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As The Crow Flies

By lucyjbPublished 2 months ago Updated about a month ago 4 min read
Photo by Thomas Lardeau on Unsplash

just a lil mini series about some frens (pt 1/5)


as much as i hate to admit it this whole lil series was inspired by a car commercial so idk inspiration can come from anywhere or whatever


It started with Alma. Well, Alma’s phone. We’re sitting in the grass, Evan and Cam and I, leaning against the brick wall as it shades the sidewalk. Across from us, the shadow of the big tree mingles with the wall and I watch Alma and Tyler as their silhouettes climb through the branches.

Cam is scribbling notes, copying from a notebook with neat, careful handwriting, Alma’s.

I glance over their shoulder at the page and laugh.“How are you ever going to be able to read that?”

“Its not that bad!” Cam says defensively, “Is it?”

“I literally cannot tell what that word is.” Evan says on their other side.

Cam rolls their eyes and makes a sour face.

“Well, it doesn't matter, anyway, cause I'm the only one who’s going to need to read it.”

“You can read that?” Evan says, with genuine surprise, and he points to a collection of scribbles.

I narrow my eyes and try to make a word from the chaos.

Cam looks exasperated. “It’s just ‘the’ how can you not see it?”

I squint, tilting my head, and Evan laughs.

“I guess,” I say, “But only because you said it.”

Cam grumbles something under their breath, but all of our attentions turn to the tree as Alma hooks her knees over the brach and carefully lets herself fall until she is hanging upside down; giggling, she looks clumsily at Tyler and says, “Hah! I told you, Ty, you owe me $5!”

Tyler sits on a branch at the opposite side. “I didn't even take that bet.”

“Sounds like something a loser would say.” She quips and turns her attention to me.

“Zuli, take a picture pleaseeee.” I sigh and Alma throws her phone through the grass, but it lands about halfway between us.

I look at her. “Really?”

“Please please please?”

I roll my eyes but just as I move, the flutter of a birds wing flashes in front of us, and when I look back toward the phone, the grass is empty.

I look at Evan and Cam beside me, then to Tyler and Alma, then to the bird, fading fast.

“There’s no way that just happened.” Cam says, “No way.”

Alma fumbles from the tree and Tyler follows her.

“What the FUCK!” She says and turns in the direction of the bird as it becomes a silhouette in the distance.

We all look at each other and Tyler says into the remaining silence, “So what do we…do?”

For once Alma is at a loss for words, staring at the sky like it might bring the bird back.

I furrow my brows in thought and ask, “Al, don't you have location on?”

Alma’s eyes turn bright.

“That's perfect, Zuli, all we need is…”

We all look at Tyler.

“What are you look—” He pauses, understanding. “Guys, no. I'm not allowed to have anyone under 21 until I’ve had my license for at least a year.”

“Besides,” Evan says, “Are we really going to leave in the middle of the day to go on a wild…? Phone chase or whatever…”

“This is an emergency!” Alma insists, “If I go home without my phone my mother will kill me!”

Tyler and Evan exchange a look, but I glance at Cam with the opposite and pull my things together.

“Come on Ty, it'll be fun!” Cam says, picking up his bag and throwing it over his shoulder.

He looks at Cam, them back to us and points to the brick wall behind us. “Have you all forgotten something?”

Alma just shrugs, “Ms.Velma can confuse us in geometry any day, besides, i'm kind of doomed already.”

“Uh?” Evan says, “Have you forgotten anything else? Sorry Alma, but my mom would kill me for ditching in the middle of the day!”

Alma looks thoughtful. “I'll just… have someone say our names at attendance?”

“You know that won't work.” Evan says.

She sighs. “Fine…You know that guy who works the student desk in the attendance office?”

“Really? You wanna bet our freedom on a junior jock who can barely read?”

“He knows how to read!” Alma says defensively then shrugs “And he owes me a favor.”

Her voice turns dramatic. “We can only have so many adventures in this life.”

Tyler rolls his eyes but Evan frowns, “Who are you, Socrates?”

Alma looks offended. “I'd prefer a modern Sappho but—.”

Evan amends sarcastically, “Who are you, Sappho?”

Alma gives him a look and finally he sighs. “Fine, I’m in.” Then under his breath, “So much for not giving in to peer pressure.”

Cam laughs and grabs Tyler’s hand, pulling him slowly to the parking lot.

He looks at us for a moment.

“Okay” He says, pulling the keys from his pocket. “But there will be snacks, and i'm not paying for them.”





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