A man has needs

by Jennifer Cooley 13 days ago in erotic


A man has needs
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

You have known Bridget and her boyfriend Nick for quite a while. She’s cool, but honestly when you hang out with her, you’d rather it be with both of them, because you’re really attracted to Nick. You have found yourself fantasizing about him — usually it involves being somewhere with the four of you, or a bigger group, at a party or an outing where you find yourself alone with Nick for a few minutes and make out to demonstrate that you’re into each other, and then make secret plans to hook up later because you know you want each other. Or one of you meets up with the other couple but have some time alone because someone is early or someone is late.

It’s just a girlish crush… or so you thought until recently. You have surprised yourself by thinking of Nick more while masturbating, and being a little more forward and flirtatious when you’re around him, most recently last weekend when you were over at their place for dinner with two other couples. Oh, yeah, you need to get that slow cooker back.

You are slumming it at home, watching your favorite streaming video service, comfy in your slippers and pyjama pants and old long-sleeve t-shirt (hey, it’s soft!) You’ve been invited out by a co-worker and a friend, but honestly you just want to do “nothing” for a couple days, so you made up an excuse to stay in. You ate leftover whatever from the fridge for “dinner,” and now you’re digging into your ice cream, of course straight from the carton.

A knock at the door interrupts your show, of course right when the characters are whispering and you’re trying to listen intently. “Shit,” you say out loud, and back it up then pause. You don’t want to answer the door, but you would hate yourself if it was someone who noticed a neighbor’s roof was on fire or whose kid wrecked her tricycle and was bleeding from the head or something. Or maybe it’s a delivery — you thought you weren’t getting anything until at least tomorrow, but you might have that screwed up because you just don’t care to think about adult stuff much these two days. You peek out the window beside the door, and see a guy holding a metal tub or something. Taking a step back, you think for a sec. Huh, no uniform, right? Not a delivery. Wait a second… that’s not…. you take another peek.

You leap back and almost drop your ice cream carton. You do drop your spoon, of course with a loud clatter. “Shit!” you say, out loud again. It’s Nick! You hope he didn’t just hear you through the door. You frantically retreat back to the kitchen, which you evidently subconsciously think is a safe place to hide, or think. That metal thing must be your slow cooker — he’s so sweet to return it, but… now? You shouldn’t open the door — you should pretend that you’re not here, and say sorry you missed him if he ever says he stopped by. But what if it’s Nick and Bridget? You didn’t see her, but you weren’t looking hard. What if they, or he, heard your spoon or cussing or saw the TV (or you!) through the window and know you’re home and think it’s weird for you to hide? Why are you so nervous? Maybe because the man of your fantasies might come face to face with you when you’re, um, not at your best. You have no idea what your hair looks like, either.

Another knock. “Shit, shit.” You throw the spoon at the sink, and of course it bounces off the front of the counter and clangs to the floor. You pick it up and make it on the second toss, then stow the ice cream in the freezer. You scurry past the front door and find a mirror, just to make sure you don’t have a big blob of ice cream on your shirt or something stuck in your teeth or that your hair isn’t all whack. You are surprised to see that you look almost presentable. If it’s Nick and Bridget, you could hang out for a bit unless they’re on their way somewhere. If it’s just Nick you could…. what? Try to get him to stay as long as possible? Flirt without seeming too weird? Ugh.

You’re nervous as you approach the door. Not really nervous about the way you look, but just uneasy, scheming a way to get him to stay for more than the four seconds it will take to hand your appliance over to you in the doorway. Maybe you could pretend to stub your toe so he can look at it? Or turn your ankle so he’ll have to carry you? Or fake being scared of an intruder so he’ll stay and protect you? The crazy girlish fantasy flashes blitzing through your head aren’t doing anything to calm your breathing, so you focus. It’s just a slow cooker, you tell yourself, nothing to get all worked up about. The disappointment of knowing deep down that fantasies are just fantasies helps you calm your breathing and relax your muscles.

Clicking the lock open and swinging the door inside, you are face to face with Nick. You act surprised. “Oh, hey, there,” you greet him.

“Hi Jenn. I thought I’d pop by and give this back to you.”

You pull the door open wider. “Oh, yes, well, thank you… um, come on in.” He steps through the doorway, and you suddenly become aware that you are alone with another man in your home, and not just any man. Just to be sure, you look out the door and ask, “Bridget with you?”

“No, just me,” he replies. “She’s gone for a couple days.” You two look awkwardly at each other for a few seconds as you close the door. He is dressed nicely in a button-down shirt tucked into slacks, with a belt, and nice shoes. Like he’s just off work, not like he’s just running an errand. You’ve always admired his physique, and everything seems to fit just right for you to size him up right now. It’s this look that’s attracted you to him for some time, and your mind gives you a small preview of what your bedtime fantasy will be tonight.

“Here, in the kitchen,” you say, leading him into the kitchen. You are glad that it’s not a mess, not yet at least, as you think it may suffer from neglect over the next couple days. Eating right out of the containers from the fridge has left only a fork next to your ice cream spoon in the sink.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Nick says.

“Oh, no, I’m just watching a show.” You think of something else to say. “And eating ice cream. Straight out of the container. Good thing you stopped by and interrupted, or I’d probably eat the whole thing.”

He laughs. “Hey, nothing wrong with that.”

You wonder if there might be something more to this visit than the slow cooker. “So, what brings you by?”

“Um,” he says, pointing, “returning this to you. It’s clean — I washed it.” He seems a little nervous.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet?”

“Oh, yes, sweet, that’s me, you know.” At this point, ‘sweet’ isn’t what you’d hope for.

“So, what brings you by?” you ask again, matter-of-factly, looking into his face. You’re not going to let him skirt it this time, and his face tells you he knows it.

“Okay, here it goes….” He is nervous. “I figured you’d be on your own. Bridget is gone too, so… I was wondering if you wanted some company.”

“Oh, yeah?” you ask, and you’re nervous, too. “What makes you think I need some company?” You are half teasing, and half wanting him to get it out if he’s going to.

“I didn’t ask if you needed company. I’m sure you’re a strong, independent woman.” Nick laughs a little, making you smile. “I asked if you wanted some company.”

“Hmmm, what kind of company might we be talking about?”

“This kind,” he says, stepping the one step toward you till he’s face to face, and leaning in to touch his lips to yours! You tingle with excitement as his lips linger and you feel a hand slide around you — yes, to that place at the small of your back right above your butt. You feel yourself kissing back into his lips. It lasts for long enough that you are able to think. You want to throw your arms around him and jump on him with your legs around him and your tongue in his mouth, but you decide to play it cool.

“Um… wowww,” you say when you separate. His hand drops so as not to keep holding you, not wanting to be too presumptuous, you imagine, and to give yourselves time to assess the situation.

“So, now that’s out of the way,” he says, “I just want to say, this is me taking a big chance. You have been pretty flirty with me for a while, and look at me a lot, and more so recently. I just can’t help but know that you are… well, into me. I know I’m into you.”

You scrunch up your face and look down in the classic ‘I’ve been caught’ way. “It seemed that obvious?”

“Well, honestly, yes. If it wasn’t obvious, I wouldn’t be here. I’d still be wondering, and not doing anything. I’m not really good at reading signals. But you’ve been sending… well, more than signals.”

“I guess you caught me.” You step forward this time, coming face to face with him. “What now?”

“More of this,” he says, pressing his lips lightly to yours. The two of you share a few kisses, as you put your arms around his neck and he holds his around your waist. When your mouths come apart, you stand there holding each other looking into each other’s eyes, and your nervous excitement returns. “Mmmm, wwo-o-o-w-w-,” he says, then lowers his head into your neck, gliding his hands around your back. Taking a deep breath and keeping his lips against your skin, he whispers, “you feel soooo niiiice.” Another breath. “Mmm and you smell nice too.”

Nick is saying all the right things — the combination of the words and the sensation give you goose bumps. “We could sit in here and be more comfortable,” you tell him, leading him toward the living room and offering him the couch. You try to find the remote to turn off the TV. Asking him to get up, you dig around in the couch cushions.

“Shit, sorry,” you say. “What away to kill the mood.” After a loud sigh, you finally find the remote and click off the TV with the touch of the power button, turning the room half dark since the only lights on are from the kitchen and beyond. The two of you sit sideways on the couch facing each other, legs almost touching.

There’s an awkward silence for a few seconds as you (nervously?) smile at each other, kind of like you’re two kids starting to date and not knowing what to say. Then, before saying anything, he gets up, walks behind you, and settles in against your back, an arm on your shoulder, moving his head in behind yours. “Nope, that didn’t kill the mood. It’s still here.” You agree by touching his arm and relaxing backwards into him. “You do feel nice. And smell nice.” Then he adds, “and you look super cute. You always look super cute.”

“Oh, now you’re pushing it — I’m not at my best right now, and you know it.” But somehow, you think he means it. Your slippers are new, and your pajama pants are really cute, you must admit. Your panties aren’t your sexiest ones for sure… but you doubt he’ll care, if things get that far. Your shirt is old and comfy, but not ratty or dirty… oh, shit, you just now become aware that you don’t have a bra on, so, well, if he’s a tit man he’ll get a good show if you keep getting more excited. Which you are, especially with his mouth at your neck like this.

“Don’t sell yourself short. False humility isn’t sexy.”

“Well, okay, then, thank you,” you answer. “And you… wow, you look extra nice tonight.” You sniff at his shoulder. “And you smell nice as well. Just trying to make a good impression on me?”

“Actually, yes. Too much?”

“No… I think just right.” You really appreciate the effort, and to show him you lean over and sideways, your lips finding his for another few kisses. “So tell me, what… why… I know we’ve had this attraction, but people don’t usually act on it, so…?”

“Well, if I’m taking this big a chance and we’re being this honest anyway… I’m just very, I guess you would say, sexually frustrated. I hope that’s not TMI.”

“You mean you and Bridget…?” You don’t quite know how to finish the question. You really don’t want to know about your friends’ sexual problems, but if he’s talking, you are willing to take this opportunity to, um, help him out. You can’t imagine her not wanting Nick — he’d be desirable to any woman with half a brain. Maybe she’s getting her needs fulfilled by banging someone on the side? If so, she’s either crazy or he’s Chris Hemsworth.

“It’s just, honestly, boring, frustrating. We do it enough, I guess, not as much as I’d like, but it’s fine. It’s just that it’s not….”

“Not adventurous?” you ask. “She won’t do all the dirty things you want to do?”

“Not just that, it’s almost not anything, never mind being adventurous.” After a quizzical look from you, he continues. “Tell me if you don’t want to hear this…. It’s just, she lies on her back with me in her, and… that’s it. I mean, there’s also rubbing each other and playing with titties and stuff to start, you know, foreplay.”

“And oral?”

“Umm, no.”

You look at him, shocked, then look away, not wanting him to be embarrassed. “Wow,” you say. “Never?”

Nick continues to spill his sex life, or lack thereof, out to you. Not in a pitiful way, just matter-of-factly telling you that he wants all the normal sexual things that you thought everyone got, and he’s not getting them. It’s kind of like, instead of being desperate, he’s taking charge. He’s tried, but Bridget is just unwilling to do even the simple normal things like different positions, he doesn’t get a view of the action because she doesn’t want the lights on, they don’t do it anywhere but the bedroom, and when he finishes it’s only inside of her. No wonder he’s bored, and no wonder he’s looking elsewhere. You feel a little sorry for him, but he’s exciting you by being bold, and you kind of are glad about his frustrations because they’re driving him to want to do these things with you. Uh, that doesn’t make you a bad person, does it?

“Well, that’s a lot of sharing,” you tell him.

“Yeah, well, I’m not looking for pity sex or anything — I just want what I think is normal stuff, and I’ve always been into you… not because I think you’d give in or to manipulate you. Seriously…” he hugs you and nuzzles your neck, giving you more goose bumps, “I think you’d be tons of fun.”

You don’t say it out loud, but you think he’d be tons of fun too. You feel like you could totally dominate Nick because he’d probably do anything at this point, and while the prospect excites your naughty side, you aren’t going to take advantage like that. But you do want to give him the pleasure he needs. Oh, and get some yourself.

“Well, first things first,” you tell him with a lewd smile, turning to face him, and looking right into his eyes.

“What’s that?”

“We need to get you a blowjob!”

You push yourself up to the edge of the couch and bend down toward the floor, untying and slipping off Nick’s shoes, followed by his socks, as you feel his hand rub across your back. He has to realize you don’t have a bra on. You stick the socks into his shoes and then swing a leg over his lap. After pulling yourself up, you are on your knees straddling him, and he pulls you in for another kiss. Or twelve. There’s plenty of tongue in this round.

You scoot back so that you’re more on his legs than his crotch, and decide to go for below the waist first, undoing his belt and tugging on it until it slips from around his middle and then joins his shoes on the floor. Looking into his eyes, you unbutton and unzip his pants, pull on the tail of his shirt until you find the bottom button, and then start unbuttoning it up from there. With your hands inside his shirt before you get to the top, you run your palms over his stomach and chest and then around behind him as you hug into him closely while his hands hang out on your butt for a minute, fingers just moving slightly, tickling a little bit. Backing off, you undo the last two of his shirt buttons and admire his bare front, every bit as delicious as you imagined.

Nick helps you wiggle his shirt all the way off. “There’s no one at home to be suspicious of your wrinkled shirt,” you say, “so, fuck it!” You wad it up and throw it behind the couch. He looks shocked for a second and then smiles and goes with it. You caress his chest for a minute and then rest your hands motionless at his hips. You are apart enough and sitting up high enough that he can’t help but look at your breasts, your excited nipples pushing out noticeably from inside your shirt. You wait patiently while he studies them and runs his fingers lightly between them and above them, cupping one then the other, his thumbs nudging the nipples. Both of his hands work behind you under your shirt, and as he lifts from the sides, you raise your arms above your head. With a slow whoosh, you feel the coolness of the air surround your now-naked upper body when your shirt comes over your head.

“Fuck it?” Nick asks, throwing your shirt backwards over your head. You instinctively crush against him, the warmth of his skin removing the slight chill. You decide that since he’s had a lot more tit than blowjob in recent times, you’ll keep your breasts away from him for the time being and focus on going down on him. Backing off and dropping to the uncomfortable floor, you need something for your knees.

You use this opportunity for a slight tease and stand up. Looking down at him, you hold up your finger. “One sec… be right back. You run with quick short steps out of the room to the closet where you keep your blankets. You grab one, and start to head back. Ugh, a university logo? Nope. You pass up the thin one with the cartoon characters and select the nice thick soft pretty patterned one. Running back into the living room, you clutch the blanket under your exposed bouncing breasts, which receive Nick’s attention.

He is digging the contents out of his pockets, but leaving his pants on, kind of making a show of setting his keys on the table beside the couch, then his wallet, then his phone, then the last item — a condom. “Oh, look who came prepared,” you tell him approvingly.

“I’m glad you don’t think it was too… presumptuous.”

“Mmmm, no… prepared. I was giving off… what did you say? More than signals?” You appreciate that he’s got enough brains and confidence to plan for this rather than just jumping in like a stupid kid. Speaking of no kid stuff, no more poking around in the dark. You are aware of the low lighting, and since one of his frustrations is not being able to see all of the action down there… you flick on the light switch. “Got to be able to see all the naughty bits, right?”

Kneeling on the blanket in front of him, you say, “Ah, much more comfortable than straight on the floor.” You pull your slippers off as you settle in front of him, then pull on the legs of his pants, which slide all the way off quite easily, and you almost giggle when you see the bulge straining to get out of his boxers. He has a full-on erection, the straight rigid member stuck sideways inside, possibly uncomfortably, waiting to be set free.

Tossing the pants aside and licking your lips, you grab the waistband of his boxers and tell him, “Oooh, speaking of naughty bits.” You raise the elastic up away from his body and pull it down slowly, your eyes fixed on the exposure of his glorious fully erect dick, pulling the boxers off his feet and throwing them the opposite direction from his pants. It’s a nice cock, but you intentionally don’t make any comparisons regarding size or anything else with other cocks. You are just excited that the man you’ve been fantasizing about is completely exposed before you, ready to explore and be explored.

You reach for and grasp Nick’s dick, making sure to grip it firmly at first, not knowing how sensitive a light touch might be for him. He makes “mmmm” sounds and wiggles a little, then relaxes as you pull on it a few times, hold it straight up, looking past it into his face. You snuggle up closer between his legs, pulling it and wanking it firmly but slowly, letting him get used to the sensation. His head is back and his eyes are closed, but just for a few strokes. You wait for him to look at you again, and, locking eyes with him, open your mouth and take the tip inside. As you look into each other’s eyes, you just hold your lips steady around the glans for a few seconds while he smiles. Releasing and leaning forward a little more, you take more of his dick inside your mouth, squeezing it out with your lips and tongue. You release and do it again, then again, at least a dozen times, and his eyes are on the action the whole time, having refocused on what your mouth is doing.

You don’t know if you’re really good at giving blowjobs, but you give it your best shot. Besides, no matter what, this is the best one he’s had for a while, and that knowledge is exciting, giving you freedom and confidence. You go slowly, not wanting to stimulate him with friction as much as pleasure him with warm wet sensations. And, you have all night and into the morning, so no rush. You bob up and down on his dick, suck on it, kiss and lick the shaft, caress it and jerk it in your fist, all with varying degrees of speed and pressure. You have imagined doing this to him, so you’re just playing out what’s gone through your mind before. He runs his hands through your hair as you service him, alternately leaning his head back and looking at you.

“There’s something I’ve wanted to do,” he says at one point where you’re catching your breath and just handling his prick.

“Ooooh, tell me, don’t be shy.”

“Okay.” He withdraws from you and stands up, nudging your shoulder to get you to turn sideways to face him. “Or, show you.” You adjust the blanket and your position so that you’re kneeling in front of him, boner pointing right at your forehead. You take it in your mouth again, sucking him off while he stands in front of you holding your head. He slowly moves his hips back and forth as his dick slides in and out of your mouth. You let go with your hands and grab at it with just your mouth, resting your hands on his strong thighs. After moving your hands to the back for a minute to grab his butt, you take his dick into your hand again for a wank.

“No, let go,” he says, surprising you a little. “Do it with no hands.” He takes your hands in his, holding them up and intertwining his fingers with yours. He’s not thrusting, not trying to fuck your mouth, but just letting you go at him at your pace. His dick pops out, giving you the opportunity to kiss and lick at it before sucking on it again. When it pops out again, he gets a little more daring and wags it back and forth, slapping your face with it. After more sucks, he does it again. It really turns you on to see him playful like this, and you both laugh as his dick swats at your face a few more times.

Fingers still intertwined, he pulls on your arms as if to stand you up, so you climb to your feet. You are surprised to almost instantly have him seal his mouth on yours for some deep kisses — if you had time to think about it, you would have expected him to avoid your mouth, considering where it’s been the last few minutes. But you eagerly accept his tongue… and his groping hands, which seem to be trying to grab both your ass cheeks and both your tits all at the same time. He turns you to back into the couch and leans into you enough so there’s nothing for you to do but sit down. With his dick in your face again, you are content to suck him some more, making sure to look up at him as you work his dick back and forth in your mouth.

After a minute, Nick backs up. You wonder if he’s getting close to getting off, or just changing things up a bit. You swat at his dick a few times, payback for it hitting your face, you guess. He drops to his knees on the blanket right between your legs and caresses your thighs.

“Wow, it is comfortable down here. Now let’s get you naked,” he suggests, tugging at your pants, which come off in a jiffy as you raise your butt up. Next, your socks, which get thrown aside with the pants. As you suspected earlier, even though you’re wearing plain cotton panties that are anything but sexy, Nick doesn’t seem to care, smiling big at you while he grabs the sides and tugs on them, As your butt lifts up again, they slide over your hips and down your thighs. Bending your knees, you hold your legs together as he pulls them off completely and flings them aside. When your feet settle, they are on either side of him again, and his hands gently apply pressure to the inside of your knees, parting them fully. You are now completely naked and spread open, and suddenly feel very vulnerable and very excited, your new handsome lover’s bare body nestled inches away from your exposed most sensitive and private parts.

Of course, Nick doesn’t dive right in. While gently gliding his hands over your thighs and tummy, he kisses inside your knees and up toward your center. His mouth gets teasingly close to your pussy, and then switches to your other leg; it’s almost frustrating — almost. More like tantalizing, erotically sexy. You can see him examining your pussy, as your legs are open enough to give him the perfect view, and he even puts pressure outward on your knees to keep you that way. His fingers and lips and tongue make you squirm and giggle as they tickle from time to time. After kissing your tummy at the navel and making his way down, the moment finally arrives: he plants a wet kiss right on your labia, holding it there firmly for a few seconds. Then another kiss like it, then another.

You moan deeply, not so much from the pleasure (it does feel good, but that’s not quite the spot, yet), but to give him positive feedback. Either it works, or he was going to do it anyway, but he lingers there for a while, First with just his lips, but soon enough with open mouth and tongue, like he’s French-kissing you down there. You moan again, this time more from the pleasure.

You are almost shocked when he backs off slightly, caresses your thighs, and uses his thumbs to open your labia to expose the inside. Your hips and legs twitch and tense up as he looks into your eyes and smiles. His tongue works inside deeply, probing your vaginal opening while he holds your lips apart. He either knows what he’s doing (from past experience? from studying hardcore porn?) or he’s lucky, or naturally talented or something, because he is steadily increasing the pleasure to all your parts from fourchette to clitoris. Arms above your head, eyes closed, you purr, “Ooohhh, Nick, that’s amaaaaaaazing.”

He could probably give you an orgasm if he stayed down there long enough. Which will have to wait for another time, as he leaves his work down there unfinished, kissing up your body. Looking into your eyes, he uses his magic tongue and lips to work over the undersides of your breasts before attending to the peaks of your nipples. He caresses your tummy again with one hand, and the insides of your thighs, even wiping the back of his hand lightly over your pussy, all the while savoring your titties with his mouth. They get pretty wet, and the coolness of the air (turning damn cold when he actually blows on them periodically) stiffens them even more. Wow, this feels wonderful, and Nick looking into your eyes drives you wild. Assuming Bridget gets some of this, how could she not want to just fuck his brains out in all sorts of crazy ways after this? Is she not human?

Speaking of fucking his brains out, you tell him at next eye contact, “I really need you inside of me.” He smiles and disconnects his face from your tits, gliding his hands (and his eyes) all over your body. You reach for the condom, but can’t get to it because the table is too far away. He has to get to his feet momentarily, but is able to grab it and return to his position between your legs.

Upright as much as he can be on his knees in front of you, he plops the condom on your chest between your boobs, smiling. “Looking for this?”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” you reply with a laugh. Tearing the package open, you notice, interestingly, that he’s not completely hard any longer. It doesn’t take long to fix that — when you begin to run your fingers along the shaft and around the head, his dick responds by twitching, and grows quickly as you wrap your hand around it and pull on it. He leans back, bracing himself with his hands on the floor behind him, chest up and out. After you are satisfied with the stiffness of his cock, you place the condom on the tip, hold it there with one hand, and roll it down to his scrotum, leaving the little loose pocket at the end. “There,” you give it a pat. “All set!”

Nick pulls you forward a bit so that you’re right at the edge of the couch, and on his knees in front of you he’s at just the right height. Not touching his dick, but just holding and caressing your legs, he guides the tip up to your pussy, pushing against it lightly while you lean back halfway and watch. Because his erection points his dick way more up than out, it’s pushing against the top, over your clitoris, which is a nice sensation, but not quite where you want it. So you push down on the shaft to lower it to horizontal, and with an additional push, you feel your labia open up to receive his glans, which pushes in farther to burrow into your pussy.

You smile at each other as he pauses halfway in for a few seconds. After withdrawing almost all the way out, his dick pushes back in halfway again, then again, then again. With a few more stokes, he’s deeper, and with a few more, he’s almost all the way in. Then he withdraws his dick all the way out, and holds it horizontal as he inserts it again. You watch as he probes a few times, loving the sight and the sensation of your pussy and labia closing up as he pulls his dick out, then filling back up again as his he pushes it back into you halfway or more, but teasingly not all the way.

Suddenly, you let out an “Uuunnnhhh” as Nick collapses all the way into you all at once, bending toward you, completely filling your pussy with his dick as far up as it can go, till his pelvis crushes against yours. Another deep thrust makes you blurt out, “ooohhh, fuck!” No longer probing sensually, he is now giving you a proper fucking, deeply and passionately, exaggerated thrusts pushing your hips back into the couch. You watch as he pulls out most of the way to show you some shaft, then plunges back in, doing this a few times. He holds one of your ankles with one hand to keep your legs spread wide, and one of your tits with the other hand. Your free leg jiggles over his hip, and your free tit jiggles up and down on your chest. One of your hands glides up to your free breast, and the other down to where the action is, fingering your clitoris to give it the kind of stimulation your pussy is receiving.

After fucking like this for a minute, Nick slows down and the pulls out. Both of you are breathing deeply, and smile at each other while he leans against you for another round of passionate kisses. “Turn over,” he says, grabbing your shoulder and raising it inward.

You comply with an excited “Ooooooh,” flipping over to face the couch, adjusting the blanket under your knees and resting on your elbows. He kisses the small of your back, then your butt cheeks, then licks and kisses up to your neck, pushing your hair up over your head. You feel the length of his dick rubbing lightly up and down between your buttocks and his fingers rubbing gently up and down your shoulders. Then, nothing for a few seconds. Then the tip of his dick arrives at your waiting wet slit, rubbing back and forth on it before slipping inside.

You feel your pussy quickly filling as Nick penetrates you with one long stroke, causing you to gasp. It takes a couple more full insertions to make sure everything is comfortable, and then he starts fucking harder and faster, the entire length of his dick fitting up inside you as he grabs your hips to pull them back firmly. You spread your legs wider and pump your pelvis up and down to break up his thrusts, just for fun. He roughly grabs around you for a tit, alternately pinching the nipple and grabbing a handful while continuing to give it to you hard from behind.

Eventually, he slows down and releases you, apparently leaning back. You enjoy the new sensation of gentle touches and slow penetration, relaxing and curling your arms under your head, closing your eyes with your face toward the side. The only thing you feel now is his dick — no hands, no grabbing, not even his thighs against the back of your legs. You stay still as you feel your pussy open and close around the only piece of him still left in contact as he inserts and removes it time and time again. Then, you feel his chest press against your back and his lips against your cheek. Moving a hand to his hip, you turn your face back toward him and lock lips with him, kissing passionately with plenty of tongue as he continues to slowly fuck you.

Nick increases his thrusting, trying unsuccessfully to keep your lips together. He reaches around to hold your tits again, first one, then the other, then both, pinching the nipples as you hear him begin to grunt. “Uh-uhhh,” he moans deeply, “Mm, mm, mm.” Face in your neck now, he whispers, “Oh, Jenn, that’s good, you feel so good.”

Wow, you get so excited when you hear him whisper your name that you reach toward your sex without even thinking. Diddling yourself while making sure to nudge his cock, you tell him, “Oh, yes, that’s good, oh wo-o-o-ww.” He lets go of your boobs and finds your wrists, stopping the action while he readjusts. With your arms being held out wide beside you, you face plant into the couch, feeling his weight pinning your shoulders. He starts fucking you at least as hard as before, almost trembling as he lifts your hips up with each thrust. He lets go of your wrists and pushes on your back with one hand to keep you down.

“Mmmm, smack my ass,” you say. Oops, damn it, you weren’t going to ask him to do anything, but rather let him call the shots. But you are just so into this and feeling so naughty that it just kind of came out.

Nick snickers, “Oh yeah?” And you feel his hand come down on you, a swat more than a smack.

“Smack it!” you say firmly. A couple more swats, maybe a little harder. “No, smack it!” He smacks you a good one, hard this time.

“Ow!” You cry out.

“Whaa? Sorry…”

“No, good, do it again, smack me hard again.”


“Ooo, yes.”


“Ohh, fuck.”


“Yes, smack my ass while you fuck me, yes!”

You realize that he’s stopped thrusting his dick into you while he was distracted, and he must realize it too, so he starts up again, doing you from behind while intermittently giving your ass some firm smacks, some of them quite loud. You feel the back of your head tighten up suddenly as it snaps back firmly, not enough to hurt but enough to give you a shock. Wow, he’s pulling your hair! The multiple contrasting sensations of the tugging on your hair, the sharp stings of the spanks, and the wet sliding between your legs, all as he’s “oh”-ing and “ah”-ing and grunting along with you, are driving you wild.

When Nick pulls out after a minute, you turn around and sit on the floor next to him, breathing harder than you were at the last break. You sneak a peek at his dick. Nope, the condom isn’t full. You were wondering if he might have finished, but, nope, there’s still more to come. You wait to see what he wants next.

Nick can’t keep his hands off you, squeezing your breasts a few times before leaning in to kiss you. “Wow,” he says. “This is… you are… wowwww, this is… wow.”

“I know, right?”

He sits on the couch, sinking back into the back cushion, and beckons you with his finger… toward your upper body, not ‘down there’, so you climb up onto him and straddle him. He’s actually not completely hard again, the condom loosely covering his semi-erection. You kind of like it because it makes you feel like you’re taking it out of him, and you get to play with him to get him ready for another go. You throw your arms around his neck for some more making out, feeling his hands glide up and down the naked skin of your back from neck to buttocks. You crush your body into his, feeling the warm strength of his chest and shoulders above, and the stimulation of your naughty parts as you grind yours against his. Sensing his boner is growing again after a minute, you back off and admire him from the dick up, giving him a view of your nakedness on top of him. You hold the tip of his cock with the fingers of one hand and adjust the condom with the other, making sure it’s pulled down snugly to his scrotum. Playfully batting it back and forth, you make sure it’s as hard as it’s going to get.

You slide back toward his knees to separate, then point his dick down, your eager slit accepting the tip. You adjust your hips and push forward, and after a couple tries, you feel it slip inside. You tip-fuck him gently for a minute, smiling at his face, which isn’t looking at yours, but rather the action down there. You give him a show by splitting your labia open with two fingers so that he can see your clit and the surrounding pinkness.

“Oh, Jenn, that’s so awesome,” he breathes. You get goose bumps at the sound of his voice calling your name again. “You feel so good… this is sooo good,” he tells you, gently cupping your breasts as you finger your clit.

You feel like you’re getting close to climax, your sensitive clitoris telling you that she’s had plenty of stimulation from the lips and tongue and pelvis and fingering and grinding. Fuck it, you’re just going to get yourself off. He’ll cum soon enough, or hold off if he wants to. If he can. You lean forward and raise yourself slightly, and then sink all the way down, impaling yourself on his stiff cock, engulfing it completely all in one motion. With him buried all the way inside, you begin to rock with small but increasing movements, feeling his dick squish back and forth inside of you as you try to find just the right position and rhythm. Before you know it, you’re fucking him hard, grinding your clitoris against the base of his cock the best you can.

He playfully smacks one of your titties, lightly. Then, after another smack, he studies your face, as if to get your permission to smack harder. Wow, is he really thinking you want your titties smacked like you wanted your ass smacked? He grabs your boobs straight from the front with just his fingers, pulling on them and holding them up high. He looks at you for permission again as he smacks the other breast.

“Yes,” you say. So he smacks harder. Umm, did you say that out loud? What the fuck, his dick feels so good and your clit is getting it in just the right place, so why not crank up the heat a bit? “Yssss,” you tell his hands. “Smack my titties while I fuck you!”

Nick slaps you just hard enough to be naughty, and sporadically, not too much, as you grind your clit on him. Oh, this is it — you’re there! If you just… keep… this… going…. “Uh-huh, mmmmm,” you moan, letting loose and wildly crushing your pelvis into his. You begin to grunt with each thrust, collapsing onto his chest, arms around his neck so that your breasts are rubbing up and down on him. A.. few… more… thrusts… and… you’re… going… to….

Smack! His open palm comes down on your ass, and the sting pushes you to your climax. “Mmmm, Nick… ohhhooo, yessss…” You convulse and shudder and gasp with a huge orgasm as he spanks your butt two or three more times. Crying out in ecstasy, softly but plenty audibly, you finish yourself off, rubbing your crotch against his with the biggest strokes you can without risking him popping out of you. You settle into a rhythm of controlled, small gyrations as you breathe erratically into his neck for a while.

You must have stopped him as he was going at it hard, because he’s still trying to move his hips back and forth under you. You are leaning half-sideways against him, one arm behind him, beginning to kiss his neck and shoulder messily, kneading his bicep and lat muscles, feeling his strength and giggling to yourself that you are keeping him down. With a hand on his chest, you raise up a bit to take the weight off him, giving him the room he needs to continue his thrusting. He pierces you from below, jamming his dick all the way up into you and withdrawing quickly. You kneel upright, again giving him full access you your front, which he takes as permission to handle your breasts some more. You bounce fully on his lap, sliding all the way up and down his shaft.

“I’m not going to… be able to stop…” he says. You don’t care if he can’t stop. You don’t want him to. So, you fuck harder and faster. “Ohhhh, Jenn….” He grabs one of the titties that’s mesmerizing him with one hand, and squeezes your ass with the other. As you continue to ride him, you can tell by his face that he’s just letting himself go. “Uhhh,” he grunts. “Uhh-hhhhuh! Oooohhhh…” You lock eyes with his, smiling to encourage him.

Nick stops his in-and-out motions and just keeps his dick up inside you at the top of one of his thrusts, holding his breath. “Oooohhhh,” he cries out. “Uuuhhh..” He drops his pelvis and quickly jabs back up into you, still looking at your eyes, holding for a few seconds, letting out a long slow moaning breath as he does it again. And then again. His pulsing subsides, and you feel the tenseness that’s been stored up inside of him flow out as his muscles begin to relax. “Oh, wowww… ohhhh…” You settle down in his lap and lay your head on his shoulder, breathing into his neck while you feel his heavy breathing slowly fade. The two of you stay together like that, motionless, his spent but still rigid dick still lodged fully up inside your pussy.

After sitting like that for a while, you begin to kiss Nick’s neck, and he softly caresses all over your skin. You face each other and can’t resist another make-out session, deeply exploring each other’s mouths. Finally you decide to separate, looking down at his soft dick, delighted to see that the loosely-fitting condom is filled with a healthy gob of semen. “Looks like you made a mess in there,” you say, pointing. “Don’t move, be right back.”

You bounce into the kitchen, grab a few paper towels and wet them slightly, then return to your lover. After wiping yourself between your legs just to make sure your juices aren’t going anywhere, you kneel in front of him. Placing a couple paper towels under his balls, you pull the condom off carefully, making sure to squish all the contents inside. You wipe off his scrotum and shaft and glans so that his semen doesn’t drip onto your couch. You tie up the condom, leaving the warm liquidy goo inside, holding it up for you both to examine, pinching and squishing it around, making you giggle.

“What?” Nick asks. You sense he’s nervous or embarrassed or something.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just… I think it’s so hot that you did this inside of me, that’s all.”

You place his used condom on the table with the rest of his stuff, and Nick wipes himself some more, then wipes you some more as you return to him. You sit sideways against him on the couch, legs draped over his, as you talk for a while, some about what just happened, some about other stuff. You talk about what other things he might want to do sexually, you know, just out of curiosity, of course. “Um, I have a list,” he tells you. You look at him quizzically. “That’s not weird, is it?”

“A little. But weird is good. I like a man who knows what he wants.”

“I’ll share it with you some time. As for tonight… I told you I thought you’d be tons of fun,” he tells you, and you smile. “I was right! That was… really… amazing. Thank you.”

“And thank you. Seriously, I’ve wanted to do you for a while.” Then you add, “and calling my name during sex was a nice touch. Bonus points for that.”

As you continue to talk, you get to the topic about what the future might hold. “Just so we agree on stuff…” he starts. You agree on some ground rules. No emotional attachments are expected; you won’t expect each other to continue (but would like to), and won’t get hurt if the other cuts things off. You appreciate that he trusts you enough to know that you’re not going to be a psycho bitch and ruin his life if things go sideways. Being discreet is top priority above passion or silliness; therefore, no quickies at parties or videos or anything.

“Speaking of,” he continues. “I’ve thought of a way to communicate, um, discreetly.”

“Oh?” You’re curious.

“I have a special email address that no one knows about, that I use for logins to stuff that I want to be super secret. I know it’s not as instant as texting, but we could communicate through email”

“Ooooh, that’s pretty sneaky. You seem to have thought this through.”

“Yeah… I just wouldn’t want to risk forgetting to delete texts, or emptying deleted messages, same with phone call logs, just in case Bridget happened upon stuff in one of our phones or computers.”

“Ooooh, like we’re secret agents. How do I get your classified email address? Do you write it down and I memorize it, then eat the paper? You know, burning it leaves ashes.”

He laughs. “I like the way you think. We could do it now, and you don’t have to eat anything.”

You agree, and you head toward your computer. He stops along the way to put on his boxers, and you leave your clothes where they are so that you can get some much sexier panties. Digging through the drawer in your bedroom, you find the right ones, and then find a cute skimpy little top, which doesn’t match, but who is going to care?

Nick helps you set up a secret email address with one of those free email services, nothing fancy. Of course, in a special new browser window that doesn’t leave cookies or history. He guides you to send him a test, then he logs on to his email and there it is!

“So now, we can communicate… it might be slow, but we can plan stuff if we want to.”

“Hmmm,” you say. “So if I’m home by myself, I shouldn’t email you saying I’m horny and need to be fucked right now, and expect you to show up in ten minutes?”

“Ha ha. No, I don’t think it would work that way.”

“But if I email you saying I have the day off work one day next month, and would like a nooner, we could maybe plan to do that?”

“I think you’re getting the idea.”

It’s not late, but it is time for Nick to leave. He wants to be home soon because he knows Bridget will be calling or texting some time, and you both agree this isn’t the time to push your luck. He puts on his wrinkled shirt, which you laugh at, and the rest of his clothes. He is sooo discreet that he even figures out what to do about the slow cooker. Since there’s a possibility that his girlfriend would be suspicious if he returned it alone with you, he’ll take it back with him again.

Just as he’s leaving, he holds you close. “So, not to presume anything, but, I’d like to see you again.”

“Is tomorrow too soon?” you ask, almost before he finishes.

“Oh, um… let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.” You think he’s being silly, but he really doesn’t immediately say his schedule is clear like you thought he would. “How about… I email you later?”

You kiss each other bye, and you let him out. He takes the condom with him, wrapped up in a paper towel to dispose of discreetly.

“Wow, I just totally fucked Nick,” you tell yourself out loud. You go back to watching your show, but can’t really get into it because you keep playing your sexual encounter over again in your mind.

Finally it’s time for bed… past time. You are really sleepy as you crawl into bed, thinking maybe you’re extra tired from the, um, workout earlier. You are just curious enough about the email thing, and decide to look just in case, not expecting anything. But there is a new one waiting for you, so you open it eagerly. Nick wrote something sweet about tonight’s tryst, and is pleased to announce that his schedule is free for tomorrow night, so he would like to see you. He also includes the list he talked about, prefacing it by saying that he doesn’t expect you to want to do everything on here, with him or otherwise, and it’s just to give you an idea, not a plan of action or anything.

Up at the top he’s crossed out a few things (like he’s just getting started on a sexual bucket list), causing you to replay in your mind the escapades of earlier tonight. As you read through the list, you giggle at some and gasp at others. There are some things here that you don’t think you could ever do, not even with Nick. Some might require a measure of alcohol. You’re going to have to look up a couple since you don’t know what they even mean, and it looks like if you do progress, he’s going to be teaching you some things! Various outdoor and public scenarios; a variety of positions described; threesomes; moresomes; toys and other ‘aids’; food with various degrees of messiness; restraint; role playing; voyeurism. You can think of some things that are curiously absent — you wonder if those aren’t interesting to him or if he just missed them.

You finish reading, log off, and jump back in bed. As you lie there on your back, your mind adds some details to a couple of dirty activities that got your attention toward the top of Nick’s list. You push the sheets off of you and bunch them around your feet. Lowering your panties to your thighs and pushing your top up over your titties, you beginning to masturbate while fantasizing about what might be crossed off the list after tomorrow night. But there will still be plenty left undone. If Bridget doesn’t get her shit together, you’ll be fucking her boyfriend for years!

The End

Jennifer Cooley
Jennifer Cooley
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