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5 Best Craigslist Personal Dating Alternative That You Should Post Ads On

by Aamir Kamal about a month ago in list

The 5 Best Craigslist Personals Alternative for Sex, Dating, and find a partner for hookups.

5 Best Craigslist Personal Dating Alternative That You Should Post Ads On
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The world’s most popular classifieds site is known as Craigslist. It has listings of apartment openings, job opportunities, and services. Craigslist Personals is the only section that only misses from the website; it was the site’s version that depicted an online matchmaking service. You could post information about yourself including what you want from a partner in the personals section; hundreds to thousands of couples met through Craigslist Personals.

Unfortunately, Craigslist has not established a way of screening everyone who posts on the website and as a result, Craigslist personal was abused by sex traffickers. These traffickers used to post fake personal ads just to attract young ladies into prostitution rings; additionally, killers and predators also used the personals.

From March 2018 when the U.S Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), the new law held all personal sites accountable for any criminal activities especially when third parties abused their services. So in case of users were stalked, sold into prostitution, or worse still get killed through the personals section, Craigslist could face lawsuits.

The new law led to the shutdown of the entire site of Craigslist since, to protect the rest of the services they were offering, they had to fold the personals section after the law passed. The very same law was responsible for the shutdown of Backpage and it led to the creation of a higher number of back page alternatives.

It is highly unlikely that craigslist personal will be reinstated. Owing to the fact that it is a general classifieds site that has millions of users all over the globe, Craigslist misses centralized resources needed to get rid of the forms of abuse that occurred in the personals section. Ashley Madison and AFF are sites that are well equipped to deal with FOSTA.

Years have passed since Craigslist’s personal disappeared but the search continues for great personal alternatives. Several websites have stepped up currently and they offer their type of sex classified ads and personals for casual encounters. The article lists 5 of them together with the main features, reviews, descriptions, and the pros and cons.

5 Best Craigslist Personal dating alternative That You Should Post Ads On

Some people might ask this question: What is the best Craigslist personal dating alternative/replacement? So, we enlisted five websites that fit best for Craigslist personal dating alternatives.

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison tops the table as the most notorious hookup sites when compared to the rest. It was initially designed as a meeting site for a spouse with wandering eyes though most of its members are usually interested in casual encounters. Different from Craigslist, most of the women you will find here are down for sex and hookups, though discreetly since after all, most of them are married.

When you get membership into Ashley Madison, you can send and also receive messages from your favorite matches. Also, you can as well send virtual gifts; how about when you visit another town? Use the Traveling Man app to check out which members are ready or down for a hookup in whichever destination you want.

How are the membership rates so far? For 100 credits you get $59 (59 cents per credit), for 500 credits you get $169 (34 cents per credit), and for 1000 credits you get $289 (29 cents per credit).

Available features

  • Traveling Man app
  • Chat room
  • Virtual gifting


  • Pro-sex, Libertine community
  • Pay with credits
  • Swinger-friendly


  • Alleged fake female profiles
  • 90% male
  • Iffy site security

2. Seeking arrangement

A dating site primarily meant for sugar daddies and sugar babies are Seeking Arrangement. This is very different from Craigslist personals because gold diggers and the occasional simps that used to be there will find this site very expensive to join as members. If you are a sugar daddy or sugar mommy, the premium membership fees are over the roof.

When you are a premium member, you can get to hide your online status, unlock conversations, boost your profile, and filter your inbox. The diamond membership status raises your profile and enhances your response rate. The attractive membership is $89.5 for 30 days, $239.85 for 90 days, and $249.95 for 30 days for a diamond level membership.

As a sugar baby, you can have an attractive membership from SA ranging from $19.95 for 30 days, and $44.85 for 90 days. Alternatively, you can as well sign up for free membership status but when applying, you must fill out lengthy bios two of them with a minimum of 400 characters. You are a sugar daddy by default when you are a man; the lowest amount or net-worth which seeking arrangement will allow you to choose from is $100k from their mandatory pull-down.

For the most obvious reasons, Seeking Arrangement has attained lots of female interest. Despite its popular reputation for being a simp-fest, Bradicus and John Anthony are among the members of the PUA community that have gamed the site with incredible scores without spending any dime on the women. Seeking arrangement is one of the best Craiglist personal dating alternatives.


  • Interests tab
  • Thumbnail rows (online, new, college members)
  • Archive and messages inbox


  • Attractive young women or sugar babies
  • Easy to game as per PUAs
  • Rich guys or sugar daddies


  • A lengthy signup process
  • Expensive premium memberships
  • Primarily for simps and gold diggers

3. Locanto .com: Best Craiglist Alternative

Locanto has better features and designs. Similar to Craigslist, Locanto has a classifieds site that has several categories including personals. It started in 2006 in Germany and has since then spread worldwide; every major city in the United States has its own Locanto that allows the user to narrow down the search for their potential dating partners. Locanto is absolutely free to use because it is a classified’s site.

Locanto features a more professional design than what Craigslist had. Whenever you click to respond to messages, you instantly get a popup message with the same interest links, a picture of the poster, safety tips, and a location map. To startup, you can sign up through a google account and share the locanto posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Similar to Craigslist personals, scammers, and spam flood Locanto’s personal section. Just a quick browse of personals shows several links to porn sites or lots of prostitutes. Although Lecanto usually maintains a blog for safe trading, there is nothing else to do to make sure the personals are kept clean; this could be the most probable reason why most users in India use the U.S Locanto personals.


  • Safety tips
  • Social media share buttons
  • Follow user options


  • Heavily trafficked
  • Uncensored
  • Free


  • Bots
  • Spam infested
  • Prostitutes

4. Fetlife : Best For Personal dating

Fetlife features sex classifieds designed for kinky adults. For people who fancy so much the fetish lifestyle, Fetlife is the social media site for them. It offers a community atmosphere even if it is not a dating site; Fetlife includes a micro-blogging style type of layout plus a posting feed with an almost similar layout like Tumblr. Replies and captioned photographs are displayed on a Pinterest-style wall. Apart from the “anything goes” vibe, this is nothing compared to Craigslist Personals.

When you check out the Explore page, you will come across tables of posts that allow you to filter by theme for example friends, popular, kinky, pervy, and other themes. If you are interested in looking for a hookup, you can join the group, Fetlife Partner Finder. You can as well hit people up if you want in your main feed although your odds would be similar to that on Instagram. There are available options in case you want to have access to the site without restrictions; be a supporter with the following plans: $30 for 6 months, $60 for 12 months, $120 for 24 months. After becoming a supporter, you can perv any video or photo you like and you can also perv backward to any of the prior posts of all members who appear in your friend feed.


  • Picture, video, and message walls
  • Kink-themed groups
  • Friend feeds


  • Local group events
  • Cost membership
  • Libertine community


  • Predators
  • Thots and escorts

5. Switter .at:

The Switter features adult personals for sex workers. This is a social media site with a tweet-deck format that almost resembles Twitter and that is why the names almost rhyme. Tweets go by “toots” on Switter; it is not a dating site per se but there is an adult-oriented vibe where “anything goes”. The site has connections with Mastodon which is Facebook’s decentralized rival. People on Switter have been categorized into classes namely the sex workers plus their fans; most of the toots are featured advertisements for most erotic services. A disadvantage of some of these accounts is that they are controlled by escort agencies and cam sites; despite having a format that looks like Twitter, Switter turned out to have the same outcome as Craigslist which is a prostitute directory.

The Switter is different from Craigslist because it has taken some steps to remove spam and fake ads from its platform. The Switter boasts more than 330,000 users since October 2020. Like Craigslist and Switter, Twitter is free and even if it is not a dating site, you can still toot for hookups.


  • Profile directory
  • Follow, star buttons, re-toot
  • Profile directory


  • Free to join
  • Sex-positive
  • Uncensored


  • It’s not a dating site.
  • Not very popular but still growing
  • Designed for erotic entertainers

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Aamir Kamal
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