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100 Sexiest Women of the Decade

We Rank Ladies That Melted Our Hearts From 2010-2019

By Winners OnlyPublished 5 years ago 27 min read

As the decade comes to a close we take a moment to remember and celebrate the women who through their accomplishments, talents, looks and actions were the world's sexiest from the years 2010-2019.

1. Adrian Purnell

Arguably the most popular player in the history of the Legends Football League, Purnell is a natural beauty from head-to-toe, but she was as tough as they come both physically and vocally. Nobody was better at cursing out their opponent than Purnell during her career. She finished her career in 2017 after leading the Atlanta Steam to the Eastern Conference Championship. Soon after, she gave birth to twins and began her journey in motherhood.

2. Mizz Twerksum

Mizz Twerksum became the most famous twerker on YouTube as a member of the Twerk Team. She became the star of the crew and was able to have a career in music videos, celebrity appearances, while still giving her fans what they want on Instagram. Her body was made for twerking as she's thick in all the right places and don't get us started on those splits. When it comes to the sexiest women of the decade, Mizz Twerksum can't be excluded on any legitimate list.

3. Serena Williams

As of now, Serena Williams has a legit argument for athlete of the century and that includes male competitors as well. Serena has exemplified female empowerment while being extremely proud of her body, strength and sex appeal. Some people think that being a strong and positive woman means that you have to shut off your sexy, but Serena has kept it on as she's developed from a 20-something year old champion to a mom, who has turned into a megastar at age 37. A quote that has been attributed to her is "I'm really exciting. I smile a lot, I win a lot, and I'm really sexy."

4. Anitta

Those who are in the United States may be late to the party but Brazlian singer Anitta is a big deal. So much so, that in 2017 she was said to have had more influence in the world on social networks than Lady Gaga, Shakira and Rihanna. Other Brazilian artists who made this list, MC Britney and MC Thaysa represent a more gritty side, where Anitta is more of a pop princess. She represents the strong and sexy woman in Brazil to the world on a mainstream level.

5. DeWanda Wise

An acting vet, DeWanda Wise found her breakthrough role in Spike Lee's Netflix series She's Gotta Have It. In the role of Nola Darling, Wise shows a character who is filled with confidence, as well as insecurities as she displays sexual strength as well as vulnerabilities. Throughout the journey, Wise's inner and outer beauty bleeds through this character and is among the best of anyone in Hollywood.

6. Falyn Fonoimoana

In 2010, Falyn Fonoimoana kicked off the decade with a bang as a college freshman. She led USC to the Final Four and suddenly she was gone. Well not for long as she is currently one of the best and most entertaining pro beach volleyball competitors. Mixed with Samoan and African American ancestry, Falyn catches eyes with her game, as well as her unique six-foot-four body that's wonderfully thicker than anybody on this list.

7. Khaddi Sagnia

A product of Sweden, Khaddi Sagnia is one of the best long jumpers in the world. Sagnia has won four straight Swedish long jump championships. She also rocks it on Instagram as well with over 100,000 followers, allowing her fans get a dose of her beauty and training.

8. Michelle Jenneke

When Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke did her pre-race dance in 2012, she went from track athlete to heartthrob within the snap of a finger. She became an Olympian in 2016 and even appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

9. Tamar Fennell

Arguably the most underrated Legends Football League player in the history of the game, Fennell has worked hard and played in multiple cities, states, nations and even continents. Finally winning a championship with the Chicago Bliss in 2017, Fennell has been viral with videos of her on field brawls as well her hotness. Her biggest moments came in 2016 when she recorded clutch interceptions that allowed the Bliss to win the Eastern Conference and Legends Cup championships.

10. MC Thaysa

MC Thaysa was the front woman of Bonde Das Maravilhas. Imagine a Brazilian version of the Twerk Team. The difference is that this collective was a musical act who was able to tour the world dancing behind the lyrics of MC Thaysa. Watch her dance and rap and you'll know why she's one of the sexiest women alive.

11. Toni Braxton

When it is all said and done, Toni Braxton may be the sexiest and best aging R&B singer in the history of the genre. At 51, she's still hot and hasn't let that dreadful disease known as lupus get the best of her.

12. Nicki Minaj

One word: "Anaconda." That's all that needs to be said. But for those who don't know, we truly believe that is the sexiest music video ever. We're not coming from a Nicki Minaj obsessive fan point of view. We're saying that of the many moments that Nicki Minaj has had in her career, nothing made our mouths water more.

13. Gabi Castrovinci

I don't know if there has been a better looking woman on television in the history of pro wrestling. Gabi earned fame when she was a contestant on WWE Tough Enough in 2015. A year later she found herself in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling where she competed and worked as a manager under the name of Raquel. It's criminal that pro wrestling didn't make her a bigger star, but she continues to shine among her 1.3 million followers on Instagram, as a health motivator and in the competitive bikini fitness community.

14. Scarlett Bordeaux

An advocate against hot shaming, Scarlett Bordeaux is a big reason to tune into Impact Wrestling. The Smoke Show brings seduction and a naughty bit of charm to the show.

15. Lanipop

After building an audience with her YouTube Wala Cam and twerk videos, Lanipop took the urban modeling and exotic dance world by storm. The native of Chicago with measurements of 36-29-45 has become a successful video model, business woman, and has even dabbled in fitness as well as making a few hip-hop records.

16. Miley Cyrus

In the middle of the decade, Miley Cyrus was as wild and free as any celebrity of her time and stature could be. She twerked, was open about her sexuality and marijuana use as she escaped her childhood girl next door persona, while raking in tons of cash. Her sexiest highlight of the decade was the "Wrecking Ball" video. The single sold over five million copies in the US.

17. KK Holliday

KK Holliday made one of the best safe sex anthems of all-time. "Weh di Rubba Deh" shows the Jamaican artist who is willing to go all the way, but not if it means contracting any diseases. A woman who is sexually confident is great but one who keeps it safe is the best!

18. LuLu Jackson

When LuLu Jackson hit the field during her two seasons in the Legends Football League, everybody paid attention. The five-foot-10 inch powerhouse could run over, through and past anyone in the league. In a game full of beauties and specimens, Jackson may have been the most well built in LFL history.

19. Allison A. Johnson

Allison Johnson is an eye catching hooper, who is gorgeous and over 75,000 followers on Instagram will agree. During the 2018-19 season the six-foot forward was second at Georgia State, with a scoring average of 11.6 points per game. Off the court she kept fans entertained with some of the most beautiful social media posts of a woman that one can ask to see.

20. Salina De La Renta

The role of the first lady of wrestling has evolved from a demure Miss Elizabeth from the 1980s to a bold present day boss known as Salina De La Renta. She started off as a very young indie wrestler, but these days she's making noise as a leading antagonist on Major League Wrestling, which landed a national TV deal on beIN Sports in 2018.

21. Janell Williams

A 6' 2" middle hitter, Janell Williams is a natural beauty. On her social media posts, her face isn't hidden by a ton of makeup and she doesn't need it. In fact we'll say she may the most naturally beautiful woman on this list. We'll let you be the judge. Nonetheless this college volleyball star is successful at her craft and a fun follow on Instagram.

22. Khat Bell

Khat Bell has been catching eyes ever since she was an NCAA champion volleyball player at Texas back in 2012. At six-foot-one, this beauty has a magnetic smile but will not hesitate to use that same mouth to shred you to pieces if you get on her bad side on the court.

23. Jessica Kylie

Remember her image on the tee shirt by the company that was known as Two In The Shirt? Also that promo clip Mundo called the Peace Maker was one for the ages. Those were just the beginning a vast list as Jessica has given us a decade of content to drool over.

24. Karlee Perez

Lucha Underground was a unique show about a pro wrestling promotion that mixed in science fiction and drama. One of the biggest stars of the show was Karlee Perez whose character Catrina gave opponents of the wrestler she managed the lick of death. If only ass whippings could be so rewarding in real life. Nonetheless her acting chops and beauty helped to carry the show, which had a wild four year run on the El Ray network from 2014 to 2018.

25. Johanie Taylor

When it comes to urban modeling, you would be hard-pressed to find a more aesthetically beautiful being. Johanie Taylor made appearances on the popular Real Husbands of Hollywood. She also showed up on the music video of the platinum selling single "Cut Her Off" by K Camp. Johanie Taylor's photos translate as flawless as anyone in the business.

26. Nyanda

One half of Brick & Lace, Nyanda is one of the most talented artists in the world. Her song writing credits include Christina Aguilera, The Pussycat Dolls and Jennifer Lopez. A couple songs to check out that show off her sexy side are "Put It On Me" and "I Love Sax." Wikipedia says she's 41 and if so, 41 looks hotter than ever!

27. Tiffany Haddish

The rise of Tiffany Haddish during the decade was inspiring for anyone who seeks to become the best at what they do. Her authentic portrayal of who she is and ability to make us feel like we're all a part of the ride with her is what makes us love her most.

28. MC Britney

When it comes to Brazilian Funk, MC Britney does it with strength and roughness. The sexy bronzed beauty has over 70 million views on YouTube and is making the world dance with her hits that include "Vai Dar Merda" and "Deixa."

29. Jenn Morel

Many people thought that video models were nothing more than eye-candy. Jenn Morel has proven that to be a myth. She's transformed to an international recording artist. The native of the Dominican Republic has rapped her way to the Italian and French music charts with her singles "Ponteme" and "Kumbara."

30. Sydney McGinley

She's a new comer, but this college track and field beauty is tearing it up on Instagram. With curves for days and a smile that will brighten up your year, she's a potential gold mine for the sport, should she make it to the next level.

31. Khamica Bingham

Canadian sprinter Khamica Bingham is totally gorgeous. This 2016 Olympian, was also a gymnast at one time. This 5' 3" 135 pound of dynamite is sponsored by New Balance and has a bronze medal from the 2015 Pan-Am Games.

32. Parisalexa

Seattle's newest gem in music is about to blast off like previous stars from the state of Washington. Despite her youth, Parisalexa's talent transcends generations and has the ability to lift your spirits and comfort you when you're feeling down. She's not just a singer, but also a budding song writer and musician. Her talent matches her outer beauty, which insures that her future will keep her paid for years to come.

33. Trina Braxton

The Braxton Family Values has been a successful reality show and over its eight-year run Trina Braxton has been a cornerstone of the program. Over the years she hasn't ever been afraid to share her wins, shed her tears, express her sexual confidence, while showcasing times where she didn't feel as confident. Trina Braxton's authentic and transparent representation of a real woman is as sexy as it gets.

34. Hannah Cunliffe

This former University of Oregon sprinter was the national champion in the 60-meter dash at the 2017 NCAA indoor championships. These days the speedster is sponsored by Adidas and is one of the most beautiful athletes alive.

35. Ayisha Diaz

Who would've guessed that Omaha, Nebraska could've cranked out this hot thing, but yes it's true. Before her appearances on Love & Hip-Hop, Ayisha Diaz had mouths watering as an urban model and video vixen. Like Melyssa Ford owned the covers of Black Men magazine in the previous decade, Ayisha Diaz's covers of Smooth magazine were must haves.

36. Maya Stephens

At St. John's, Maya Stephens was a multiple champion in the Big East as a competitor in the 200 and 400-meter dashes. She's a woman with movie star good looks and also uplifts women with her FitCurls brand that assists others upon how to eat, train and other healthcare tips.

37. Simfany Brooks

From appearing in the show, Blackmen, Straight Stuntin' and other publications, Simfany along with her twin sister Shelly have been among the best urban models of the decade. Simfany has a look that screams "I'm the sexiest woman in this magazine," which rests in her eyes. The tatted up babe appeared with Shelly in a Foot Locker commercial with hip-hip icon Snoop Dogg.

38. Melissa Montana

Here's a French beauty who kicked off the decade as an urban model that wasn't afraid to show some skin. These days, while still modeling, she has become a successful DJ in the worlds of hip-hop and trap music.

39. Taelor B.

When it comes to physical trainers and life coaches Taelor B takes the cake. I mean she's like a great dessert after dinner. She gives you so many positive thoughts and ways to grow as a person and on top of that, look at her. Her body just won't quit. Nonetheless she does her work just to show you what a person who invests time in being healthy and who loves themselves can be. For that we thank her.

40. Cervena Fox

When it comes to body art Cervena Fox can't be touched by anyone on this list. Born in England, she is a model that has popped up on places such as WWE's YouTube channel, as well as Inked and Front magazines. Her live stage show, for adults only, thrills fans all over the world and her portfolio of photos is as adventurous as any model on earth.

41. Ayan Broomfield

A national champion tennis star at UCLA, Ayan Broomfield is a vision of beauty that exudes confidence on and off the court. One of many Canadians on this list, Broomfield was named All-American for the first time in this, her senior season.

42. Karina Joiner

This Harvard track star is beauty and brains mixed with speed. At this year's Ivy League Championship meet, the freshman placed third in the 100-meter hurdles. Despite that, Karina is finishing first in our hearts with her amazing fashion since top rated beauty. Keep an eye on this budding athlete as she's going to be a star for years to come.

43. Wankaego

At first her name was tough for us to pronounce but once we learned it, we never forgot. Remember her record and music video when she told us she could "Make it Twerk." She was a featured in top magazines such as Smooth, Urban Ink and Black Men.

44. Charlie Pearl

A colorful rap artist in the group Better Off Young, also known as BOY and now known as Bet On Yourself, Charlie Pearl is bad and bubbly. She's a real life party girl, whose personality leaps out of the screen. When they talk about people with "It Factor" Charlie Pearl has that and a donk that she's never afraid to shake!

45. Alysha Nett

A tomboy at heart, Alysha Nett was a girl from Kansas who has found fame as a model, gracing the cover of many magazines and websites. She's also became a photographer and a reporter for SoundDiego seen on the San Diego's NBC affiliate. A daring model, Alysha has pushed boundaries with sexual expression, while challenging herself mentally on a daily basis to be more than just another pretty face.

46. Danielle Herrington

Straight out of Compton, California to the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Danielle Herrington became the third African American woman to have that honor. The 5-10 model has worked with Victoria Secret and has been featured in GQ magazine.

47. Parker McKenna Posey

In the previous decade, Parker McKenna Posey played the cute five-year-old Kady on the ABC sitcom "My Wife and Kids." Now at 23 she's one of the sexiest women alive. Her appearance on "Real Husbands of Hollywood" spoofed on what a lot of us were thinking and made us laugh at the same time. Oh my, how she's grown up!

48. Fatima Diame

This Nike sponsored track and field star has won five national championships in Spain. She's been a champion in the long jump, 60-meter dash and 400-meter relay. The long armed and legged 22-year-old of Senegalese descent is one of the newest social media darlings.

49. Nichelle Prince

A member of the Canadian national soccer team, Nichelle Prince is a beautiful woman who is sponsored by Puma. She played on the college level at Ohio State and currently competes professionally for the Houston Dash. At 5-4, 145 pounds and a smile that melts your heart, Prince is as tough on the field of play as they come.

50. Deja Carter

Deja Carter is a Philadelphia native that has danced her way to a successful career as one of the top rising choreographers in the world of hip-hop. Her sex appeal jumps off of her videos, move by move, which serves as a thrill to her more than 280,000 Instagram followers.

51. Spice

Jamaica doesn't have a shortage of sexy recording artist but the way Spice delivers her songs is unique. With a bit of a deep voice the seductress has a controlling type of feel as Spice let's you know who runs things in the bedroom. This decade she's been one of the more productive dance hall performers in the business dropping nearly 60 singles since 2010. Her latest single "Cool It" continues her sexy legacy.

52. Myra Melendez

She's been performing since her teenage years but now as a grown woman, Myra Melendez has blossomed both physically and as a performer. With much of her work recorded in Spanish, Myra is traveling down her own road, unlike most Ohio-based singers. Her passion filled video "Amor Prohibido" will let you know why this beauty is deserving to be on this list.

53. Destinee Hooker

A product of Texas, Destinee Hooker is one of the best athletes of the previous decade as she starred in volleyball and track and field. She continued her volleyball career this decade as a 2012 US Olympian and professional. Hooker also shined as a model, being featured in an edition of ESPN Body Issue.

54. Tyra Banks

At 45, Tyra Banks landed on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was on the cover in her 20s and for her to look just as good, if not better, is a symbol to all women that life after 40 can be sexier than ever.

55. Kim Glass

Last decade, Kim Glass was a program changing volleyball star at Arizona, who became an Olympian. From there she continued her pro career and also became an in demand model. The 6-2 bombshell was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and could be seen in sporting goods stores on signs for Under Armor. In 2017, Kim was featured on the MTV reality series The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars.

56. Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams is a very good actress but her hilarious work on Real Husbands of Hollywood landed her on this list. There is something about her that is appealing without her attempting to do so. She's proven to be very thoughtful and positive as well if you follow her on social media.

57. Melissa Santos

Before Melissa Santos, modern pro wrestling ring announcers were kind of boring and robotic. When she hit the scene on Lucha Underground, it gave the show some flavor that allowed it to become a bit of a cult hit. Now on Impact Wrestling, Santos continues to showcase her skills and beauty as one of the best in her craft as an interviewer.

58. Lana

Lana number one, Lana is the best is a chant that many WWE fans sang as they supported the woman known as the Ravishing Russian. A former cheerleader at Florida State, Lana has spent much of the decade as one of the most beautiful women in pro wrestling and reality TV.

59. Kreesha Turner

Born in Canada, Kreesha Turner has Jamaican roots and was even partly raised there. In the previous decade she made moves as a singer in the pop world and even won a Canadian Radio Music Awards for Best New Artist. Over her career, she has been nominated for five Juno Awards, which is the top Canadian music honor that an artist can achieve. In recent years she's done more edgy dance hall and hip-hop inspired music including the song "Sexy Gal" as well as the Michael Jackson inspired "Bad."

60. Sarah Barthel

Phantogram is a cool duo that has released some genre defying records over the years. Sarah Barthel serves as the dynamic voice of the group that has had two top 20 albums on the US pop charts. Barthel's charm was utilized well on the the group's collaboration with Outkast's Big Boi, which was known as Big Grams. The song "Put It On Her" showed listeners that she could get a little naughty too.

61. Miracle Watts

A few years back, every urban modeling magazine and website wanted to have a piece of Miracle Watts. Rappers like Royce da 5'09" and Drake were mentioning her and she became an overnight star which has since become a business woman in the world of cosmetics. While working as owner of The Miracle Lifestyle, Ms. Watts still has fans checking out her assets as 2.2 million followers continue to see her posts that showcase how fine she remains.

62. Stephanie Santiago

Remember "The Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz? If so and you saw the music video, there is no way you forgot Stephanie Santiago. In 2013, Complex Magazine said that Santiago was one of 25 Hottest Urban Models to Follow on Instagram and they weren't lying. She was owning all her photo shoots during the middle of the decade and her hard work led to appearances on national TV. Her spreads in Smooth Girl and Show magazines are legendary in the urban modeling industry.

63. J.O

Unashamed of her sexuality, J.O says what she wants and does what she wants, how she wants. She's gritty and a bad girl, who loves her craft and loves being a the sex symbol that she is.

64. Javell Thompson

Watching Chicago Bliss running back Javell Thompson perform in a Legends Football League game is like watching Bo Jackson on the old school football game Tecmo Bowl. She's fast and runners just bounce off of her like a bull going through a china shop. The best part of things is pre-game and post touchdowns when Javell twerks it on camera. Nobody in the LFL does it better.

65. Tifa

Dancehall and reggae has been blessed by the participation of Tifa. Her songs are versatile. She can be sexy, make you think, laugh, get you fired up for war or extend your hand in love.

66. Marifranchi Rodriguez

Native of the Dominican Republic, Marifranchi Rodriguez first got our attention as a volleyball player at Miami Dade. Since then she's gone on to compete for the Dominican Republic's national team. At 6-feet-tall, Marifranchi's strong frame turns heads wherever she goes.

67. Mia Yim

A former college volleyball star, Mia Yim is one of the most respected women's professional wrestlers in the world. Currently a performer on WWE's NXT brand, Yim is a proud representative of her Korean and African American heritage and has been an advocate against domestic violence. She also provides motivation to her fans with her workout progress pics on Instagram.

68. Nyla

The other half of Brick & Lace, Nyla made her mark with that group during the previous decade. Since then she has performed with Sean Paul and Major Lazer. Her remix with Major Lazer of the song "Light It Up" was a top 10 song in the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and on the US Dance Charts. While her sister comes along as gritty, Nyla has a more sultry approach that makes her sexy in her own way.

69. Thunder Rosa

Melissa Cervantes is a Mexican wrestler also known as Thunder Rosa as well as Kobra Moon. From her ring entrance to her high flying moves, the face painted performer knows she's hot. The cool thing about her is that she's welcoming and is like a one woman party. When she passes your way, you feel refreshed and when you watch her in the the ring you are amazed.

70. Marti Belle

Once upon a time, Marti Belle could be seen on national TV as a member of the pro wrestling faction known as The Doll House on Impact Wrestling. The playful but wicked Belle brought unique athleticism and spice to the show. She later made it to the WWE Network as part of the Mae Young Classic in 2017. Belle has also shined as a wrestler and broadcaster in the St. Louis based National Wrasslin League.

71. Kiera Hogan

Known as the Girl on Fire, Kiera Hogan is making a steady climb in pro wrestling. The Impact Wrestling star is feisty and athletic but has those girl next door qualities that makes her a real sweetheart.

72. Ishawna

It is hard to listen to a song where Ishawna goes in about her sexual prowess and not be turned on. She is as descriptive in her bedroom conquests as a romance novel, which shows her ability to tap into the imagination of the listener. Born in Jamaica, her hits "Cheerful Giver" "Long Fingernail" and "Vroom Vroom" will have you grinding and winding on instinct.

73. Funmi Jimoh

A 2008 Olympian, Funmi Jimoh is exudes sexy from her athleticism to her versatile hair styles. In 2015, Jimoh became the national indoor champion in the long jump. The Seattle native's full name is Oluwafunmilayo Kemi Jimoh.

74. Elle Varner

One of the most underrated singers in R&B, Elle Varner showed her charisma with the single, "Don't Really Wanna Dance." Varner did get a Grammy nomination as a solo artist and won one with her contribution as a songwriter on Chance the Rapper's "Coloring Book" album in 2017.

75. Citrece Fox-Birdwell

That 2017 Atlanta Steam was full of hot women. One of the many was Citrece Fox-Birdwell. The curly haired, tatted up athlete did damage to competitors with hard hits on defense. Ask Legends Football League all-time leading rusher Chrisdell Harris about when Citrece nailed her in the backfield during Atlanta's win in the Eastern Conference Championship game. Since then, Citrece has become one of the hottest moms on earth and can still be followed by fans on her Instagram page.

76. Kelis

Kelis' most famous years were in the previous decade when she was "Bossy" and stirring her "Milkshake" but she has aged gracefully and has remained productive after a public divorce from Nas and becoming a cook while releasing two albums that continued to expand her artistic horizons during the decade.

77. Kaitlen Howard

Daughter of R&B singer Miki Howard, Kaitlen Howard is a spitting image of her mom. A talented singer as well, Kaitlen is a beautiful mom, who gets hotter by the year.

78. Sydelle Noel

When the Netflix original show "G.L.O.W." premiered, Sydelle's charisma jumped out of the screen in her role of Cherry "Junkchain" Bang. The former college track star at Georgia has had multiple roles over her acting career as she has appeared on shows such as "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," "Bones," "Arrow" and "Everybody Hates Chris."

79. Carla Harvey

Women who do metal are sexy. Carla Harvey of the Butcher Babies is an amazing performer. What helps to make Harvey hot is that despite having African American ancestry, she did not allow the opinions of others to affect her love of metal music. People will tell you that metal is just for white people, but Harvey embraced the genre that moved her and turned it into a career. That's real sexy.

80. Lady Luscious

Twerk Team started out with many members but when the dust settled the two sisters Lady Luscious and Mizz Twerksum were the last women standing. While Miley helped to bring twerking to the mainstream, Lady Luscious' contribution to the style of dance should not be underestimated. She had her own look with a signature lip piercing that separated her from those in her group. Lady Lucious led an internet craze that millions of people have tried to duplicate. She's made her mark in history and that is sexy.

81. Farrah Franklin

Her most popular moment came during her five-month run with Destiny's Child way back in 2000. Nineteen years later, Franklin has continued to find work, while playing peek-a-boo with her fans as an actress and solo singer. Through it all, at 38, she's still got a killer body and will make you turn your head just as she did when she first appeared alongside Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle.

82. DJ Miss Milan

We're not sure if there is a more charismatic DJ than Miss Milan. She's comical, energetic but is extremely focused on being the best in the business. The talented DJ can also bust a move if she steps from beyond the turntables. She's been seen spinning on MTV and has worked hard to turn a dream to a business.

83. DJ Chevi Red

She's a living comeback story. Once a college track and field star and model, she disappeared to build a family, but since 2018 Chevi Red has been rocking parties. From hip-hop to Latin to old school Chevi leaves people smiling. Let me not forget to tell you that she can make the best sweets as well.

84. Faye Jackson

She's thick and proud of it. Faye Jackson makes being big boned sexy and is a true poster girl of body positivity. These days a lot of women's wrestlers are focusing on their in-ring work but Jackson is one who isn't afraid to embrace and represent her sex appeal while kicking ass at the same time.

85. Naja Christmas

Now a physical trainer, Naja Christmas became one of our faves when she starred for the Legends Football League's LA Temptation in 2017. Her long, lean and well toned 5-foot-10 frame reminds one of images of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Her motivational videos on Instagram shows that she's as caring as she is beautiful, which makes her extra sexy!

86. Lira Galore

If you're not sure if urban modeling is dead or not, a case can be made that Lyra Galore helped to keep the genre on life support. Her photoshoot with GGurls and appearances on Rick Ross videos helped make the Houston thick girl a household name in the fantasies of hip-hop fans. These days she's a business woman who runs Laid by Lira, which specializes in beauty products and has over four million followers on Instagram.

87. Crystal the Doll

Detroit has an over abundance of sexy women and Crystal the Doll pushed her way to the front of the line. She got our attention as a host and model but when she recorded her song "Bedroom" she owned our imaginations for life.

88. Arryana Barton

After becoming an NAIA All-American triple jumper at McPherson, Arryana Barton hit the football field and became a valuable tight end for the Atlanta Steam of the Legends Football League. The 5-10 wonderfully shaped player helped lead her team to the 2017 Legends Cup Championship game and had a viral YouTube video with millions views as fans drooled over her talent and beauty.

89. Georgia Nott

Georgia Nott has one of the best voices on earth. It can be airy, harmonic, relaxing, strong and demanding. As a member of the group Broods, from New Zealand, she's helped lead the band to international success with appearances on charts in Belgium, Australia as well as in the US. Between 2014 and 2016, Broods won 10 New Zealand Music Awards. To sum it all up, Georgia Nott is a hot woman with a golden voice.

90. Mary Sohn

True story, NBC's AP Bio is a hilarious show, but one of the treasures of the program is Mary Sohn. She's funny with a spoonful of sex appeal that makes your enjoy every moment she's on the screen. This talented Korean woman gritted her way through the hardships of being a struggling performer to land a role on network TV and you can tell with every line, she isn't taking a second of it for granted. You gotta love a woman that figures out how to make it to the top!

91. Medina

Born in Denmark and mixed with Danish and Chilean ancestry, Medina has been one of the most successful singers from her country. She has appeared on charts in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and US. The song that helped to land her on this list was "Threesome." All we can say is wow! Oh and thanks Medina.

92. Efya

Ghana's Efya owns such a pleasant voice and has won tons of awards over the decade. She's a five-time Ghana Music Awards winner. Her music video "Get Away" is infectious and will make you a fan. It won the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards Best Female Video Award.

93. Ginare Womack

Daughter of the late Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted soul singer Bobby Womack, Ginare is a real looker. She's worked as a designer as well as an actress and singer. As a business woman, she runs a Birth Wright Inc.

94. Phenyx Rose

When Phenyx Rose showed up in Straight Stuntin Magazine it was hard to turn the page. That was at the beginning of the decade, these days if you go to her Instagram page, her over 400 posts make it hard for you to switch apps. Here's a warning, do not text and drive and don't visit Phenyx Rose's page behind the wheel. Her body may cause a wreck.

95. Maxine Ashley

"Perpetual Nights" was one of the sexiest performances by a singer during the decade. Maxine Ashley's voice wrapped around the song penned by both she and Pharrell Williams. Once you see how beautiful she is on the music video you can't help but fall in love.

96. Whitney Dosty

Whitney Dosty is a beauty who made her name on the volleyball court. She started for Arizona before competing as a pro. Along with volleyball she's been an entrepreneur, model, blogger and more.

97. Serena Brancale

A product of Spain, Serena Brancale is as talented as they come. She can sing jazz, pop, soul in both Spanish and English. While she is a great looking woman, her voice is even more beautiful. Check out her album "Galleggiare" which is one of the best all-around albums of the decade.

98. Metay Vinson

After a collegiate track and field career where she was a sprinter for Iowa Central, Metay has taken center stage as one of the sexiest athletes in the Legends Football League. The current star for the Omaha Heart is going to give fans in Nebraska something beautiful to root for.

99. Jessi Jetz

The versatile, Jessi Jetz on the outside is thick with a body for days, but on the inside she's a dancer, rapper and model who continuously overcomes battles with sickle cell. She doesn't allow the disease to halt her progress in becoming a top notch performer. Many people give up on their goals when another human tells them no. Jessi has to battle an illness that comes and goes as it pleases and she never gives in. That along with everything else about her is sexy.

100. Rori

After moving to Greensboro, North Carolina, Rori got into the modeling business later than most but when she did, fans took notice. Born in New Jersey, but raised in Texas, this model with great features and an awesome body raised eyebrows with her grey hair. To be honest, some people go grey in their 20s and early 30s. Rori is an example of that. Despite it all, she still was one of the hottest women in the game of urban modeling, making grey hairs sexy.


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