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By Kai StormPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

"Hi Kai, I saw your post about needing sex stories for your blogs and I wanted to reach out to you to tell you a real life situation that is happening in my life. However you decide to tell this story is your choice, my hope is that I can get some advice after you tell my story.

I work from home four days a week, which is great for me and the one day I'm in the office, the building is empty for the most part and I really like that based on the current circumstances we now live under. Recently, I had a day in the office with such unexpected events that I'm sure anyone would be impressed with if it was you in the hot seat, so to speak. The day started out normally, I'm working through the pile of paperwork on my desk while taking quick sips of my coffee and as usual, I got the sense to go to the bathroom. I get to the bathroom quickly, handled my business and was about to come out of the stall when suddenly, I heard a familiar sounded like a woman moaning. The noise came from the stall next to the one I was in. I also heard a low murmuring sound, like a vibrator. I decided to climb on top of the toilet so I could see what was going on. I saw a woman with her eyes closed, her tits were out of her shirt and her skirt was turned up exposing her pussy. She had one hand on her nipples, rubbing them slowly and the other hand on her clit, rubbing it slowly. Her pussy hole held a grip on the vibrator and I could tell that she was in another world right at that moment. As I watched her quietly getting her nut, I naturally got horny but because I had to keep my hands on the partition between us in order to watch her, I didn't move much less I didn't want to alert her of my presence because I really thought she didn't know I was there. Suddenly, she bucks hard and starts trembling feverously then I buck and slip off the toilet. We both came and fell to the floor simultaneously, which of course made a noise loud enough for both of us to know that we were not alone. We came out of our stalls at the same time and faced each other with sly smirks.

SHE: 'So now you know about my secret stress reliever tactic and I would like this to stay a secret so what can I do for you to keep this quiet?'

ME: 'Nothing at all...I won't tell anyone'

She walked out of the bathroom smiling and I needed a minute after she left to wipe myself. I go back to my desk and the scene continually played in my head for the rest of the day. Later that night when I had sex with my husband, I came so hard just because I kept thinking about that woman playing with her pussy. I woke up the next morning and did a sixty nine on my husband & all I thought about was that woman playing with her pussy. Here is where things get deep though...the next time I was at the office, we were in the bathroom together and this time it wasn't an accident. This time around we were playing with each other's pussies, sucking each other's hard nipples and experiencing tsunami type orgasms in the office. Every time I'm in the office, we see each other and make each other cum. Lunch dates turned into bathroom quickies outside of the office and in the office, we had stress relief power minutes. The thing is Kai, I want to tell my husband about it but to be honest, these quickies help me cum with my husband and I think if I tell him, he'll be mad because I'm cheating on him with a woman. What do you think Kai...should I tell him or should I keep 99 licks chick?"

This is a tough one. On the one hand, I want to say don't say shit, enjoy it while you can and do your best to not to get caught. On the other hand, I want to say tell him, he might like it aka he might want to watch or join in. He might even let you live as long as you let him know who you sharing the pussy with. Whatever you do though, stand by that decision and be ready for whatever repercussions that come after. Thanks for sharing your story with me!


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