5 Surprising Sex Facts *Must Read*

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We are all super curious about sex. You can't honestly say that sex has never run through your mind. It's like natural or something. There's tons of different things to know about sex. Many things serious many things light. You've seen the fetish articles I've written. It gets dark.

5 Surprising Sex Facts *Must Read*

I'm back and that could be a good thing or a bad thing. We are all super curious about sex. You can't say that sex has never run through your mind. It's like natural or something. of different to know about sex. serious light. You've seen the fetish articles I've written. It gets dark. More dark thank you'll ever know.

A lot of times it seems as though people don't truly know a lot of facts about sex. I know for a fact I'm no guru. It needs to be somewhat more of a bigger conversation, when it comes to our youth. I don't think that people take sexual education at all. is like dangerous. But don't worry this a light and airy article. some fun interesting facts to consider.

Today we are going to do one of the articles I always neglect doing. I always talk about the millions of fetishes around the world, yet never the concrete facts. today I'm going to be bringing you five sex facts and of course my thoughts on them.

Sex Relieves Pain

This I think has to be the most useful fact . Have a headache? Hanky-panky. Body hurts? Hanky-panky. Stub your toe? HANKY-PANKY. I feel like it's so obvious that sex would relieve pain. when it's sex with someone in which you have a connection. Connected sex is always better than detached sex. Your partner takes your pain away.

Lesbians Orgasm More

, so shady. unfair. , I'm truly jealous. Apparently lesbians orgasm a lot more than us straight ladies which I think might be a sign. I've loved the wrong gender all these years. I me a baddie. It's so possible.

Condoms Don't Kill The Vibe

Men are always claiming condoms don't fit or that they are uncomfortable. That is false and don't be swindled. This means that dude wants it raw. Which is cool if you're in a committed relationship but dudes are out here now not trying to be in a committed relationship. Yet, they want , to not get std, for you to do on a buddy status, and for their new video game to be released. Selfish. Real selfish.

Penis Fear

Ithyphallophobia is the fear of having, seeing, or thinking about an erection. I had to throw something up in here so why not the opposite of a fetish. People actually fear penis and I'm not surprised. It's not the prettiest organ around and guys walk around swinging them like helicopter wings. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

Sex vs Coffee

I'm not going to say sex would lose for me because what even is coffee? , a of people actually claim they can go longer without sex than they can without coffee. I can't stress enough how much I hate coffee. Why anyone would have that much respect for that nasty water is beyond me. though.

so new and different to learn about sex. It's almost like a whole sex ed lesson in my computer. slightly taken less . But I mean half of the time nobody takes sexual health serious as is.

Researching was super fun today and shocking! I have my eye on some other sex facts that had me question the entire universe. Keep your eyes peeled for another funky fact article in the future!

Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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