10 of the best anal sex Toys.

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These are the best anal toys to use to have enjoyable sex with your partner!

10 of the best anal sex Toys.
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10 of the best anal sex Toys.

We all like to spice things up in the bedroom. We all know it can be boring. It can be nice to treat our loved ones with some anal sex. I’m sure they will be screaming in pleasure for you. I would like to share some toys with you that will help you out.

1. b-vibe swirl texture plug

This medium-sized textured plug is one of b-Vibe’s top sellers, and for good reason. The swirl texture provides tons of unique sensation upon insertion and exit, and it also vibrates. It’s textured, tapered, made of body-safe silicone, and has an easy-to-handle grip that not only ensures that it won’t get lost in your booty, but also makes it super easy to remove. The toy is also splashproof and has six modes of vibration. If you love the idea of it, but wanna go smaller or bigger, there are also multiple other size options as well.

2. fun factory b balls- These anal balls have inner rotating weights and are especially good for impact play or spanking, per a Babeland staff reviewer, as the balls will also shift with every move of your body. The silicone toy means it’s for use with water-based lubricants only, although thankfully, there are a ton of anal-centric water-based lubes pretty much made for this.

3. lube shooter- Though not technically a “toy”, this anal-play accessory will make toys and anal sex way more comfortable. The lube shooter allows you to fill ‘er up with your anal lubricant of choice and then shoot it into your butt, so you can ensure whatever you’re inserting, be it a toy or a penis or fingers etc, can also be lubed up from within. Obvi you should still lube up the outside of the penetrating object, but since more is usually always a good idea with butt stuff, this is a good sexcessory to try out as well.

4. b-vibe anal training kit and education set- If you’re new to anal and curious, there’s really no better all-in-one kit than b-Vibe’s anal education kit. It comes with a small silicone butt plug (the size of a finger, great for beginners), a medium vibrating butt plug, a large-sized weighted butt plug, lube shooter, travel bag, a travel bag to keep all your toys together, and a hefty 50+ handbook on anal tips from sex educators.

5. lovehoney slimline butt plug- For beginners who don't know if they prefer plugs or beads, here's a great option that basically provides both. Also good for beginners: the smallest, first bead is no bigger than a fingertip.

6. club vibe 3.oh- For those who are unfamiliar, OhMiBod is a sex toy company known for its remote-controlled toys—and now they have one specifically designed for anal play. It's called a "club vibe" because it also vibrates along to music.

7. njoy pure plug- This shiny little guy is made of metal, as you can see, which means it can be heated up or cooled down if you want to throw some temperature play into the mix. The plugs come in several sizes—something for everyone.

8. b-vibe trio- This might just be the most sophisticated butt plug out there. The b-Vibe has THREE (!!) motors packed inside a silicone, medium-sized plug. Its nine different vibration patterns make it a toy you'll never get bored with.

9. lelo hugo- Meet Hugo, another luxe option for your booty. The angled shape makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate, but that doesn't mean it won't feel great for you too.

10. lovehoney glass butt plug- Anal-play newbies will appreciate this tapered butt plug's slim shaft, while the glass design means it's as minimally chic in an understated way as butt plugs can get.

I hope you enjoyed reading the different anal sex toys that you are able to use with your partner. I hope your able to try some of these out and find them enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed reading my content. I really appreciate you viewing it. I look forward to making more in the future for you all.

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