breeze gently swirling around the car. My cock got harder and I moaned, reactively. He climbed in the back seat and I adjusted so He was on top of me. He shook His head and moved my limbs so that I was on my knees with my hands on the floor. He leaned forward and pressed His tongue against my tight hole. I moaned quietly as He licked it, gently inserting His tongue into me. He sat up and I felt spit hit my hole as He placed a finger teasingly at the rim. He carefully pushed it in, adding another and another before I was desperate to have His cock in my ass. “Please fuck me,” I begged, panting in pleasure.

He purred, “Yeah? But we don’t have lube, slut. Are you telling me you would let me go in dry?”

I nodded quickly, “Please.”

He adjusted and I felt the tip of His cock teasing my tight ass. He slowly slid it in and I moaned out from the pain and pleasure of it. Suddenly, I felt full. His cock was in my ass and He was thrusting in and out. I heard a moan escape His lips and it made me harder and more frenzied. I moaned and started stroking my cock. “Harder, please.”

He sped up His thrusts and let Himself go deeper into my ass. “I’m getting close, slut. Where do you want me to cum?”

I purred before beginning to beg. “Please cum in my ass. Please fill me with your cum and breed me like the slut that I am,” I moaned out, pleading for His cum.

“I’m cumming,” He moaned as He thrust in harder. I felt heat deep in my ass while His cock twitched. He grabbed a washcloth from the pack we just got. “Hold this against your ass and get back into the front seat, slut.”

I held the washcloth against my ass as ordered and got out of the car, going back to the front seat. I sat down and felt cum seep out of my used hole and squirmed in pleasure. “Now, you need to do the rest of the order before we get home,” Master smirked.

I nodded and started focusing on pleasuring the spot that could make me squirt. An intense feeling of needing to piss rippled over me. “It’s getting close,” I moaned nervously. “I don’t want to get your car dirty.”

“Are you arguing? The pads are there for a reason. We can clean the plastic surfaces when we get home. Don’t worry, bunny,” He explained convincingly.

Hearing Him call me bunny again pushed me closer and I squirmed again against my hand. The feeling kept growing and I couldn’t stop it. Hot liquid came out of me as I fingered myself. I thought it wouldn’t stop and I moaned in pleasure. I saw Master’s cock twitch out of the corner of my eye and heard Him moan. He reached over once I had stopped and fingered me with His free hand while I stroked my cock. “Fucking slut, you got piss all over. That’s dirty as hell,” He growled in pleasure.

I was close to climax as He fingered me. “I’m going to cum,” I moaned out. “Please, may I cum?”

“Hmm,” He teased and thought about it for a second.

“Please!” I cried out, begging. “I can’t hold it much longer.”

He fingered me more as a bit more liquid came out of me. I kept stroking my cock. “Cum,” He ordered.

I moaned out as my head reactively tilted and my back arched. “Ah! Fuck.”

“Good slut,” He purred.

I handed Him a washcloth to wipe His hand off with before starting to clean myself up with another. “Nuh uh,” He stopped me. “You’re going to sit there covered in your own mess until we get home, slut.” I nodded and set the washcloth down.

Ten minutes later, we pulled in the driveway and into the garage. Carefully, I got out of the car. I had to pee. Bad. “Can I use the bathroom?”

“Only if you do it in the grass in the yard like a dog,” He answered. “But first, clean up your mess, dirty slut.”

I nodded and tried to hold the urge to pee back. I carefully folded the pads and dropped them into an empty grocery bag. I ran my hand over the cloth of the seat, making sure it was dry. No damage done. I noticed a tiny bit got on the glove box. Searching around, I sighed in frustration. The urge to go was getting really bad. “Where did the Lysol wipes go that were in your car?” I asked.

Master paused by the groceries He had been carrying inside. “In the backseat.”

I reached back and found them. Wiping down the glove box and dashboard until I was satisfied with the cleanliness, I put the wipes back in the back seat and threw the used ones in the bag with the pads. “May I please go to the bathroom now?”

He came over to inspect the front seat of His car. “Good job, slut. Go piss in the yard like the dirty dog you are.”

I went through the door to our fenced in backyard, still naked from the waist down. Master followed closely. “Take off your shirt. Dogs don’t wear any clothes.”

I nodded and stripped down to nothing. I squatted in the grass as Master came to stand in front of me. He pulled His cock out of His pants. “I have to piss, too. You seem like a nice urinal to me.”

He grinned as I couldn’t hold my pee anymore. It came trickling out of me, hitting the grass. I felt the heat of His piss hitting against my chest and running down my body. I was getting turned on again. We stood there until we both had finished peeing. He tossed a washcloth at me. “Wipe off and then go start a bath. You’re filthy. We need to clean up. Then, it’s red room time.”

I nodded obediently and wiped off the excess urine that was soaking me. I went inside to start the bath, adding a lot of soap to the running water. I smelled the urine coating my body and shuddered. ‘I really am dirty,’ I thought with a slight smile. He came to the door a minute later. “Get in while I put away the frozen and cold groceries,” he smiled, warmly.

I carefully slid into the bath and sighed at the sudden warmth enveloping my body. I rubbed the urine off my skin with a washcloth and sighed again. I leaned back and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I heard Him come into the bathroom. “Ready for the red room, bunny?”

I noticed immediately that He had softened in demeanor while putting away the groceries. I matched His gentleness and nodded. Coming to the side of the bathtub with a towel, He helped me up and started draining the tub, wrapping me in a towel immediately after. “You’re all wrinkly, bun,” He smiled, looking at my fingertips.

I hugged Him. “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you, too,” He hugged me back, lifting me out of the tub.

He took my hand and we walked together to the red room. He unlocked the door to the room and placed His hand on my back, half guiding, half pushing me into the room. He closed the door behind us and instructed me to sit on the leather couch. I obeyed immediately. I watched curiously as He pulled out the silk rope and blind fold. “Come,” He ordered.

I stood up and approached the bed. Suddenly, He grabbed my arm and spun me so my back was to Him. He wrapped His hand around my throat and growled in my ear. I gasped in surprise. “You’re in trouble now,” He whispered in my ear.

I knew the trouble He mentioned wasn’t bad trouble. I hadn’t done anything wrong but He was planning a scene and I was there for it. I shivered with excitement and gave in. “Alright, you fucking slut,” He started tying my hands behind my back. “You’ve done this to yourself tonight.”

The blind fold found itself wrapped around my head, enshrouding my eyes in darkness. His hands slid down my body and I felt a silk rope wrap around my ankles. My senses were heightened to the cold fabric. I could hear Him stand up. I had half a second to process before He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. Starting to sit up, He snapped His fingers. “Don’t you move, slut. It will make this a hell of a lot worse for you if you fucking move.”

I laid back down quietly and listened to Him moving around. “Now, you have been such a dirty, little slut tonight. I am stretched to my limit, boy. And now…” He paused to shift around in the room as I heard something metallic clinking. “You are going to pay for your fucking sins. I want to hear you begging me to stop. But just so you know, I won’t stop unless the safe word is called.” He came around to the side of the bed and put something metallic on the rope around my ankles. I heard a click in the direction of the foot of the bed. I tried to move my legs but realized they wouldn’t move. I tried to roll over onto my stomach but couldn’t get my legs to rotate. I felt Him get on the bed on top of me. “Now, your Master wants some pleasure, slut.”

He leaned back and I opened my mouth to lick His hole presented to my mouth. I ran my tongue around the edge of His tight ass before inserting it in. I teased His ass with my tongue as I heard Him moan slightly. He sat back a bit more and I licked harder. I felt Him stroking His cock as I went to work on His ass. Master moaned again before turning around. He leaned forward and put His cock against my lips. “Open your mouth, slut.”

I hesitated as I felt His hand grip my hair as His tightened His fist with a chunk of my hair in it. “Open. Your. Mouth. Now.”

I opened my mouth as His free hand grabbed my jaw. He shoved His cock in my mouth and I gagged in reaction. I felt the sting of a slap across my face. He thrust His cock in deeper. I was gagging at the depth Master was fucking my mouth. My eyes were starting to tear up as I choked on His cock. I started crying from the adrenaline of the scene. This seemed to excite Him more as He held His cock deep down my throat. I gagged hard and felt like I would puke. He pulled His cock from my mouth and I begged, “Please! Please stop. Please.”

I panted for breath as His hand made contact with my face again. “Who’s a dirty slut? Huh?”

I shook my head and cried. “I’m a dirty slut. Please! I’m begging you.”

He forced His cock into my mouth again. Thrusting harder down my throat, I gagged again and felt water come up into my throat. I couldn’t help my reaction and gagged the liquid out of my throat. I coughed and He pulled his cock out of my mouth and helped me onto my side as I spit the vomit out of my mouth. I gasped for breath and He put His cock back in my mouth. “Dirty slut, puking on Master’s cock like that. How disgraceful,” He growled.

He spit on my face as He grabbed my hair and my jaw as leverage for more face fucking. I closed my eyes harder under the blindfold which was wet with my tears. I couldn’t help but gag again as more vomit came up. Master moaned and kept fucking despite the puke in my mouth. I felt it running down my face. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, slut. You’re going to swallow it all. A single drop leaves your mouth and you are in big fucking trouble. You understand?”

I nodded and felt Him grip my hair harder. He thrust harder and faster before shoving His cock deep down my throat. I felt His cock twitch as He came in my mouth. He moaned louder than I have ever heard Him moan before, gripping my hair harder to pull my mouth further on His cock. I swallowed the cum but gagged instantly, more vomit filling my mouth. “Swallow it, slut.”

I swallowed the cum and puke. He pulled His cock out of my mouth and I gagged again. “Don’t you dare, slut,” He ordered, putting His hand over my mouth.

I nodded and gasped out, “I’m good. I’m okay.”

He growled, “I didn’t ask if you were okay.”

I nodded and He removed the blind fold. He unhooked my feet. He untied my hands and feet and helped me off the bed.

“Let’s go run another bath, bunny,” He said calmly. “I will help get you cleaned up and comfy.”

I nodded slowly. My body screamed in agony and my mouth tasted horrible. “Are you okay, bun?”

I nodded again as He guided me to the bathroom. He closed the toilet lid and helped me to sit down. Running the bath water, He left the bathroom. He came back to the bathroom carrying honey, a spoon and a water bottle. “Here, bunny,” He squeezed some honey onto the spoon, handing it to me. “Take this. Then drink this.”

I nodded, taking the spoon and water and I watched Him squeeze soap into the water. Bubbles started forming and I shivered with cold, nearly falling asleep where I sat. I put the honey in my mouth and let the sweetness cover my tongue. I swallowed it and took a sip of water. Master turned off the bath water. He helped me to my feet and lifted me into the bath. With Master holding my hand, I sank down into the water and sighed.

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