A Day in the Wife (Pt. 3)

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Not your average day in the office.

A Day in the Wife (Pt. 3)

Walking into the building was going to be the hardest part of her day. The mixture of embarrassment from being so late and the thrill of sexual pleasure created a wicked cocktail. Aurora busy-walked through the lobby as fast as her butt plug would allow her. Some might call showing up to work horny as hell without any underwear a walk of shame, but it was quite the opposite for Aurora. She wanted to tell everyone her secret, but she had to keep it.

As she waited for the elevator, she shifted her weight back and forth from leg to leg, each time readjusting the toy inside of her. Just as her eyes ever so slightly rolled back, the ding of the elevator arriving jolted her back to reality. With a deep sigh, she pressed the fifth floor button. Auroras last moment of solitude was interrupted by a hand stopping the door just as it was about to close.

“Hold it!” cried the voice a bit too dramatically. It was Dan, the office chatterbox. “Haha! I almost missed the elevator there, Aurora! I would’ve been even more late than I already am! Wait a minute. That means you’re late too, huh? What kept you today? I was late because...” and the one-sided conversation continued.

Usually Dan's presence would be enough to kill any self-respecting woman’s lady boner, but Aurora had been firing off on all cylinders since seven this morning. For some reason, Dan didn’t seem so detestable today. As he blathered on about his car not starting and what he had for breakfast, Aurora couldn’t help but notice his cologne smelling especially fragrant today. His beard was neatly trimmed, not overgrown and scraggly like usual.

Dans ramblings faded into background noise. She maintained eye contact, but did not hear a word he said. Aurora had often wondered what it would be like to make love in a moving elevator, however she had never imagined it with Dan. Until now, that is. Her mind escaped the present, and she found herself with her legs wrapped around his face and his hands commandingly gripping her ass. First, she was pressed into the corner, Dan feasting on her slit as she rode his shoulders. Then she was on the floor, knees to her chin as he sampled and tasted everything from back to front. Just as Aurora found herself squatted over Dans imaginably girthy cock, the elevator doors opened with a reality-checking ‘Ding!’

“Ah, anyways, I’ll catch up with you later. I gotta get to my cube! Ha! My cyuube!” Dan carried on as he walked the opposite direction.

Aurora took a deep breath, slowly exhaling and pretending her mind did not do what it absolutely just did. She walked to her seat at reception and plopped down intentionally harder than usual. Squirming herself and her toy into position, her best-work-friend, Angela, rounds the corner. With a mixture of shock and relief painted on her face, she hurries over to Auroras workspace.

“Oh. My god! Where have you been?! I forwarded your phone to mine and took like three messages for you. You’re lucky Andreas has been in a meeting all morning and didn’t notice how late you are.”

Angela had been Auroras friend since they started their jobs three years ago. Having begun with a reputation as the quiet one at the office by keeping primarily only to herself and her friend, Angela was the only one that knew that Aurora was a virgin up until the preceding weekend.

“You owe me one, you know. I hate answering that phone! Anyways, I’ll catch up with you at lunch. I have to hear all about your honeymoon. It looks like you got a sunburn!” Angela squealed like a schoolgirl and shuffled away to her office.

Aurora did not have a sunburn. The public mention of her honeymoon and recent imaginary liaison in the elevator invoked her faces best impression of a tomato, or perhaps some kind of extremely horny apple. Composure was regained just in time. The office manager Andreas emerged from the conference room around the corner. Andreas was a tall, clean-shaven brute in a finely-tailored suit—the type of man you would never catch slouching or slacking.

“Aurora! Good to see you. Are these my messages?” He grabbed the stack of notes off the edge of the counter. “Thank you!”

And off he went to make his first intimidating round around the office. Aurora's eyes followed him, up and down, out of the lobby. She, and honestly, every other lady in the office, had always had a small crush on Andreas. The shape of his butt in his almost-too-tight suit pants was often the talk of the ladies room on breaks. Aurora was never one to join in on those conversations out loud, but today would certainly be different. A switch had absolutely been flipped, and there was not much else on her mind.

Aurora fumbled around her desk, trying to look busy while filthy thoughts invaded her head. There wasn’t much for her to do in between reception calls, so she snuck out her personal phone to send Jayden a message. As she opened up her messenger, she could see him already typing. Her heart skipped a beat. They were thinking of each other at the same time.

“Is it still in?” he inquired.

“Of course it is. I’m imagining it’s you,” she quickly replied.

She was going to tell him about her adventure in the parking lot, but her typing was interrupted with a picture. Her face was ablaze again. Jayden had posed against the wall in their bathroom and taken a mirror shot completely naked and fully torqued. Aurora tried to hide her phone, but she had to inspect the photo further. She decided it was time for a break and took her phone to the ladies' room for a secret rendezvous.

Alixia A.
Alixia A.
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