A Long Time Coming

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Longing to be more than friends

A Long Time Coming
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I was running late. When I turned the corner, I saw him there, waiting for me, at a table on the patio outside our favourite café. He was chatting with the waitress, sipping on his coffee. I watched his full lips pull away from the cup and a bright smile come across his face at seeing me.

“Hey,” I said breathlessly as he stood to give me a hug. He was so tall, I had to stretch on my tip toes to reach around his neck. He bent down and embraced me, his large hands landing warmly on the base of my back, making me feel smaller than I am. “Sorry, I had to drop off the kids.”

“No problem,” he said, then nodded toward a cup on the table in front of me. “Your tea, with two milk.”

“Thanks,” I replied. I love that he remembered. I remembered his order too. Coffee, dark roast, one milk, two sugars. We had known each other awhile, almost twenty years. We met for coffee every few months. “So, Ben,” I said, looking at him coyly, “you’re looking more handsome than usual, what’s your secret?”

“The divorce is finalized, custody of the kids settled, we sold the house, I moved into my new place. I can finally breathe.” He closed his eyes in a moment of ecstasy. I liked the look on his face. His dark skin, square jaw, highlighted by his goatee, and his dark curly hair, just starting to grey at the temples. He was a fine man. I’d always thought so. I felt a little warmth creeping into my core at all the times I’d thought about him as more than just my friend. I wonder…

“Well, cheers to your next adventure. May it be a fulfilling one.” I offered up my cup. We clinked our china together.

“Here, here,” he said. We each took a drink. “What’s next for you?” He asked, his brown eyes gazing at me. My divorce had been finalized six months ago. I had settled into my new, single, life. Even though it was hectic, it was also, lonely, boring. My body was craving excitement. A specific, kind of excitement.

“Honestly, I’m doing well, but, well… I’m horny as hell.” I watched his face. A glimmer came into his eye. I knew that glimmer. I’d seen that glimmer many times when we were young and hitting the bars. He knew how to use that glimmer to get girls. Was he trying to get me? He licked his lips. I watched his pink tongue run over the dark, plump flesh. I swallowed hard.

“Been awhile, has it?” He said, laughter in his voice, but heat in his gaze.

“My ex and I hadn’t really been burning up the sheets for quite some time, so, yes, you could say that.” Dating had been on my mind, but I never found the energy to get out there again. Ben sat back, looking contemplative and cool.

“Tell me something, Marnie,” he began, a sly grin on his face. “Why didn’t we ever sleep together when we were younger?”

I leaned forward, meeting his gaze. “I seem to recall, something about it ruining our friendship, and then we both fell in love with other people and, well, now here we are.” I sat back, daring him to ask the rest of his question.

“Would you ever, reconsider, our ages old decision?” He asked, reaching for my hand. I obliged, a thrill running through my arm as we touched. We had touched many times before, but never with the dare to having our hands touch more between us. I looked away from him, considering the consequences of saying yes. We had been good friends for so long, but there was always something more lingering between us. I had always been curious. I often fanaticized about what his lips would feel like on mine, and how his strong hands would feel gripping onto my ample flesh.

“On one condition,” I said, managing to keep the tremor, my pounding heart was causing, out of my voice. “We stay friends, no matter what.” His gaze never left mine as I spoke. His thumb running circles on my palm. His dark skin a near opposite to my porcelain tone.

“Deal,” he said. We shook hands. Then, he grasped my wrist, his fingers wrapping fully around the slender bones. He dipped my index finger into his coffee cup. The liquid was warm, but not hot. He lifted this finger to his mouth, encircling the digit with his tongue, lips, and teeth. He licked the droplets of coffee from me, his teeth barely grazing my knuckle. My breath caught at this unexpected act. Heat moved from my core into my lower extremities, settling in the centre of my womanhood. Next, he took his own finger, dipping it into the coffee, and placed it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around, getting every bit of the sweet, bitter liquid. I never broke my eye contact with him. “There, that seals it,” he said, his voice gruff. His eyes flashed desire. “Your place or mine?”

Moments later we had paid our bill and hopped into his vehicle. His hand rested on my thigh as we drove to his place. It was closer.

In the elevator from the parking garage, we stood awkwardly close to one another. Everything was about to change. I could back out. But I didn’t want to. Adam’s hand slid down my back to my ass. He cupped it, pulling me into him. I pressed my hand on his chest, stopping him.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, hoping he would say yes. He ran is gaze over my face

“Marnie, when we decided to preserve our friendship all those years ago, we were right. But I want this. I want you. I’ve always wondered. Haven’t you?”

I nodded. I slid my hand from his chest to the back of his neck. “So, kiss me then, why are we waiting any longer?” As soon as the words left my mouth, his lips were on mine. He pushed me against the wall of the elevator, cradling my legs in his hands, and lifting me to meet him. It was as if I were a feather, though I was not a lightweight woman. His hard chest pushed into my breasts. Our tongues got lost in a dance of passion. Before we could come up to breathe, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened on his floor. He took my hand and led the way to his apartment. Slipping the key easily in the door. We stepped through into the darkened hallway. The only light came from the cracks in the blinds across the room. He bent and took my mouth once more, his fingers in my hair, then my neck, shoulders, back, and blouse. He ripped the buttons open.

“I want to see you,” he growled. He gruffly slid the straps of my bra down, yanking the cups to my waist. Taking both my hands in one of his, he clasped them behind my back. He flipped on the hallway light, examining my breasts, first with his eyes, then hand, then mouth. He pulled my arms backward until my back arched and his mouth enveloped me. His teeth grazed my nipples, one after the other, until they were swollen and red. I gasped at ever lick and bite, completely at the mercy of his will.

“Ben!” I cried, feeling myself climb toward orgasm. Releasing my hands, I reached for his belt. He removed my pants as I removed his. I ran my fingers up his torso, lifting his shirt off his body. I was surprised to find his chest and back heavily tattooed. I traced the images, first with my fingertips, then my tongue. I kissed him along his collar bone. Our mouths met again, and I felt his need for me grow and push into my belly. I grasped the waist band of his boxers and slid them down. The full length of his desire greeted me. I took it in my hands, then mouth, kneeling in front of him. He was hot and hard as he pushed himself into me, my tongue licking the length of him, just as I did his finger at the coffee shop. He threaded his fingers through my hair, letting out a guttural moan. I smiled, knowing I was driving him crazy.

“Bend over,” he demanded as he pulled my face away from his cock. He led me to the sofa. I placed my hands on the back, lifting my rear into the air. He caressed it carefully. “I always did like your ass, Marnie,” he said, laughter in his voice.

“Why, thank you, “I replied, looking back over my shoulder at him. My God, he was a good-looking man. Thick thighs, solid frame, long, graceful arms and fingers. And a face I had loved for many years.

“Wait a minute,” he said. “Turn around and face me again.” I did as he requested. He took my face in his hand, kissed me deep and long. He ran his hands over my whole body, stopping to kiss me all over. To examine and memorize my hills and valleys. As his hands made their way back up my legs, they stopped between my thighs. “You are a woman deserving of worship, did I ever tell you that?”

“No,” I whispered. I felt one of his fingers graze my outer lips. I was wet and ready for him. I reached out to take his cock in my hand again. He shook his head.

“Please, let me worship you. Let me show you just what I mean.” He was earnest and his eyes intense as he spoke. I nodded. I had no idea what I was agreeing to, but I knew my friend would never lead me wrong.

He spun me around again, as I was before. My hands rested on the back of the sofa, my ass on full view for him. I felt his hands on my rear again, this time, his fingers travelled inside me. With the other hand he found my clit and I lost the meaning of time as my body gave into the sensations. I rode the wave he built in me, crashing over the edge as he bit into the flesh of my shoulder blade. Then, as my orgasm still pulsed, he pulled his fingers away, digging them into my hips as he grasped me hard, thrusting himself deep into me. I cried out his name, “Ben, oh god, yes!” as he pounded harder and harder into me. His hands left my hips, one to grasp my hair, elongating my neck. The feelings of pain and pleasure mingled nicely while his other hand found my clit again. I collapsed onto the back of the sofa, unable to stay standing as wave upon wave of pleasure and pain rained over me. Panting and unfocused, Ben pulled away, flipping me over onto the sofa cushions. Kneeling in front of me, he buried his tongue in between my lips. I grabbed his head and pushed myself into him, riding his face until I came again, soaking him in the process. He laughed, obviously proud of himself. I was sure I’d never hear the end of this one.

While I caught my breath, he plunged his cock into me once more. He rocked back and forth, in his own world. I held on for the ride. He gasped for breath, low moans escaping upon each exhalation. Moving his mouth to my ear, he bit my earlobe. I dug my nails into the flesh of his back in return. He sucked in his breath then whispered “Marnie, I’m going to cum inside you. Are you ready?”

I licked along his neck to his pulse point, then whispered, “oh, hell yes” and grasped his ear lobe between my teeth biting down with just enough force to make it interesting. He shuddered against me and I felt the warmth of his release inside.

Exhausted and out of breath, we laid there for awhile. When we returned to our senses, we looked at one another.

“So?” I asked.

“So?” he replied.

“Again?” I shrugged, giving him my best come hither eyebrows and grin.

“I think so, we’ve got twenty years worth of orgasms to make up for,” he said, waggling his eyebrows right back. Then he slid his fingers between my legs, and I let go to the ecstasy of finally being with Ben.

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