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A cougar watched me shower naked. . . .

Alright, strap on your boots ladies we're about to dive into some late night confessions.

By Geizael, The Great Wicked DestroyerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A cougar watched me shower naked. . . .
Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

If you are easily offended by sexuality and sexual fantasies please understand that this story might not be for you. This story contains some explicit and graphic details within it. If you're looking for a juicy late night confession to get your rocks off then you've found the right place my friend. This is just one of many crazy encounters I've had, and if it does well I'll be more than pleased to release more from my person life experience for you. Sooo, let me start off by saying this all took place while I was homeless. Yes, you heard me correct this all happened while I was homeless. Now I've had some crazy nights and some fantastic meetups, but this was excitingly different. I used to work at my local Papa John's a year ago when I was homeless and sometimes I would go shower at the pool in my old neighborhood. On this specific night I was very much being a dollar shot demon so my horny levels were probably off the chart. It had be about 12am when I got off work and it was a warm night so after getting a few dollar shots I decided to walk an hour away to freshen up. After arriving to my destination at ( said pool ), I proceeded to remove my clothing and turn the shower on. I know what you're wondering. Why the hell would I get naked and just shower like this at neighborhood in the middle of the night? To answer you I simply thought everyone was sleeping and minding their business at 2am. However, there was one curious looking cougar who wanted her self quite the show. So a show is definitely what I gave her. As was showering I was looking around and noticed a woman sitting on her padio located on the second floor. She was literally just sitting there smoking a cigarette as she gazed upon my naked and wet body. She had clear view of everything and had to be pleased because her legs were crossed very enthusiastically. After I noticed her watching me soap my body I thought to myself to test the waters. Yes, you guessed it right I went there. I looked right at her and started to rub myself slowly as I washed my body. I know she enjoyed it because it was just me and her outside and she was very unbothered with what she saw. She watched me enough to smoke her cigarette just to go get another one and sit on the porch again as I was finishing. I mean, she did come back and knew that I wasn't finished showering. She had to be in her early 40's and she was a blonde by the way. So after she sparked another cigarette I proceeded to go on with the show. I started touching myself more slowly as we watched each other. Yes, she watched me masturbate while I watched her watch me shower naked at the pool. After she got her IRL fantasy I finished showering and headed out on my way. I think it might've been the property manager because she did resemble her. I never went to the apartment to find out if it was, but one of these days if I'm horny enough I'll go find out if that was her. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. If you enjoyed this confession let me know so I can write about more encounters that I've had like this. I actually got some enjoyment out of sharing my sexual deviancies with random strangers that may potentially read this. If you would like to stay up to date with me you can follow me on Instagram @ManziniFrost


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