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Why Do We Wonder About Our Own Existence?

Here's What Happened

By Lese DuntonPublished 11 months ago 2 min read

Once upon a time everyone knew the purpose of life. Each person understood why we are here on earth, where we came from, and where we are going. It was an easy life. Perhaps too easy.

In those days, people were well aware of the win-or-lose dramatic comedy of everyday existence. They shrugged their shoulders with a smile, even at the hardest of things, knowing that every experience would advance the growth of their soul. The earth school of hard knocks and great joke material was always worth it – with the right perspective.

No matter what happened, they knew they would return to their home in the heaven world with a deeply enhanced understanding of their soul’s purpose. They would attain an expanded awareness of their true selves and the nature of reality. Piece of cake.

One day God realized he had created a school that students were gliding through way too easily. Like getting answers to the final exam beforehand. Or like betting on a horse that’s a guaranteed winner - without the edge-of-chair excitement that comes with not knowing.

After this epiphany, God put into action his new plan. Unlike a simple pivot or course correction, only the highest of powers can implement a flawless solution of this magnitude.

An announcement to the Universe declared that henceforth whenever a soul gets the go-ahead to return to earth life, they are required to stop at the gate right before their outgoing departure. They are questioned by an Angel from the Light Brigade who must confirm their understanding. The final conversation before takeoff and descending usually goes something like this:

Angel: I just want to make sure you fully realize that you will completely forget who you are, why you are visiting, and where you came from. You have to figure it out yourself and can also study what other people have learned.

Person: I have been made aware of it, and I can’t say I’m in love with the idea. Is there any chance I can retain some of my memory?

Angel: No.

Person: Will I at least have free will?

Angel: Um, sure.

Person: What about when I return here to the heaven world?

Angel: You will remember again upon arrival. Maybe sooner. Let’s talk about it when you get back. I’ve already booked an appointment for your return flight.

So if you are wondering why we are all here wondering, that is the reason. We used to know a lot more – until the Angels from the Light Brigade were stationed at the gate to enforce the new mandate.

Now everyone can be fully engaged in the exciting game of remembering. Don’t worry, you can do it! Even before your next appointment.


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Lese Dunton

Essayist, reporter, and book author. Writes about everything.

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