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Weight of the World

by Heather Miller about a year ago in Adventure
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The Part of Two Worlds adventure continues!

The blinking green light was the first thing I saw when my eyes opened. It flashed -in, out, in, out- as if on a timer. Everything was dark save for that light, yet my eyes had no trouble deciphering the shapes and forms surrounding me. Maybe I can't tell what they are, given my limited knowledge of the world of humans, but at least I can see.

A loud beep suddenly broke the silence, making the light turn red. A door opened seconds later. I want to scream and cry all at once when I saw who entered the room.


I thought back to when we'd been captured in the clearing. Bray had been unconscious, dragged away by masked men in clothing that seemed incredibly cumbersome and uncomfortable to me. One of them had told me that he was a friend of Bray's and that Bray had a plan. I swallowed what tasted like acid as my stomach churned.

Was Bray's plan to take me to a new, more horrific, prison and reap the rewards?

He didn't speak, not at first, merely walked in and let the door shut behind him with a resounding clang. The sound was as ominous as it was jarring.

He made his way over to where I was, a metal chain around my ankle that was attached to the wall keeping me from getting up and bolting for the door. I hadn't had time yet to see if my strength could break the links but I was willing to bet the answer was no.

"Sorry about all this," he finally said, pulling a single delicate chain that dangled from the ceiling. Bright light flooded the small space, though it was an ethereal green rather than the soft yellow or white that I'd seen in various places we'd stayed on land since he'd gotten me out of that tank. I didn't speak, not having the right words to ask what he was thinking, but my face apparently said what my words couldn't.

A quick glance behind him, which caused his dark shaggy hair to fall into his eyes, and Bray came closer. "I'm not sure who might be listening but you have to trust me. I have a plan." My raised eyebrows said it all, though a low growl escaped me nonetheless. "There's another one of us here. A girl. I can't leave her here," he went on. He shifted, seeming uncomfortable with my stoic expression and icy demeanor.

"I owe her." That got my attention. In the water, things were more straightforward than I'd learned they were on land. Everything had a basic purpose: hunt, defend, eat, etc. Nothing was done with ulterior motives, there was no manipulation or politics. If someone had to be killed, it was a necessity rather than any other motive. If someone helped you, you helped them in return. It was just our way. Bray seemed to sense my understanding in this sentiment, so he pressed on.

"She saved me when I was first brought to land. And she is our key to getting across the border safely. But she got captured a few days ago. One of my contacts told me when we stopped at the safehouse." None of this really meant anything to me but I understood the basic gist. We needed this girl. Not just that but I couldn't leave one of my people to suffer like I had. Bray and I had that in common.

"Why am I a prisoner?" It was the first words I'd spoken since I woke up and they were laced with suspicion despite my thoughts whirling in favor of believing what he said. I had learned the hard way that things were rarely as they seemed on land, after all.

"It has to look convincing. This is a base, top secret. Nobody would have let us near if we didn't have something they wanted," he explained, looking at me pointedly. I suddenly understood and the realization must have shown on my face because he held up his hands to calm me. "Don't worry. I know one of the people who work here. He wants to help put a stop to this too. Nothing is going to happen that we don't want."

Famous last words, I silently snorted. One of the keepers at my last prison had used that phrase a lot when talking to his buddies and I enjoyed the phrase though wasn't sure if I was using it right. I kept my face impassive for a moment before I finally nodded.

"Ok yes. I will trust this plan," I said, watching him carefully. "If you lie, I will kill you." He chuckled, a fact I didn't appreciate but decided to let slide. It's not like I had much of a choice right now.

"Noted," he said, just as another beep sounded and the door clanged open again. The green light turned red, making for a distracting sight when compared with the bulb hanging overhead, but I focused on the figure entering instead.

I didn’t recognize the man, not that I exactly had a lot of experience on land to gain any familiarity with anyone. He was tall, towering over Bray and making him seem like a child. His body seemed to be made from the same stone that comprised the cliffs that dotted the shoreline and his expression was just as unyielding. I noticed he wore what appeared to be a piece of silver on a chain around his neck, seemingly innocuous and plain but for the soft green light emanating from the center. He didn’t look at Bray but some unspoken message seemed to pass between them because Bray gave a short nod. He cast one last look at me before turning and leaving the room with another clang.

This one sounded more ominous than all the rest.


  • First time reading? The adventure begins in Part of Two Worlds and continues in A New World and Worlds Collide.

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Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed, and have the means, please consider giving a tip or even just leaving a heart for me to continue these adventures. (I thrive on likes/applause, I'm a bit like a fairy in that regard) -H


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Heather Miller

Just a girl with too many voices in her head trying to tell her what to write. Hopefully you like some of it as much as I like writing it!

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