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What Happened To Don Q And Sancho P?

For A Vocal Social Society Challenge

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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The music for this piece is Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire"

These are the details of this challenge

Don Q had the money, the castle and the title and Sancho P had the intelligence.

Sancho had retrieved Don Q from so many "embarrassing" situations because he always went in like a bull in a china shop. Why were they together?

Sancho's father worked for Don's father and the pay was really good. Also being part of Don Q's entourage meant that gave Sancho a lot of influence in negotiations and also whenever he wanted to to have his way with men, women and even less savoury liaisons.

Don Q decided to have an adventure in the "forbidden zone", Sancho advised strongly against it, because any who entered that place never returned. Don Q said he was bored and wanted an adventure, Sancho said there were many other options but Don Q was not to be swayed, so they had their horses saddled up and they set off, much to Sancho's dismay. In fact, he was scared stiff, but this time Don Q was not to be moved.

The townspeople saw them and said, "That's the last we will see of them, they are history now, and no one ever returns from the forbidden zone".

The forbidden one was one of many left after the Fourth World War, devastated by virulent chemicals and radiation.

They rode into the zone and all was grey, there was no light, and no plants or animals. There were some humanoids distant from them, carrying sticks or spears. Sancho directed them away from them but then Don Q saw some giants which he set off to attack.

Sancho told him to stop pointing out they were not giants but derelict windmills. The sails were shredded and no longer turned, but seemed infested with the zombie-like creatures that were the denizens of the forbidden zone.

They passed the windmills and realised that their horses and skin were turning grey like the zombies. They had been infected by the chemicals or radiation or both and kept on riding.

Within minutes their brains stopped functioning, all they did was move forward.

Soon the horses dropped and died and very soon their bodies were being devoured by the denizens.

Don Q and Sancho P joined them.........

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  • Celia in Underland2 months ago

    Wow was not expecting Zombies! Very dark. Didn't read any until I did mine so here's the attempt, off to read Mathew's now! Thank you for the prompt!

  • Whoaaa, I loved your take on the prompt! Also, lol, I kept reading Don Q as Donkey! 🤣🤣

  • To dream the impossible dream, to feast as the walking dead do, to strive without thought for the morrow, to glow with the radiant few....

  • Linda Rivenbark3 months ago

    Very imaginative and descriptive, but it leaves me wishing Sancho could have tied Don Q up until he came to his senses instead of going to the Forbidden place to meet their doom. Well written.

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