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A BJ in a Cafe

by Heather Kinnane 11 months ago in erotic
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Laney loves the thrill when there's a risk of getting caught...

Ryland’s cock was short and stocky, meaty enough for Laney to wrap her hand around and feel like she had something to stroke. It bounced as she released it, already hard, and she gave it a good couple of strokes as Ryland shifted in his seat, spreading his legs wider and sliding lower in his chair so she had better access.

She bumped her head on the underside of the table and rubbed the spot for a moment before returning her attention to his cock. She licked the tip, then took it in her mouth, bobbing up and down as she slid a hand up his shorts to cup his balls, and roll them between her fingers.

He stifled a moan.

Footsteps came their way, and Laney glanced across to see the skirt and legs of the waitress under the tabletop.

She grinned, circling the head of his cock with her tongue as she slipped her other hand up her skirt and started rubbing her clit.

“What can I get for you today?”

He cleared his throat. “Uh, two coffees, thanks.”


“Yeah, my girlfriend—” Laney relaxed her throat to take as much of him as she could manage, grinning as he gasped.

“Are you all right, sir?” There was a touch of concern in the waitresses tone.

He coughed again. “Uh, yeah. Fine, good. Just, ah, just bit my tongue.” Laney bobbed up and down, rubbing herself harder as pleasure spiralled up through her body. Fuck this was hot.

“Ouch. That always hurts.” There was an overly sympathetic tone to her voice that almost sounded like she was flirting. “You were saying?”

“Uh, yeah. My girlfriend is coming, soon.”

Laney groaned around Ryland’s cock as an orgasm tore through her body, and Ryland cleared his throat, loudly, above her.

There was an odd silence.

“So, just two coffees?” The waitress sounded suspicious now.

“Yeah, thanks.”

The waitress headed back to the kitchen.

Laney took her hand out of her knickers and returned her attention to Ryland’s dick, bobbing and sucking and licking. His hand slid under the table to grip her hair as she gave it her best, and moments later he came, thick spurts of creamy cum shooting down her throat.

“Fuck.” Ryland’s words were hushed. “Shit, babe. That was incredible.”

“Is it all clear?”

“Wait a bit. That waitress is looking our way. Oh, nope, some other customers have come in and she’s talking to them, now’s your chance.”

Laney slid up onto the booth seat. “You like that?” she asked.

“Hell yeah. That was the best idea ever.”

“It’s why I always book this seat. End booth, mostly hidden from the rest of the customers. You can get away with all sorts of things, all pretty much in public.” She grinned.

Ryland put a hand on her thigh. “That was so hot. I thought the waitresses eyes were going to bug out of her head when you moaned.”

Laney giggled. “Wish I’d seen that.”

He nudged her, and she glanced up just as the waitress appeared with their coffees.

“Didn’t see you arrive,” she noted.

Laney gave her sweetest smile. “Just snuck in.”

“Mm-hm.” The waitress nodded. “You let me know if you need anything else.”

Laney took a sip of her coffee, watching the waitress until she was sure she was out of earshot.

“You know what?” She turned to Ryland.


“You’ll have to lick me out next time.”

He grinned, his hand sliding up her thigh and under her skirt. “I’m looking forward to it already.”


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Heather Kinnane

Author of bite-sized steamy romance and erotica. She/Her. For longer works check out my website:

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