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4 Tips To Make A Fortune on Only Fans

by Ellowen Ophelia 12 days ago in social media

Never underestimate the power of your body. It holds a lot more treasures than you’d think.

4 Tips To Make A Fortune on Only Fans
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

Desperate times call for desperate measures or maybe you just want to shake your ass. All in all it’s pretty true the one thing that we need in this world to survive is money. People from all corners of the Earth say that money is the root of all evil and maybe they’re right. Actually I’m positive they’re right but without money where would any of us be. That’s a sad observation, I am already aware. Nonetheless it’s the truth. So, today I have come up with a few tips to help in the adult industry.

Only Fans. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I’m even more sure that you’ve heard the site has made many people a world richer during this Covid. A beautiful approach to embracing the body and ending financial debt. Both individual, yet priorities we very often struggle with. How wonderful of a time where both can be brought into fruition. Never underestimate the power of your body. It holds a lot more treasures than you’d think. Let’s go over some of the ways you can make a fortune on Only Fans.

Promote Your Page

By Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

I’m sure you’re worried about your friends and family finding out that you’re bending over for a bunch of strangers online. However, as intense as this fear may seem think about the possibility of growing your only fans page without promotion. It’s pretty much slim to none. Who is going to subscribe to your only fans if they can’t find it or don’t even know it exists. Make sure that you promote your page in the utmost capacity not some annoying coochie spam but often enough to keep your page flowing. If your truly worried about your family and friends finding out there’s no reason you should have to show your face and make profiles separate to your personal social media. It’ll be harder to grow but it’s possible.

Intermittent Discounts

By Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash

Now, I’m not telling you to put yourself out there for the free.99 but it’s always smart to show your fans that you’re not just some greedy little nut bandit. At the end of the day people are always down for a discount and if the content is good you’ll reap the rewards.


By pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

Not only will it bring in new money for you, it will also bring in money for your fellow collaborator. There’s always room for a different content with multiple people especially with all of the weird shit that the world is into. Find your niche and add a partner. It’s a wonderful business opportunity.

Fan Interaction

By Richard Jaimes on Unsplash

Every fan deserves the devotion of the person they look up to. Whether it be a video for all or a private session. Time to time pick a random winner for a private session. Have people pay for private sessions. Interactive and appreciate your fans. You can never go wrong with gratitude. After all they are paying your bills!

Keep your content flowing graciously and make sure to put your best game face on. You can earn tons just being you. Shake that booty! Make sure that you only worry about what is best for you. Only Fans may or may not be it. Just remember there are always options. Options that you should consider without the thought of what others may think. Life is too short to not dive into something new because it scares you. Don’t be ashamed to pay your bills or even be able to just live a little. Body positivity and dollar bills are hardly the worst that could happy to you.

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Ellowen Ophelia
Ellowen Ophelia
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