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Wowtigo - feeling of simultaneous excitement and rush

By Joshua MaggsPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

Little Tom ran to the front door of the house. The doorbell had just chimed its beautiful tune. He reached his hand up, turned the door handle and swung open the door. It’s almost as if the sun had deliberately shone down its rays of light onto the person standing in the entrance. It was Grandma.

“Hello Tommy”, began Grandma. Little Tom with his eyes now wide open, outstretched his hands to receive the wrapped present. His eyes lit up like magnificent fireworks. His little face displayed the utmost excitement. Grandma stood there, delighting in the joy she had allowed this little boy to feel. “What’s in the box?” she asked, knowing full well what was inside. Little Tommy looked directly up at his Grandma while holding the shiny wrapped box that was over half his height.

“Wowtigo!” he shouted.

Grandma looked puzzled. “What does that mean Tommy?” she asked. Little Tom smiled, looked at the box and back up to his Grandma. “Hehe!” and with that, Little Tom spun around, with a smile and a sparkling of an eye, and ran down the hallway of the house. He stopped halfway, fell to his knees and began ripping off the wrapping paper. Grandma walked into the house as she watched Little Tom decimate the wrap. Then she knew. It was really ‘Wowtigo!’


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Comments (2)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran8 months ago

    I've had many Wowtigo moments as well! Your story was so sweet!

  • Arslan8 months ago

    It shows the love between Grandma and her Grandson what a lovely short story

Joshua MaggsWritten by Joshua Maggs

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