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Why did you kill me dear

Akhilesh was sleeping peacefully among the many machines and pipes.But he is a hellfire surrounded by foxes and demons.

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

a movie on TV .. in
which the hero is a magician .. spreading cards, taking candy from the side, rabbits and pigeons from the book... splitting her in two, sticking again .. amazing magician .. this movie did not impress Akhilesh so much in that house alone Just looking to pass the time."Ring .. ring ..." the phone on the table rang.
"Hello .. Tell me Jennifer .. What are you doing right now .." "Where are you now? Akhilesh"
" Where are you going to shoot at twelve o'clock .. Beyond the house"
"Hey .. hey .. what now ?? .. why be nervous? .. what the hell is this..why cry now Jennifer? .. what's wrong with you .."
"Why with what Akhilesh.." Was nervous.
"What are you going to kill now?" "I'm not playing .. What did you kill .." Jennifer hit him .. Her tone was unusual ..
"Okay .. Okay .. Cool .. I just killed you .. You are now Sleep .. "
" Do you feel pain when you are stabbed .. Do you know how that pain is .. ?? "
"Hey .. What?? ... Talk to me .."
The contact was disconnected .. He called her again ..
"The number you are dialing is current switch off"The magician cut a woman in two with a knife on TV .. The audience put their finger in their mouth and applauded in surprise .. He turned off the TV and went to the kitchen.He opened the bridge and picked up a bottle of young brown wine and reached for the glass that hung on the wall.Blood drops on the wall.Akhilesh was startled .. At the same moment when the bottle in his hand slipped and fell to the ground, the electricity was cut off and the whole room was dark .. Dark ..There's something rotten in the old rotten meat ..A flash of light .. In those moments it was like a mask hanging in the corner of the kitchen .. like the same mask that the magician wore in the movie ..."Ring .. ringing .. ringing .. ringing .."In the gloom only mobile light pervaded."Hello .. say Jennifer .. you're still asleep .." "I love U."
"I love you too dear .. what to do now .." "Sleep is coming .. Rewind has seen all the photos with you on Facebook .." "Oh .. look look .."
"Yes, why don't you show me the photo of you wearing a mask?" What a mask .. what a photo .. "Don't act .. What happened when it was put on .. Hi .. Hi .."
"What .. ?? Hey .. Now why are you laughing .. Hey Jenny don't you stop laughing .. Please don't play with me .." Her laughter was horrible .. The moment she stopped laughing her voice was soft .."Akhilesh.. I did not say then .. This is a danger, this is not ripe .. Do you know how it hurts when stabbed with a knife? .." Jennifer said innocently and sighed .."Hey Genie .. What are you talking about Akshuvali .." The communication was cut off .. The whole room was brightly lit .. The lights were on again.“Don’t do it, it’s dangerous! I don’t give a fuck, I’m going. ” A woman's voice screamed loudly from the TV."I kept watching TV .. How is it possible? .." He turns off the TV nervously ..It sounds like someone is talking in the kitchen .. Someone is not talking .. It is masculine .. Akhilesh clearly feels that something mysterious is surrounding him .. Hands fluttering .. Clear trembling .. Fur trembles .. He goes to the kitchen as if biting his lower lip gently with his teeth ..He hides in the doorway .. There is a tall black blanketed magical hero .. Only his back could be seen by Akhilesh .. He was wearing a bloody mask with a smirk on his forehead .. The fleshy rot from his room ..He sniffed something and slowly turned towards the door .. Akhilesh's gaze flickered .."It's me .. it's me .. what the hell is going on here .." Jenny's head in his hands .. only head .. blood dripping from neck .. blood all over the room ..The electricity has been cut off. Jennifer roar is heard from the front. "Akhilesh .. Please .. don't kill me .." His death was heard in his ears .. Her roar spread all over the house .."Hey .. where is Akhilesh .. don't be scared .. please what Akhilesh get out of here Akhilesh.." he asks .. "Hey .. come on ..." Aggressive slap ..Realized that I was comfortably stuck in this house alone. When I tried to run away from home some how ..He could not move from that place .. He tried with strength .. Something grabbed his legs tightly and pulled him .. Akhilesh fell head over heels ..A nearby table slapped his cheek. It hurt .. "Shit .. dream? .." He just realized that what he saw was a dream .. he sighed as he squeezed his eyes ..The magician was dancing on the TV .. The children were clapping and having fun around him .. He was juggling cards and making them laugh ..It was over 12 o'clock when I picked up his mobile on the table .. Two mist calls from Jennifer..
"Now she's a sleep. Let's see in the morning."He turned off the TV, checked the door and windows of the room, left all the lights on and went to bed .. fell asleep for a while .. Restful sleep ..The bitter cold of the morning touched the blankets of his body. Woke up .. face surrounded by refreshments ..It was as if something was dripping wet on her head .. Blood when rubbed .. Jennifer was hanging when she looked startled .. Blood was dripping through her leg ..Caught .. got up and ran .. someone grabbed him and pulled him hard .. fell head over heels ..Akhilesh fell down from the bed .. "Shut .. dream .." The time is now twelve o'clock .. I went back to sleep .. Restful sleep .."Doctor .. Inspector Aravind has come to see you" "Yes .. come in" "Sir .. can you know how the condition of Akhilesh is?. "Physically he is perfectly all right .. but psychologically he is in a crazy strain"
"You told him he was in a coma, Doctor."
"You're correct. But you can't say coma stage. It's something very terrible. Worse than that."
"I can only relax a little from this case if he can speak to his self-remembering. Doctor .. Big space other .. Case up to the Prime Minister .. That girl has been stabbed many times with a knife.A drainage cannon on the side of the road is badly damaged .. in which the photo is leaked to other media .. social media .. he has been harassing women's organizations for his song .. that golden name is Jennifer .. I also have a age at the Doctor .. I can not even sleep ..Awesome people Lovers .. The bike must have come after watching the movie Late Night .. That's why he did all this cruelty .. I don't understand why or why not. "
"Carm Town Aravind, Akhilesh's big steel rod on his head.He is living in a dream now .. The angered, nostalgia and nostalgia in him are all with him .. Can a dream be permanent with him ..He immersed himself in the dream. Peel realized that he had dreamed then and now immersed himself in it. But he could not immerse himself in the real world. The dream would continue. Hello to bring an int for this doctor? ..This can only be done by Akhilesh. Anger and rage are alone with him .. He tries very hard to get up, Akhilesh is in a hurry .. So he can not wake up in the real world except he can go to the next dream ..If you have a Pulse Check with him, you know his dreams are very aggressive and violent."Okay Docker .. Let's Meet You Again"On the way, Inspector Aravind approached the nearby glass room. Akhilesh was sleeping peacefully among the many machines and pipes.But he is a hellfire surrounded by foxes and demons.

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