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by Timothy Kincaid 2 months ago in erotic

What a Woman Needs

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The summer before high school, I have sworn off girls and my caramel and vanilla flavors in particular. First, Destiny, my Ledbetter love, moves to South Carolina before the school year ends. Second, the secret love I have for my best friend, that’s a girl: Bree. A secret locked deep in the basement of my heart. She’s at Myrtle Beach for the summer and I’m sure she is French kissing the 18-year-old lifeguard as we speak. 

Unlike most of the children at the New Hampshire St Apartments, I couldn’t play all day. I had lawn mowing duties, which included the front and back of each building in the complex. I usually waited around noon, the hottest part of the day, to begin.

Please allow me to be frank. I had an ulterior motive, a hidden agenda about why I began mowing around noon. It was usually the time when the mail came. Although I had sworn off girls, women were an entirely different species. There is a new renter and when she walked out of her apartment to go check her mailbox, the closing of her screen door was like a dog whistle. All the neighborhood boys would stop what they were doing. All my dawgs and actual dogs would freeze to watch her walk up the street to the complex’s mailboxes. Even the house Geeks somehow knew to be standing at their door. 

She was 5 feet 7 long, straight shoulder length jet black locks. Milk chocolate complexion, the face of an Angel and the ass of a featured stripper. Silky smooth legs and never without extra lip gloss for those succulent lips that made them pop. I had been up close and personal when Ned, my stepdad, and I installed her oversized A/C unit. It was a bear getting it to fit in her living room window however, the ice cold air it produce was well worth the herculean effort. While acting like I’m getting ready to crank the mower, she walks by. I have beautiful older girl cousins, so women never intimidated me regardless of their hotness.

Hey Miss Tonya. I say. Hey there, pretty legs. She replies. At first blush I thought, wait a minute I’m not pretty I’m rough plus girls are pretty boys are handsome, however the way her voice inflected and the smile on her face when she said it. Well, it was a compliment. Thank you, Miss Tonya. I reply. Tim, Miss is my mother, I’m just Tonya. Thank you Tonya. She’s wearing my favorite shorts, canary yellow terry cloth. She has a white beater over top of her bra with the straps visible and yellow flip-flops. The twist of her hips leave me in a booty trance. 

It’s a sweltering summer afternoon. I’m doing drills on the road beside my apartment. The rhythm drill is next up, it’s a drill where you drop the ball between your legs, take around one leg and drop. The bouncing ball and your hand patting the ball create a rhythm the faster you go, the more pronounced the rhythm. I had become quite adept at it. I hear soft, faint clapping. I look up to find Miss Tonya standing close by. 

You’re good at that, she says, smiling. Why thank you Miss Tonya, I mean Tonya. I reply. Tim honey, would you like something to drink? I made a pitcher of lemonade. It’s in the freezer, so it should be nice and cold. She says. Yes, mam I’m very thirsty. I reply. Come on. She takes my hand and we walk across the road to her apartment. 

When I enter, it’s like a breath of fresh mountain air. Her A/C is humming perfect. Are you happy with your unit? I ask. Yes, thank you for helping put it in. She says. It was my pleasure. I reply. You are so sweet and well mannered. Has anyone ever said you have beautiful skin? No, not really (I lied my girl cousins have told me, but I didn’t want to appear conceited) well you do, and the prettiest legs I’ve ever seen on a guy. Miss Tonya, you are the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen up close. 

Why Tim, what do you know about sex? She places 2 glasses on the table, pours the beverage, and takes a seat. Not much I’ve only been with a few girls (at this point I had only been with Destiny and her cousin. I know. But I digress). We both look into each other’s eyes. She brings the glass to that gorgeous mouth of hers I follow. The lemonade is so sweet and sugary. Her neck is so tender I notice a sweat bead flowing down her neck to her chest. She brings down the glass; I bring down the glass. Her lips are moist from the delicious liquid. 

Well, Tim honey, what do you think? I think you are beautiful and have the juiciest lips I’ve ever seen. She giggles. I was referring to the lemonade but… she gets up and walks to my chair and brings her lips to mine. We kiss, however a crying baby immediately interrupted us. The Cougar takes her lips away and wipes mine with her fingers. She exits and brings back a cute little baby boy. 

Most teenagers would freak out, however the good thing about having a mom with 6 sisters and 3 brothers there were always babies around. Tim, please meet Marcus she hands over the little guy while she prepares his bottle. I guess Marcus is 8 to 10 months I spin him around to help him forget about his hunger.

As his mommy places the bottle into a small pot of boiling water on the stove. She speaks. So you think my lips are sexy. You almost got it right. I reply. I think you are sexy, your lips are juicy. I continue. They taste like the best lemonade I’ve ever put to my lips and swallowed down my throat. My lips taste like lemonade because I just drank some silly. She replies. You did really, well I think I need another one to make sure. I say. 

You are so darn cute she comes over and gives me another kiss while I hold Marcus. She takes him, holding him on her hip while she checks the bottle. I stand watching her I realize she’s a grown woman, but she’s no taller than Destiny and her boobs are not as big as Brees the thing that has me thinking she’s a real woman, not the obvious fact that she has a baby but as I scan her body, she wears an anklet. A bracelet for her ankle. I had seen no one wear one. I think she is so sexy. 

She puts the baby in his playpen, and he drinks his bottle I’m sitting on the couch. The Cougar approaches almost stealth, like she is about to devour her prey. She reaches for me and I give her my hand. Tonya enters my personal space and coolly straddles my lap. My hands automatically go to her fabulous fanny. MMM, your firm hands gripping my ass squeeze tighter she sighs and puts her tongue so far down my throat that my tonsils get a hard on. 

Do you like me? She asks through her kisses. Unable to speak, I shake my head yes. My mom is coming for Marcus later and I will be here all alone. Would you like to keep me company? She offers an irresistible pout. It would be my pleasure. I can be here around 11 pm when my parents are sleeping. Marcus interrupted us, wanting his mommy. The Cougar exits my lap and walks across the room to fetch her baby. Watching her gait is mesmerizing. I think none of the homies are going to believe this. The swing of her hair, the twist of her hips, the batting of her eyes, the taste of her mouth and the smell of her skin assured me she wasn’t typical, but something extra special 

That night, Miss Tonya was like this beautiful sexual lab experience. My Love allows me to dissect, insert, touch, kiss, lick and suck every inch of her stunning body. We experimented with several positions of which My Cougar had names for each: doggie, missionary, front and backward Cowboy, to name a few. I finally understood about a nut and the greatest feeling in the world. 

Throughout the rest of the summer, she gave me so many I lost count. She taught me a lesson none of my homies never discussed. We can give girls the best feeling in the world: the elusive orgasm. Watching a woman get her pot of gold at the end of the sexual rainbow is nothing less than extraordinary. The rolling of her eyes, quivering of her bottom lip, the trembling of her tummy, the sound of her scream in ecstasy holding her twitching body as your body heat soothes and calms her is the most erotic thing ever. 

That’s why honey, they gonna love you, all dem girls, women, black or white, older or younger. My darling, what will separate you. What separates you from the average run-of-the-mill guy is your relentless desire to assist your lover in achieving and securing the elusive nut you speak.

The rules of basketball are so deeply ingrained in my psyche, I know them instinctively. The rules of what a woman wants my Cougar drilled in me over the summer are now a part of my soul.

Armed with the Road Map to greatness on the court and now possessing a top secret list to court any girl or woman’s heart and mind. I’m finally headed to RS Central High School. Ready or Not here I come. Wait til the Hilltop get a load of me. King of Courts. Lets Go!


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