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A teen who has no idea

The HallWay

There I was sitting in class behind her usually she will sit on the other side of the room from me and I would shyly glance her way just to get a glimpse of her, but now she was in front of me I could smell her it was not a perfume for I know it was oil she used.

Her skin was a nice even tan the smell of her hair and skin dulled my senses I could not concentrate on what Mr. Hanson was saying in history class. All I wanted was for her to turn around and acknowledge me to even back up her desk and bump me something but no nothing. I took notes as best as I could and tried to make it not obvious I was looking at the back of this girl's head, I was so close all I had to do was reach with my index and my finger would slip in her long light brown hair. I raised my hand and asked for the pass to the bathroom I did this routinely like clockwork, I picked up my bag and made my way to the last bathroom stall, I took out my blunt and opened the window as I lit and smoked it, I pulled deeply holding in the smoke as long as I could in my lungs, letting it out slowly I could feel the first hit already fogging my brain of her. I heard the door open my mind puzzled this bathroom is never used because the special ed always messes the bathroom up with piss and it's not even the period where they would come in. I put out my blunt and listen to footsteps at first I thought I was bugging out, but I quickly heard the shuffle of feet, was that two people I quickly put my feet up on the toilet and tucked my head as far down as I could see, no just one person.

I recognized the shoes it was her why was she on the far side of the hallway was she following me. She walked to the last stall and knocked I dropped my blunt into the toilet from the sudden sound and nervousness, I cursed hearing the blunt hit the toilet water. "Hey can I come in?" she said in a low raspy voice. I opened the door to the stall "why are you in here, why are you following me." She looked at me with what seemed like destain. "So you gonna act like it was nothing....really Stacy?" I looked at her and got off the toilet I was pissed and aggravated she made me drop this blunt and now stalking me "you made me drop my blunt...and no it's nothing it was something a one-time thing." Looking into those hazel eyes watching her chest rise and fall with frustration, the scent of her body filling my nostrils.

"So you just used me, it's like that?" She shoved me back onto the toilet bowl I winced from the hard and cold porcelain that hit the back of my legs. "what the fuck Jennifer, what the hell do you want from me?" I pushed the curls from in front of my face. "I told you yesterday what I wanted from you....." she looked down at me biting her bottom lip I know what she wanted and I wanted her but we had to get back to class. "Jennifer I have to get back to class." I stood up and walked past her leaving her in the bathroom by herself, I took my seat behind the girl.

Just as I made myself comfy the wind blew in from a window nearby and I caught the scent of the shampoo she used for her hair, you could hear me take the biggest breath ever. The girl looked back at me her dark blue eyes locking with mine I thought I saw her smirk at me, well whatever it was it was just a passing moment I chalked it up as I might have weirded her out. Once class was done my notes were shit compared to everyone else's I'll get my friend later to let me copy off her notes. I turned my attention to gathering my things when I felt someone behind me.

"Jennnnn..." I turned around and before I could say anything else the girl who sat in front of me was on top of me her eyes burning into my very being. I sucked in my breath as my body felt hot, I could feel the heat rush from my feet to my cheeks. I braced myself with my hands behind me on the side of the desk."Stacy right?" My mouth dropped open she knew my name. I stuttered "ye..yes." she smirked and let her index finger tap the back of my hand lightly. "Meet me after school behind the cafeteria." My heartfelt like it was pounding against my chest. "Sure sure...umm Alizazzy right?" She chuckled "Never heard anyone say it like that before it's Aliza but my friends call me Zay." She licked her lips and I could see her eyes scanning me. "so after school behind the cafeteria okay." I nodded my head, the rest of the day seems to pass by like a haze with an occasional visit from Jennifer, God she was so hot but she was a risk, she was the most popular girl in school, so what we were doing was a total secret. She seemed to be acting out more and more, coming to my table asking for a pen or if I had a pad she could use. She would be at my locker or bump me passing the hall.

Once the last period bell rang I raced out of my computer class and headed to the cafeteria and out of its doors, my white tea was loose and my sweats hugged my well built but slim frame, it was the end of winter and the sun was out we had six days left until spring so it left me wiggle room on how to dress. Thirteen minutes passed before she finally showed up. "Stacy I'm so sorry I had to clean up the music room." I nodded and she made a sad face. "How about this I take you to this favorite spot of mine and buy you the most expensive thing to eat on the menu, will that make up for me making you wait?" I didn't have to think about it but I stayed quiet to make her sweat, I nodded yes and she grabbed my hand leading me to her car, she was A grade ahead of me a junior, so most of our classmates didn't say anything much about what the junior's did or with whom. I mean I skipped a grade so I hope she didn't mind being seen with me as we walked to her car, I looked around and everyone stared at us walking from the student parking lot, Jennifer must have seen us because she raced right over and made small talk with Aliza. The whole time she was eyeing me I could see the steam of jealousy radiating off of her skin as Aliza kept a hold of my hand.

Aliza pressed her auto start on her car key and pressed the unlock button, she climbed in and this part I would never forget, she reached over and opened the door for me while doing so I could see her breasts. They were bare I could see her light cocoa brown skin and her nice perky nipples, my eyes quickly diverted to her dark blue eyes and I could have sworn she had a smirk as I sat down in the car. We drove down the road and out of town she kept her eyes on the road and her lips pressed tightly together as if the wheels were turning in her head, we stopped at the light and she placed her free hand on top of my forearm and squeezed. I looked at her taking in her face her straight and well-rounded nose, her light wavey copper brown hair that reached down to the small of her back, all I could do was to think of running my fingers through her hair. "Stacey..?" I had goosebumps my skin felt hot from the touch of her soft hands her long fingers wrapping ever so gently around my wrist. "yes zay." She bit her bottom lip as if she was about to regret what came out next. "why do you like her?" my eyes grew wide and my head tilted to the side "like who?" she huffed and took a deep breath "Jen, why do you like her?.. I didn't think that she was your type." I was lost for words how did she know, did Jennifer say something, did we make it obvious. "what, wait hold on, I mean..what? who said that? what did she tell you?" she smiled and shook her head "look E if I can call you that, the girl might be fooling everyone else but not me, I see the things she does and I see when you take your regular trip to the special ed bathroom and see her hovering." I bent my head down in shame she thought I was impervious to Jennifer but I was not I was like everyone else who fell into her trap. she looked at me and chuckled "not to mention you guys don't have a single class together." I sighed "well I guess it just happened I was high and horny, she was at my house and one thing lead to another." now it was her turn to look puzzled "She came to your house?" "yea her mother and my mom are long-time friends and co-workers so she comes to my house often." she was silent and nodded her head. The light turned green and she let go of my wrist, before I knew it we were at some dive on the corner of a strip mall.

The place was nice had low colored tones of tan and low lit booths, it smelled like a pastry shop, the seats were black leather, the music low set to RnB, we took a seat in the back next to the window in a booth, she patted the seat next to her as I sat. The waiter came and she ordered the most expensive thing on the menu which was sea skins, which were Four potato skins topped with shrimp, crab, bacon, scallions, mozzarella cheese, chives, sour cream. I almost died from how good it was, she ordered herself a burger and fries and ordered us both ice tea and water. "Stacey I asked you here because I need a favor." my eyebrow raised "Depends on the favor." She took a deep breath and grabbed my face pulling my face close to hers. I swallowed hard her lips were grazing mine I wanted to taste her lips, I wanted to kiss her. "Please don't fall in love with her." I sighed "I won't." she gripped my face tighter in her hands and slowly pressed her lips to mine, I groaned as if a man starving for food and hadn't eaten in weeks. She broke this brief light kiss but for a moment. "E you have no clue how long I wanted to do that, I'm so mad she got to you.

I figured with her always lurking I was never going to get the chance... so I had to take things into my own hands. I liked you ever since I saw you during my last year in middle school, the new girl who was super smart that she got skipped a grade, you didn't notice me then because I was a quiet geek with pimples and braces." she kissed me again but this time it was with more urgency as if everything would make sense with a kiss, that her kiss would reveal all her feelings, it would tell me how much she wanted me. Her fingers caressed my face and I melted against her. "I remember you they used to call you lose-zay but you were the top of your class and valedictorian, just like you are now, your not a loser zay." She moaned into my mouth kissing me deeper her tongue traced over my lips before slowly pressing against them and probing my mouth open, she tasted like sweet honey, her perfumed oils invaded my nose, this seemed so surreal to me, this girl I have been sitting behind for the past year. who I have been wanting since my freshmen year of high school has finally confessed and not only that but is making out with me in public something I and Jeniffer could never do. The waiter cleared her throat and we broke our kiss and ate our food chuckling the whole time.

Once the meal was done we paid and she drove me home, when we pulled up Jeniffer was waiting outside on the porch with her arms crossed and feet tapping the floor, her face was scrunched up in obvious frustration, her light skin was beating red with anger. Zay walked me to the door with a slight smile on her face. "Hey it was nice hanging out E and hey Jen, ooo matter fact I'm glad I got you two here we seniors are having a party and we can bring three underclassmen to hang would you guys like to join me and a few of my friends the party is next week, it's at the start of spring so Saturday." we both said "yes." and said "goodbye." to Zay but not before she Kissed me on the cheek. "so you fucking her now!" I rolled my eyes at Jeniffer. "why is she calling you E all of a sudden, you cheating on me right in front of my face!!" I shook my head "ONE I AM NOT YOUR GIRL, TWO YOU EVEN SAID YOU DONT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW WE MESSIN AROUND SO THERE IS NO US AND NO CHEATING CUZ THERE IS NO US!!" Her mouth dropped open "Shush before our mothers hear us." I rolled my eyes "See this is the shit I'm talking about why do we have to be a secret why?" she scratched her head in frustration. "It's not that I want us to be a secret but what it would do to my- I mean our reputation." I sucked my teeth and threw my hands in the air. "God forbid that anyone finds out I ate your pussy and you loved it, the little bit of time we have left in this school matters that much to you then don't get mad if I use that little bit of time with someone else who does not care about being seen with me."

She scoffed "you think Lozay-." I growled pacing towards her with my fist balled to my sides "Don't you ever say that shit again, do you hear me, Jennifer, if I ever hear you call her that I will out you." I grabbed her wrist tightly and she winced, what could she do I bench press more than her, my five-eight frame loomed over her five one petite body. "why are you acting like this all of a sudden I have known you for years you never said anything before." I let go of her wrist. "we never fucked before either so things change obviously." She tilted her head and rubbed her wrist her body swinging back and forth. "Look I'm sorry I grabbed you like that but you cant be so mean to people." She huffed and I held my arms open and she molded herself to my frame as I embraced her. "I don't care about other people, I only care about you Stace." she looked up at me with her sweet smile, her hazel eyes, dimpled cheeks, her hair flowing into the wind, I could not help but to grab her chin in my hand and kiss her.

Well, you can pretty much gather our mothers were chatting it up in the living room, we went inside and right upstairs to my room. I was sexually frustrated and I needed release after Zay kissed me, I pealed Jeniffer's clothes off letting her light tan skin shine from the light gleaming in my window, her body was perfect her six-pack barely showing as her slender curvey hips meet with her v shape groin, I let her clothes fall to the floor leaving her in her bra and panties, she reached behind her and slowly turned the lock on the knob. "Stace you don't know how much I missed you, how much I want to feel you against me." Her breath was caught and heavy like an animal in heat, I lowered myself onto my knees and slowly sat her shoes beside my bed and her pants on the side of me. Before I knew it her hands were in my hair, she would twirl my curls in her slender fingers, she knew what made me tick what little touches would get me there, get me to do as she would want.

She hissed as my lips pressed against the tops and inner thighs, my hands slowly traced her body. she pressed her back against my door and lifted her left leg onto my shoulder, Kissing my way up her inner left thigh, she reached over to my nightstand and put on my wifi boom box letting Megan the stallion play so they won't hear her moan. "Please Stace give it to me, I want you so bad." My hands found their way to her breasts undoing her bra as I kissed her pussy through her panties, she gasped and I took that as my cue to pinch her nipples, I groaned as they hardened in my fingers. "fuck Jen you smell so fucking good." I trailed my tongue in the crevis of her v-line, her head tilted back as my hands palmed and squeezed her breasts. Her scent wasn't like Zay's she smelled like lavender and Irish spring I could not get enough of that, whereas Zay smelled like some perfumed oil it was something I never smelled on anyone before.

Jen grabbed the back of my head probing me to go further with my tongue, she slipped her hand under my chin and I pulled her underwear to the side. "please fuck me before our moms come up here to check on us." I groaned letting my tongue slip out from my mouth and onto her clit, she tasted sweet like brown sugar and slightly salty. "Fuck Stacy your tongue feels so good, make me cum for you." I squeezed her and palmed her breast as I suckled her clit gently, her head tilted back and her breathing became heavy she was close, I plunged my index and middle finger in and out of her as I continued to lap at her clit, she shivered and I could taste her cum slowly hitting my tongue, she shivered holding on tight to my head I could feel her pulsing as I flicked my tongue over her now swollen clit. She lowered her legs to the sides of me still holding my head to her as she slowly ground herself against my face, she came down off her high and released my head from her grip. She pulled me up to her and kissed me feverishly. "I love the way I taste on your mouth stace." She purred and bit my bottom lip pulling it between her teeth before slapping my ass and unlocking the door.

That's all she wanted nothing more she smirked and sat on my bed leaving the door open, she crossed her legs and turned on my t.v patting a spot next to her for me to sit." so where did you and Aliza go after school?" I rolled my eyes and sat beside her. "what does it matter to you?" she folded her arms "Because I need to know if she is pushing up on what's mine." I threw my hands up in the air as if I surrendered and laid back on my full-sized bed. "Girl for the last time I am not your's, for god sake you don't even want to be seen with me in public or claim me, If you didn't think I knew that there are rumors about you and Garry the captain of JV on the football team then you must think I'm stupid." She was silent for a few moments the awkward Air heavier than before, I felt like I could eat it like cake it was so thick. Not being able to handle it anymore I got up and began to walk out of the room, she grabbed my wrist before I could leave and pulled me back to the bed, the door wide open still she hugged me close to her and began kissing me all over my face as she cupped my chin between her index finger and thumb. "I'm sorry baby I meant to-I was going's just.." I shrugged and gave a forced smirk before placing my hand over hers and removing her hand from my face. "Jen I know it's just if people found out yadda yadda yadda..appearances, I'm taking it he doesn't mean anything to you huh?" she shook her head "He does not, he just makes me look good for class rep and homecoming queen is all, you know how I feel about you." I was angry a little ill admit it, but the fact that she could be so cavalier about it, about us just made it easier for me to distance myself.

I got up abruptly and headed downstairs as she called behind me "I will be back I'm getting us some food from the kitchen, Jen." I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen, the marble floor, the granite countertops a nice black and white swirl pattern. My mom was a home designer and one of the best on the east coast so our house was very spacious with modern and subtle colors. I could see my mom and Jens mom sipping wine and gossiping as they sat in the living room watching old classic t.v like living color and fat Albert, little did they know I just finished fucking Jen in my room. She felt more like a burden at this point. she didn't want me with anyone and didn't want people to know she is with me, I don't know why I was catering to her. Maybe because she tasted so good and was easily accessible, I mean I tried other girls before when I would go to my grandparents in new jersey for the summer. She was my first and the only girl that tasted so good to me, I would always get mad when I thought how other people would be with her them getting what I got so it made me step out a few times.

I walked to our fridge it was two-door with an automatic water dispenser and a deep freezer at the bottom a state-of-the-art Kenmore fridge, I pulled open the fridge, as usual, the fridge was filled with tons of junk nothing healthy but at least I put some space and distance between me and Jen for a bit to clear my head. I moved some things around to get to the fruit bowls I had brought the day before, I knew Jen would come over because her mother comes over almost every day so I knew what type of things she liked to eat. I grabbed her fruit bowl filled with kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, mine was simple pineapple and strawberries. I greeted Jen's mom on my way back up to my room, Jen was curled up on my bed watching euphoria with zendaya.

I sat at the end of my bed and handed her the fruit bowl, She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "You always know what I like bae." I rolled my eyes "Please stop calling me that I'm not your bae, If our mothers were not childhood friends you would not even be giving me time of day so stop, just eat your fruit" she poked out her bottom lip and made puppy dog eyes "why are you always so mean to me, I love you stace you shouldn't treat me this way."I hung my head down and dug into my fruit bowl. "I told you why you playing with me.." She smirked "I haven't played with you yet." She scooted to the end of the bed right behind me and reached around me taking my fruit bowl and placing our food on my nightstand. She placed her hands on the back of my neck and kissed the spot right behind my ear and slowly drew my earlobe into her mouth. I melted right then and there, her arms wrapped around my waist, the heat of her small frame on my back made my nipples hard. "Jen the door is still open, they can come up anytime don't.."

She placed her left hand under my shirt and trailed her fingertips up my abs to cup and tease my breast. "So what if they see, you don't want to hide right, what better way than for our mothers to find out first, I am in love with you Stacey Mary Holmes." She whispered and flicked my ear lobe with the tip of her tongue, I moaned I could feel myself getting wet."Jeeeen why do you keep doing this to me?" Her right hand slipped into the front of my pants and onto my pussy. "Because I know you love me and you not going anyplace Stacey you're my girl." I low key loved when she talked like that so possessive it made me feel like she wasn't ashamed of being with me, I knew this was just her way of keeping me under her thumb and it worked for the most part."Say it stace, tell me your mine and ill make you cum right here and right now."

My breath caught she was baiting me her fingers lightly traced my nipple and her other rubbed my pussy, I shifted and tilted my head back and she used that as a cue to part my lips and rub my clit with her index finger. "What if they come up and see us Jen." She let out a low growl and threw her shoe at the door shutting it "Soooo what if they do stace, you said you tired of me hiding you so what better way to fuck you out in the open huh?" Thank god the door was shut for the most part because I didn't care at that point anymore, she could do whatever she wanted with me." Jeeen I..I.." she squeezed my breast and slowly circled my clit with her fingers again. "Say it stacy, say you love me and you're my girl, I promise we won't hide forever, just until we graduate baby...say it so I can make you cum." she withdrew her hand from me briefly and sucked my juices from her fingers, she moaned "mmm Stace your pussy taste better and better, fuck I need that pussy on my face baby, tell me you love me and your mine so I can taste what's mine." My head rolled my breath became heavier with lust. "I....I....come on you know how I feel." She kissed her way down my neck as she rolled the palms of her hands over my nipple and pussy teasing me. "Tell me Stace or I'm going to edge you until you beg loud enough for our mothers to hear." I swallowed hard "fuuuck I love you Jen and I'm your girl." She smiled seductively "Good girl now stand up and take off everything, I want to see what's mine."

Her hand left me as quickly as they were on me, I did what she said but made sure to fully close and lock the door. I stood in front of the bed and did as she instructed taking my clothes off slowly, I danced a little swaying my hips as her eyes glazed over my body. "Stacey you know how much I like to watch you dance for me, you are so sexy, turn around for me so I can see your ass." I did as she asked showing my well-rounded ass to her, she slapped my ass hard and pulled me to the bed. "I need to have you on my face Stace right now." She laid on her back and grabbed my hips pulling me to sit over her face. "That pussy looks so good, give me what's mine." She slapped and grabbed my ass hard making me drop my hips down giving her my pussy. She placed her hands on the tops of my thighs as her lips kissed my pussy lips. I quivered above her and she chuckled taking my pussy lips into her mouth. I arched my back letting my hands run over my naked body. Her tongue was lapping and teasing my clit lightly making me drip. Her hands traveled all over my body I couldn't focus as she sucked and flicked my clit with her tongue, I came to climax quickly jerking and biting down hard on my bottom lip so our moms couldn't hear me, she lapped up my cum greedily."Stacey, you taste so fucking good." I dropped to my side on the bed kissing her tenderly and cleaning up the little mess I made on the bed and her face. she placed the covers over us and grabbed her phone." I'm texting my mom downstairs that I'm spending the night, I think I have to fuck you all this week and weekend just so you understand how much I want to be with you Stace." she curled up to me and let her hands rest between my legs, her hand cupped to my pussy as if she owned it and if for one minute someone would steal it from her.

She didn't lie she fucked me that whole night edging me and making me cum while saying her name, she knew how my body worked always making me melt at her touch. Zay was on my mind her words vibrating in the back of my head. "Don't fall in love with her..." TO BE CONTINUED....


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I LOVE TO WRITE, I AM A PRODUCER AND HIP-HOP ARTIST (been producing since 15) follow me on FB, and Instagram dalil1neakaminion my twitter @dalil1ne_minion

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