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Your $$$$ income pisses me off!

Stop sharing your income, please!

By KomalPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Your $$$$ income pisses me off!
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Are you sure?

We, common folk now possess a strange superpower — the amazing capacity to change into a human volcano, bursting with rage at the slightest mention of other people’s lavish bank accounts — in a world where money talks and humblebrags strut their stuff. Yes, you read that correctly.

The ability to explode in a wave of resentment when confronted with someone else’s exorbitant wealth has emerged as the hottest skill in town. Today, we go deeper into the hilarious world of individuals who would like to be blissfully unaware of their salary out of fear that their every nerve could erupt in confetti!

· Consider the following scenario: You’re enjoying your morning coffee and going through your social media when BAM! There it is — a sparkling post from your friend bragging about their most recent acquisition of a luxury boat. You feel a geyser of resentment suddenly come to the surface.

Like an internal fire alarm goes off when you learn of someone else’s prosperity, signaling your metamorphosis into a monstrous envy machine. If you find yourself humming “Kumbaya,” jumping on one foot and shutting your ears to block off the opulence’s demonic whispers, don’t be shocked.

· Why do individuals lose their cool when they succeed financially? According to psychologists, money instability is a major factor. It might be a little upsetting to see your neighbor luxuriating in a golden bathtub full of cash while you’re scrambling to make ends meet. It’s just that every time you hear about their exotic vacations, your inner “Jealousaurus” begins dancing the Macarena in your gut. It’s not that you have anything against their success.

· Many people have created clever coping methods to keep themselves safe from anger-inducing facts. Imagine yourself at a gathering when your friend begins bragging about their lavish lifestyle. You suddenly pull off a move that would have Houdini proud and do a magic trick to change yourself into the silent leader of the evening. Your arsenal of avoidance now includes the blank expression, the subtle eye roll, and a visage that begs you to be spared the tales of your financial prowess.

· However, there’s still more! When it comes to expressing jealousy, this newly acquired capacity to become enraged by other people’s great wages has given birth to a surge of inventiveness. The era of overt envy is over; now it’s all about sarcastic comments and subliminal digital sabotage. Sarcastic emojis find novel meaning and unfollow buttons elevate to the status of holy weapons. Darling, “Keeping up with the Joneses” is so last year. Now, everything revolves around “keeping up with the Whiners and Grumblers”!

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Let’s find the positive aspect of this narrative as we say goodbye to this entertaining inquiry. We are all fervently seeking financial success, despite the chuckles and sideways glances. It’s obvious that we also wish to live like Scrooge McDuck and swim in a gold coin vault since we get so worked up over other people’s wealth. Therefore, the following time someone boasts

Jokes aside, I love to support your content, no matter if it is about money making or how many gold coins you earned because there is always at least one golden tip for newbies as well. So, as long as your content is appropriate and obeys the Medium rules, I would love to read it.

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