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Where Love Begins

Where Love Begins

By Jams ArdinPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Where Love Begins
Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

I have known Matt for more than 10 years. We met and showed young people at school and it turned out that they were fast friends. After our graduation, we were lucky enough to find some kind of work in one organization, and our relationship was very supportive.

It's an obvious fact that I'm very happy about him, or that he knows ... In any case, we thought I wasn't, and it worked for us. In any case, do it ... until Covid arrives.

When the illness took its toll, we started working on the telephone, and without consulting each other for ten years, we rarely saw each other. Believe me, I lost my best friend.

And then again, her better half, Sarah, was satisfied with the unexpected distance between us, and I realized that infection was not the only thing that stopped me.

Unexpectedly, last month they broke up, he went to my entrance, saying he missed his best friend, and even though I saw that the world was disturbed, I felt like my truth was gone again.

We have chosen to work together from then on. So I drove home every day to work, and we would go out at night to watch movies or talk about what we had before Covid, and before Sara.

Last Friday night I cut my head off while watching a movie and woke up with my head in his lap. He was paying attention to me coming out and moving his fingers invisibly across my hair.

I felt as if the spirit around me was terrified, and my spirit gripped my chest as it hung and kissed my temple.

None of us broke the silence as he walked with me to my car in the evening, and before I could open the door, he took me by the hand and leaned over me, speaking kindly.

"Will you be able to come and eat tomorrow, Lizzie?"

I shook my head somehow, trying to guess what he was thinking. I paused to let it breathe as it got closer and squeezed my lips on my cheek.

"I'll get you some wine," he murmured, before kissing me on the cheek. My stomach ached as he closed the indirect entry of my car, I waited until I could see him in the mirrors this time.

I have revived his words in my mind. I will get you wine. It had been ten years, but I still remember that night. We were going with his friends, and he said that if he ever swore to get me wine, it was a code to him that he needed more than a relationship with me.

I never thought he would say those words to me. I was not at all sure at the event that he was sure to say. Despite that fact, I continued to hope that I would feel it.

I had another bite on my cheek as I was returning home in the evening, realizing that I had just heard what I needed to hear. Either way, Matt had never given me a cover, and I offered to trust him.

I heard a noise as I walked out of her apartment wearing makeup and high heels in a black dress, and I was pressured that she would open the entrance wearing her pants or regular sweat.

My fears ended when he opened the entrance, it could be. She was wearing black jeans and a cashmere sweater and she was like clean and delicate. He leaned down and lifted me to one red flower.

I rubbed my lower lip as I took the rose from her, and my stomach swelled again as she allowed her fingers to continue digging for some time.

He let his eyes move my body slowly, before meeting my appearance, and the virus slipped into my spine as a smile gripped his lips.

I had seen the same type of grin many times before. Still, I did not examine him. I shuddered to see her love for me change.

He pointed at me from inside, and to my surprise I looked into his drawer. All the lights were off and there were candles lit all over. They shone and cast long, delicate shadows that seemed to move around the dividers and above her house.

The floor and furniture were strewn with flowers, and the sound of intricate, well-known jazz shone all around the house.

In the living room, she had a table with lots of candles and flowers on it. Plus, my # 1 Merlot Jug.

"Matt, this is -" I said without hesitation, I heard him coming after me.

"It's too late for nothing to come back, Lizzie." He spoke softly, and I closed my eyes as his cologne fell into my veins.

He wrapped his arms around my middle way and placed his jaw on my shoulder. It was a custom that was often expected. Something he could do to make me feel different while we were at a big party, and he saw that I was depressed.

In any case, he had never done that, and my stomach ached when he found me. He squeezed his face around my neck gently, and I felt my head in a difficult position. I trusted him and let him help me. We stood together for quite a while, each confused.

Closing my eyes, I let him direct me to the ceiling and into one of the chairs on the table. He sighed as he poured me a glass of wine, before disappearing into the kitchen.

He came back and just smiled and sat next to me. I put down my glass and giggled a little, realizing that I had almost finished the wine of my fear.

He sighed and sighed in his wine, seeing me shivering briefly, before speaking.

"What a worry next to me years ago, Liz."

I scolded with understanding. "That was before you bought wine, Matt."

He gently stroked my hand, gently stroking my arms. I tried to hide the tremendous earthquake that was passing me by as he held my hand.

"I'm glad you remember that." Usine. "I had no idea I could ask you again ..." She sighs, catching my eye.

"Remember me," I murmured as I nodded and stroked my lower lip. I have felt uncertain about how I will treat her now that our relationship has finally emerged.


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