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10 minutes to satisfaction!

by Rachel 10 days ago in erotic

10 minutes of wild and exhilarating fun before going out.

10 minutes to satisfaction!
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The story all started with 10 minutes!

I heard her shout at the soft tone of her voice, “ I will be 10 minutes I am just getting ready” Famous last words. Women aways seem to take ages when getting ready!

I waited around tapping my feet and rubbing my head “ What could be taking her so long” I muttered to myself under my breath While feeling rather frustrated as there was a hot and attractive woman in the bathroom right next to me.

I could hear her getting dressed. I could not help myself. I felt myself gazing slightly out of my left eye through the hole in the door. What I witnessed was incredible.

She was stood looking in the mirror. All I could see was her elegant curvy and rather put together body. Her breasts were perfectly shaped with her nipples pricking forward. I was blown away that I had come across her in this way!

She was getting ready. I could see her slipping in to a very attractive and summary floral dress. It fitted her perfectly and really showed her figure in a million ways. It made her feel even more extravagant in my eyes.

I shouted “ Are you nearly ready we will miss the start of the party” I never expected it to start early. There's always things going wrong in the partying scene. She whispered quietly I need some extra time.

I was annoyed at the fact that she still was not ready after all this time!

I could hear noises coming from the bathroom. It was her. I was intrigued as to what could she possibly be doing to sound so amazing. Her soft-toned voice was turning me on. She was squealing as though she did not have a care in the world. It sounded very inviting to me!

I pushed the door wide open heavily feeling it hitting the bathtub, Laid on the floor, There she was laid there with her eyes rolling around in the back of her head, Her fingers were pushed against this toy that laid against the thighs of her legs.

“ What are you doing” I screamed at the top of my voice. She replied “ I am so horny I could not help myself” I heard her moan while sliding the vibrator deeper against her clit.

10 more minutes will not harm anybody I heard her say to me....

I found this exillierating, My cock was beating so quickly it was slightly about to explode for her. I ripped my trousers off. I found myself stroking my cock over her. Wow, Shes really turning me on!

She was so wet. The vibrator was sticky and unbelievably wet. I would love to be sucking it all off, I whispered to myself as I begin to place her lips against my balls.

Her soft tongue was cupping against my balls. I felt her taking them like a pro. I was grunting and moaning very loudly as she begin to use her hands to tease my cock softly with her short soft and elegant fingers.

However could this get any better, I slightly said in a very intrigued and turned on manner.

She begin to slip my cock in her mouth. This was Torturous. I found my self riding her wet tight mouth with my cock. She could not handle it. She was being a naughty little slut gagging on my cock as it reached the back of her throat. I allowed her to rest as I tickled her clit.

She had a big surprise for me!

She pushed me against the bathroom floor. I felt her placing her hands over my shoulder as she begin to climb on me. Her soft lips kissed my body. I was full of wetness and admiration for her.

Her pussy slid onto my dick. I felt her riding me nice and slowly. I pushed her breasts against my heart. I felt her moaning very loudly for me as she begin to build up the speed. Wow, “You really are a naughty little wore” I moaned to her. How could this possibly get any better!

She was getting faster and faster like she had no care in the world. My balls were tingling. I felt my cum shooting through my cock as her pussy was covered in wetness for me.

She was so hot. I could not help myself. I could have lasted longer but the whore rode my dick like a queen. I had to show her a lesson and release all my spunk all over her delightful skin as I grabbed her breasts and moaned in delight of the pleasure she had given to me.

I am thankful for your assistance this evening.

This was the best 10 minutes of my life!

We went ahead and enjoyed the party. It went well and we had a sensational time with friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed Reading and I look forward to making more content in the future for my audience.



I like making erotic stories in my spare time. It is a very big passion of mine and I really enjoy it.

I get hooked on making great stories for my audience.

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