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Xiao Yanghe, the river in my heart


By JackmamaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Everyone's heart has a river, that is in the heart of the flow of love, no matter where they drift, are overflowing with deep fondness, carrying a sinking feeling and hang ......

  My hometown has an ordinary river, silently through the city, over the village, no torrent, no waves, but in my heart stirred up a burst of waves, so that my heart fluctuates with it, so that I am intoxicated, more exciting, it is my hometown river - Xiaoyang River

  When the first rays of dawn shine on the earth, at this moment the Xiaoyang River cloaked in a hazy veil, gray morning fog shrouded the river, the green trees and grass on both sides of the river like naughty children, hidden and hidden. The Little Yangtze River is still as gentle and tender as ever, silently moving through the misty morning mist. Strolling along the elegant wooden carved promenade by the river, you will find many people practicing in the morning, some in pairs, some holding their pets, some alone, some boxing, some dancing with swords, all with pleasant faces, they come to enjoy the environment and atmosphere of the Xiaoyang River.

  The sun gradually rose, the small Yangtze River also slowly removed the veil, showing the winding body, to meet the people awakened by the sunset, the river, the bridge, the traffic, flowing, the small Yangtze River boiling, the silent atmosphere was replaced by noise, at this time, the bridge is the river, the bridge is also the "river", in order to live the running people, like the river Like the flow of water, from all directions to swing set together, and run to their respective posts, it is cheerful, it rushes, it is like a young man who only strives to forge ahead, full of hope to start a new journey.

  As the sun sets in the west, the Xiaoyang River seems to be a bit tired after a day of running, and generously spreads its daytime experiences and beautiful scenery to the dusk in the afterglow of the setting sun. Xiao Yanghe, in the long river of years, had flowed into the hot factory, running to the vast ocean; the clear river, and had carried leaves of light boat, full of hope, running to happiness and joy ......

  Now, the sunset is low, half the sky red clouds, the river slowly flowing under the gorgeous haze, with the charm of the hour, noon dash, more like a golden mirror, the bank of the weeping willow slanting poplar, a row of colorful bridge lights, connected to the beautiful sky, together into the embrace of the great, at this time, I appreciate the small Yangtze River is so wide, so charming.

  The lights, the moonlight under the Little Yangtze River quiet and peaceful, leisure and entertainment people stroll along the riverside wooden promenade walkway, the lights on both sides of the flickering, starry, the melodious music, reverberating haunting, so that the Little Yangtze River becomes a deep and mysterious.

  However, just when you are intoxicated in this mythical realm, suddenly a Qi Liang in front of you, as if cloaked in a mysterious veil, that a clear river reflecting a full moon, appearing extraordinarily quiet and charming, just like a sleeping moon Palace ......

  Xiao Yanghe, the river in my heart, although you do not have the surging power of the Yangtze River and Yellow River, nor the magnificent expanse of the sea, but you have a motherly and broad feelings, swirling childhood dreams, touching the hearts of wanderers ......

  Xiao Yanghe, the river in my heart, you sent away the long years, you ushered in the quiet beauty of the summer flowers year after year, you put a poetry of nostalgia diffused in your quiet lake, the legend of a beautiful story after another ......


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