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When i See You

Chapter 3

By Akash DeepPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
When i See You
Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash

Kunal said, “Who does she think she is?”

Kamini got scared as soon as she heard Kunal's voice. She did not want Kunal to see this changed form of Anika. She ran outside the garden.

After reaching Kunal, he said to Kunal with heavy breath. Kamini said, “Kunal, don’t go inside.”

Kunal was shocked to hear this but then Kamini changed the topic and said, "I mean, don't spoil your mood today by kissing that fat lady, please."

Kunal was so angry at this time that he started shouting at Anika while standing there, "Huh! Who does she think she is? She made me stand in the sun at the airport for 2 hours."

Before things got out of hand, Kamini thought something and said, "Actually, she was feeling shy to meet you. When I went, she weighed 120 kg. Now, after 6 years, she has become even fatter, that's why." "

Having said this, to divert Kunal's attention, Kamini slowly started moving her fingers on Kunal's jacket and said in a romantic manner, "Look Kunal! Today is my birthday and today I am going to give you such a gift which you will always remember. By the way, mom and dad are sitting inside and getting Anika to sign the divorce papers."

Kunal's attention was still towards the door of the house but Kamini entangled him in the conversation, and turning Kunal's face towards herself with her hands, Kamini further said, "you know what… She was not agreeing, she Only after luring her with some money did she agree to sign the divorce papers."

Then suddenly she held Kunal's hand and said, "Come with me, I have organized a wonderful party for you and your friends behind the bungalow. You enjoy here with your friends, I will send your favorite wine and food right now."

Saying this, she held Kunal's hand and took him towards the back of the house.

Kamini left Kunal with her friends and herself ran towards the front of the bungalow.

At the same time, a message came on Kunal's phone from his driver Raju. In which it was written, "hotel paradise international".

After reading the message, a smile immediately appeared on Kunal's face which was red with anger. He felt that very soon he would have his second meeting with the girl from the airport. In this happiness, he picked up the champagne bottle lying with him, shook it, opened it, and happily started enjoying with his friends.

Kamini ran towards her friends towards the front of the house and Kamini said to all of them, "Go and entertain Kunal, and keep him engaged in conversations. So that he does not go towards Anika, and she Couldn't see the changed form of.

As soon as her friends left, Kamini walked quickly towards Anika, who was standing in a corner watching everything. Kamini quickly held Anika's hand and while looking around she took Anika inside the house, and with heavy breathing she wiped the sweat from her forehead and started looking at Anika angrily. Anika was also looking in front of Kamini.

After a few moments, Kamini took a deep breath and asked Anika, "Okay fine, what do you want?"

A slight smile appeared on Anika's face, and while shaking her head she said in a very calm and simple manner, "You are my younger sister, that's all I have to say. It is not right to be so crazy about Kunal. He is not a good boy." "

On hearing this, anger erupted inside Kamini. And he pointed his finger at Anika and said, "Just shut up. Mind your business. I know everything about who is who. If you are so concerned about me then why doesn't the company name me?"

Anika had understood from this question of Kamini that there was no use in explaining it to Kamini.

Therefore, without saying anything further, she started leaving in a mood, seeing this Kamini immediately stood in front of Anika, blocking her path. And then picking up the company papers lying on the table and turning the pages in great style, Kamini said, "By the way, for whom do you want to save this company? For one of your friends? Or for that illegitimate child of yours?"

Before Kamini could finish talking, Anika slapped Kamini hard. The sound of this slap was much louder than the loud music playing outside the house. Despite Kamini having a thick layer of makeup on her face, Anika's fingerprints were clearly visible on her face. Kamini's mouth opened and her eyes went wide.

Anika said angrily, "Beware, if my daughter is called illegitimate, I will speak out. And I mean it."

Anika's red eyes were flowing with less tears and more anger. Kamini had never seen Anika so angry before. Without saying anything, she silently left Anika's way and stood to the side. She understood that if she said anything further then Anika would really do what she said. Anika angrily picked up her purse and walked out of the bungalow.

Sitting in the taxi, Anika took out sunglasses from her purse and wore them. Just then the driver saw Anika from the rear view mirror. Even though the sun had set, Anika's tears had not subsided yet, she could fight everything in the world, but she could not tolerate someone calling her daughter illegitimate. But along with this he also had no answer as to who was Riya's father.

Anika's pregnancy was an unresolved question for Anika herself. In 6 years, Anika had not been able to solve the biggest mystery of her life till date that no boy had even touched her, yet how did she become pregnant. She was thinking all this, when suddenly she remembered something. Wiping her tears, Anika took out her phone from her purse and called Manoj, her old loyal manager of her pharma company.

After a few rings. The manager picked up the phone and said, "Anika, daughter. How are you? What's the matter? Today, after so many years, the owner of the company remembered this employee."

Clearing her voice, Anika said, "No no, uncle. I am the owner of the company only on paper. You are the real owner of the company. Actually, uncle, I had called just to ask if the company is alright. So it's going on, isn't it?" The manager said a little sadly, "Son, understand this. I am sitting holding the hole in a sinking boat. Still, I make a profit of four to five lakhs annually. Which I send to Gautam ji. If you ask, from now on you will I will send it." Anika immediately said, "No uncle, there is no need for that. Well, you take care of yourself."

After disconnecting the phone, Anika again got immersed in deep thoughts, she was wondering what is so special about this small company that Dograj has gone after this company with all his might. First they tried to take over this factory through me and because of that they got me married to Kunal.

After marriage, I became pregnant immediately and then went to Bangalore, hence they did not get a chance to ask for the company from me, hence now they want to grab the company from me through Kamini. That too such a company. Which is not even working properly?

The taxi was moving towards the hotel when he saw an ice-cream stall on the way. Then he remembered that he had promised Riya that he would bring her her favorite chocolate ice-cream, so he stopped the taxi on the way and bought chocolate ice-cream to fulfill his promise and sat back in the taxi and went towards the hotel. Granted, after some time Anika's taxi reached Hotel Paradise International.

Anika was about to reach the lift through the hotel reception, when four or five bodyguards came in front of her and in a hurry blocked Anika's path. Meanwhile, the item from Anika's hand fell on the ground.

Anika got a little nervous, she thought, "Someone has sent goons after me to get company."

After all, who were these people and why did they stop Anika? And what is the secret of Anika's pregnancy? After all, how can the appearance of Rohit's son and Anika's daughter be exactly the same?


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