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Whispers in the Moonlit Room

A Silent Reunion

By Sanaf AhmedPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Whispers in the Moonlit Room
Photo by bennett tobias on Unsplash

The space was cloaked in a deep, satiny blackness, with only a chip of moonlight sneaking through a check in the heavy drapes. The air was still, carrying the unclear fragrance of old forestland and forgotten reminiscences. Two numbers enthralled this close room, seated at contrary bounds of a long, mahogany table. Their eyes were locked, eyes like lodestones drawing them together, yet not a single word absconded their lips.

Evelyn sat on the left side of the table, her demitasse face bathed in the pale moonlight. Her eyes were pools of melancholy, and her pulsing galettes traced delicate patterns on the table's face. She wore out out out a dress the color of night, its silk rustling vocally as she shifted in her seat. Her casket waxed and fell with unsteady breaks, dealing the fermentation within.

On the other side of the table sat Daniel, his features incised with moments of innumerous stories. His navigator- and- pepper hair formed a face survived by time, and his grasp, calloused and strong, rested gently on the table before him. His eyes were pools of riddle, secrets interred deep within their heights. He wore out out out a panorama suit, a stark perfection to Evelyn's blackness, a visual representation of their defying worlds.

A ticking timekeeper hung on the wall, each gratuitous end like an infinity. It directed the stillness, a metronome to their gathered deliberation. The cargo of their history, of all the words left unsaid, hung heavy in the space.

Evelyn picked up a silverware pen from the table and began to write on a number of paper, her penmanship flowing gracefully in the tenebrous light. She slid the note across the table to Daniel, her galettes pulsing as she did consequently. The note read," Do you spangle ago?"

Daniel took the note and studied it, his eyes tracing the angles of her handwriting. Memories, long interred, resurfaced like ghosts in the recesses of his mind. He jounced sluggishly, a wistful smile rollicking on his lips. He passed for the pen and scratched his reaction, pushing the note ago to her. It spoke," How could I forget?"

Evelyn's heart flittered at his words, and her eyes coruscated with unshed rips. She knew that this was their luck to ersatz the history, to make amends for the stillness that had tattered them gradationally.

She scratched again," I noway demanded to leave."

Daniel's eyes bore into hers, filled with understanding and guilt. His reaction was snappy," I noway demanded you to go."

Their deliberation lasted in this silent, close trade of notes. Each word they scratched carried the cargo of moments of stewing and gathered verity. They disregarded around stolen moments in the moonlight, participated conceits rumor in the black, and the pledges they had made to each other.

Evelyn confessed," I was alarmed , Daniel. alarmed of the future, of the unknown."

Daniel reacted," I was too, my love. But I should have held you tighter."

The space sounded to close in around them as the formerly intermingled with the present-day- day- day. Their grasp brushed against each other as they changed notes, a touch that transferred jitters down their backbones. The air was thick with pressure, with the letch to base the gap that had kept them incremental for consequently long.

Evelyn's note bucketed as she scratched," Can we start again?"

Daniel's reaction was filled with advisable," Yes, Evelyn, we can."

They cocked across the table, their eyes locked in a passionate aspect. The space sounded to dematerialize, and all that remained were two souls, reuniting in the quietest of exchanges. Their lips met in a tender, moping kiss, a pledge of a new morning, a luck to rewrite their story.

The space accredited with the dawn, but their silent deliberation lasted. It was a cotillion of words gathered, of love revivified, and of a unborn waiting to be penned.

As the sunshine's shafts screened through the drapes, they set up themselves intertwined in each other's arms, their galettes tracing patterns on each other's face. No words were demanded now; their stillness said volumes.

The ticking timekeeper on the wall evaporated into the ground as they lolled in the warmth of their newfound connection. The space, formerly shrouded in blackness, was now filled with the soft refulgence of morning light, a hallmark of the advisable and replay that had bloomed in their eyes.

In the end, it wasn't the words they had stated that signified, but the silent deliberation that had brought around around around them ago together. Love had set up its expressway, and in that space, in that room between them, it had rumor its utmost profound verity.


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Sanaf Ahmed

I am excited to share my thoughts, creativity, and knowledge with you through the written word. Thank you for joining me on this literary journey, and I look forward to connecting with you through my articles here on Vocal Media.

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  • C.S LEWIS5 months ago

    This is so amazing work you can also join my friends and read what i have just prepared for you

  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Great work! Amazing job!

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