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When We Look Back

A Distant Glance

By Niecee MayPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The Hyper-Cycle from Big-Hero 6

We use the wheels everyday, and never think about how it used to be. I remember stories of the past and vaguely remember the finalization of the change over, but long rides like this get me thinking. When we're little we are taught to use the wheels, and we all get our own set. These things are completely customizable and adjustable to each of our needs. They are specific to us; in a pinch you *could* use someone else's but it's really obvious differences. We did away with a lot of things over the years, I realize as I slow way down to a place that I think used to be what they called a city before. Our cities now are vastly different. I hop off and out of the wheels, looking around. I used to come here often and wander around imagining what it was like to live like this. We have pictures to know what it once looked like, but now it almost looks like they either stopped mid assembly or mid destruction randomly and never came back, like this part of the world just suddenly vanished from existence over night.

We have heard of this happening. Civilizations vanishing over the course of this worlds existence. They say History repeats itself if we do not learn from it. It seems to run true. We hope we've learned from those mistakes of old. It seems we have not lost any civilizations in a long while now. We stay away from the things we have learned destroy us. There are stories of long lost killers that have been irradiated, but before that could happen there was controversy, mostly only in a few places but there was a lot of it.

We have heard all the stories growing up how it was just awful to live like they did, but they were so used to it they thought they liked it, which was why it was so hard to change over to this life. We look at all the old pictures and we have access to their old moving pictures, but they are hard to view with the hologram helms. We have the old set ups in the history storage locations, places where we save some still working items with their original care and use manuals even.

Looking at the pictures and then seeing the remanence left behind, it is so strange. I love watching how Mother Earth has healed herself which is why I still come here. I think my family must have come from here and they still remember the things of the old ways. I remember Pa and Ma bringing us here, they used to tell us about things sometimes and laugh or cry. None of us understood most of it. I think that's probably why they stopped bringing us here. Pa snuck us in to see GiGi and MiMi a few times and the way they live there is more like the old ways and those places are all gone now. We have been completely free of the old ways for many moon cycles now.

As I look at all of this mess and Mother Earths repairs, I smile knowing even with change we can always heal what we've broken. I ready my wheels they will be adjusting to my growing belly soon and then I will have to have my new little set up for their first set of wheels. Trainers are great and thanks to planning out everything Trainers are always readily available for the new ones to use until they are old enough to find or make their own. I know I should not come here, I want to bring mine here though too. I hope beyond everything I can teach my littles not to do the things that nearly killed Mother Earth. I feel like that is why we have never removed the damage and just allowed it to be as it is, so we can learn from it and know it isn't just a scary bed time story to keep the tiny ones in line.

I turn from this place, check for my tesla, ready my wheels and ride back to our home. Things have changed a lot, and it took us a long time to get here. I know Pa and Pop talk about a great war to end all wars, and they never elaborate. School taught us what that meant and I understand why no one talks about it. No one wants it to happen again, if we talk about it people start getting the wrong ideas so it's something only educators and scholars talk about, because they explain it in such a way we all know not it idealize it. it is nothing beautiful nor was it exciting, and unfortunately no one else can tell the old tales without sounding excited causing more issues. This is a hard truth we had to learn through the switch over and a rule we must never break.

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Niecee May

I'm a Mom of two boys, and I have a love of literature. I'm an open book and love reading and writing. I started writing around age 10. I like the term Dragon Mom as I hoard Books.

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