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A High Seas Affair

by Grace Linn about a year ago in erotic
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Discovering my inner desires

A High Seas Affair
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

Spending time on the open seas, that’s the proper way to enjoy a vacation! Just me and my boyfriend, surrounded by nothing but water. I certainly owed a debt to Jamie for letting us borrow the boat for the weekend. Jordan and I stood on the edge of the beach, sand in our toes, wind in our hair. In the far distance we could see the S.S. Loco heading towards us, just on the horizon. Oh Jamie, you certainly had a knack for naming vessels after your personality.

The ship reached the end of the pier. Honking the horn twice, Jamie grinned from above and yelled “All aboard!” in the cheesiest announcer-like voice.

We boarded with excitement. Hopefully a little vacation would help to mend our relationship. I was very hopeful. Jordan and I spent the day laying on the sundeck, just enjoying the quiet sounds of the water. We held hands but didn’t speak at all. We sipped on margaritas but other than that didn’t engage in anything else.

Before we knew it, nighttime came. I felt so far like nothing had even happened between us. What was going through Jordan’s mind? Because it seemed like nothing was going on in there, at least it wasn’t about me!

After what seemed eternity, Jordan stood up and said “I’m tired babe. Goodnight.” He then walked away from me without even a kiss or any form of affection. I trailed after him silently, but any time I got close he pushed me away. I awkwardly stood in the corner of the room downstairs while he got ready for bed. Once he was in his pajamas and tucked under the sheets, Jordan turned the light off. I felt he deserved no affections from me, but I attempted to anyway.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” I said, kissing him gently on the cheek. I tried to rest beside him, but for some reason my brain could not quiet down enough to let me sleep. Damn anxiety. I threw on my kimono and trekked upstairs to the main deck. The sight alone was magical. A beautiful, starry night with no clouds and a full moon, surrounded by calm, clear water. I heard footsteps. Turning around, I saw it was Jamie. He leaned against the railing right beside me.

“It’s a beautiful night,” he said.

“It sure is,” I agreed. “Jordan and I don’t get a view like this where we live. Thank you so much for letting us set sail for the weekend,” I replied. “I..I mean we really needed this. We haven’t exactly been doing too well lately.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, what’s been going on?” Jamie asked, concerned.

“I’m not sure, we’ve just had some distance between us. He has been working overtime and when he’s home I understand he’s tired, but most days he’ll go straight upstairs to bed without even acknowledging me. Almost like I don’t even exist. I’ve tried making his lunches for him, giving him massages, but he always tells me to stop. I don’t feel appreciated anymore.“

"Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that.” Jamie apologized. He looked like he had more to say, but instead shook his head.

“What is it Jamie?” I asked.

"Well, you know that we’ve been friends since middle school. And I’ve always appreciated you. You’re talented, funny, charming, and stunningly beautiful.”

“ know I’ve always felt the same way. But I’m with Jordan now. He’s been with me through some dark times.”

Jamie then put his arms around my waist and pulled me in closer. “Please Lindsay, let me show you how much I appreciate you compared to Jordan. You know we both like each other. And I can offer you so much more.” Jamie then pulled me in and kissed me on the lips, which were soft and warm. His tongue entwined with mine as his hands slowly slid down to my ass, grabbing it passionately before smacking it with considerable force.

“Please, let me show you,” Jamie begged. “Let’s go to my quarters.” After I nodded my head in agreeance, Jamie then managed to lift me with all of his might and throw me over his shoulder. We walked back below the decks, and then quietly past Jordan’s room while making way to Jamie’s room on the other end of the hallway. Gingerly opening the door, we then crept inside and shut it behind us. We were both giddy with what we’re about to do wrong? I pushed the thought away and decided to be present with what was happening.

Jamie walked over to an open trunk where he pulled out fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold, and a riding crop. “Oh darling,” he smiled. “You thought you knew me as the sweet, innocent, lovesick guy. Hehe, you are in for one speechless night. Lie down baby, spreadeagled.”

I sat down on the bed, stretching out my arms and legs, spreading them apart. Jamie took the fuzzy cuffs, connecting the ends from my wrists to the iron wrought headboard. He gave me a quick kiss before ripping my shirt open, revealing my black satin bra. Jamie freed my breasts, grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard with his index fingers and thumbs. I let out a reasonably loud moan.

“Shhh baby, time to be quiet, we don’t want Jordan hearing us”, he said while sticking his left hand into my mouth. He used his right one to trail down to my pants. Skillfully he undid the top button and zipper. He slid his index and middle fingers inside my lace panties, immediately inserting them into my vagina, making sure to vigorously jostle them around. I moaned into his fingertips. Christ, I want to orgasm. I kept heading towards there and just as I was about to reach my peak, Jamie immediately took his fingers out of my mouth and nether regions as he stood up to take his shirt off.

Holy fuck. I remembered Jamie from 7th grade being the scrawny little dweeb who was obsessed with fantasy novels. But what I saw now was a beautiful, well-sculpted chest and abs with an elaborate Anubis tattoo adorning the left side. God damn this man was sexy. He was wearing these distressed pants with tears in the knees. Jamie took off his brown leather belt and used it to strike my breasts.

“Count for me baby,” he grumbled.

“One, two, three” I counted with each smack. After 10, he threw the belt onto the floor. He took off his pants, revealing his solid blue boxers. Next he took mine off, along with my panties, revealing all of my body for him to gaze upon.

“You are so beautiful Lindsay,” he told me with a sparkle in his eyes. “Jordan obviously cannot see the truly special woman that you are.” Jamie then massaged my thighs in a circular motion, applying just the right amount of pressure. He followed it up with a trail of kisses from my breasts to just below my stomach. He paused for a moment and then swirled his tongue around my clitoris. Repeatedly he went in circles, slightly giggling at every moan I had. Fuck, I want this man to make love to me already. He must’ve sensed it, because he immediately reeled his head back, and moved his hips so his 7-inch dick slid slowly into me. Mmm, I felt so full.

“I’m gonna go really slow at first baby,” Jamie reassured me.

“Okay” I replied, staring into his eyes briefly before letting my head hit the pillow. Jamie thrusted back and forth at a slow and delicious speed. He made sure that I felt the full intensity every time he moved his hips forward. This continued for a few minutes, before he gradually increased the pace. Fuck, it felt so good. I let out little moans here and there, and so did he.

“Fuck baby, I’m getting close” Jamie warned.

“Me too darling,” I replied, giving him a coy smile. It wasn’t long after that I could feel myself reaching my climax, along with Jamie.

“Yes baby, fuck baby I’m gonna cum” Jamie said in an exasperated tone. He then groaned at a medium volume before finally collapsing onto me. Shortly after I finally came too.

“Fuck Jamie, Jamie” I shouted as quietly as I could. We both were physically spent, taking a few moments to breathe before Jamie undid my cuffs. He then looked into my eyes, giving me a passionate kiss.

“I have feelings for you Lindsay, I always have” Jordan admitted. “I can make you happy and treat you like the queen you are. I respect your decision to stay with Jordan, but I wanted to tell you how I really felt about you.”

“Jamie, I have always felt something for you too. I shouldn’t abandon Jordan though. When I got sick and stayed in the hospital, he was there for me, making sure I had the emotional support that I needed. And now I’ve slept with his best friend. I feel guilty. But I also know I’ve been unhappy with Jordan. And despite me voicing my feelings and trying to work on things with him, it’s gotten nowhere. He smokes, he drinks, he watches sports all the damn time, but he never talks to me. And I’ve tried. We even went to couples therapy for a few months, but he hardly talked during the sessions. Trying to get him to communicate is like pulling teeth. I just want someone to listen to me” I said with a sigh.

“Oh sweetheart, I feel your pain all too well” Jamie concurred. “Tell you what, I’m going to get us back to the shore, and then I will help you through this, okay?”

“Okay”, I replied. “I’m going to talk to Jordan and tell him it’s just not working out. We’ve been together for 2 years and he’s completely closed up on me. That isn’t how a relationship should work.”

With that, I rose up from the bed, fetched my clothes off the floor, and put them back on. I quietly crept out of Jamie’s room. I walked down the hall and reached Jordan’s room. My heart was racing. I had no idea how this would go. Shakily, I opened the door to find Jordan sitting up like he’d been awake for a while.

“Jordan?” I began. “We need to talk”.


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