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by Zach Harwood 2 months ago in Fantasy
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The creation story is described in the Laas zii scriptures. Of course, this is paraphrased...

A vast echoing chasm of nothingness, only the sounds of rushing water and the force of nature. Through the stars travelled Laas Jun (meaning "life king"), a raging river teeming with life! Inside Laas Jun, fish thrived, the only inhabitants among the stars.

As time went on, the fish began to grow and turn on each other. Fish began eating other fish. Laas Jun’s stomach became sick from all the blood, and he soon found a rock to latch himself onto. Laas Jun had power over all life, and over time, as Laas Jun rested, grass began to form. Soon, trees and animals of all shapes and sizes lay along the rock. Laas Jun soon became fond of the creatures and life that had been brought up through the life giving water. He named it Golt Do Nahl (meaning ground of living).

For years, Laas Jun sat back and regained his strength. With all its beauty and all of its vastness, Laas Jun knew that he himself could not keep all this under his control, so from Laas Jun’s mouth, into being came nine spirits.

First came Kun Jun and Vulom Jun, watcher spirits. Kun Jun (light king) to guard and rule Revak Golt, a place where creatures who have abstained from touching blood could go, and Vulom Jun to guard Yol Golt a place after death for the ones who bath in the blood of Golt Do Nahl. Next came Gram Zii, the spirit of the wind, and Kaal Do Fin Okazz, champion of the sea. Thereafter came Bormah Do Fin Krien, the father of the sun, and Mon Vulon (meaning daughter of night), and Kinbok Do Viintaas Yuvon, the leader of the stars. With the last of the gush from his mouth, Laas Jun created Monah Fin Nahl Gol, the mother of the living, and a groundskeeper to take care of Golt Do Nahl’s layers; the dirt, the rock, the core. Then came Raan Ofan, meaning animal giver, to take care of all the animals. Lastly, he created Ogiim, a two-legged creature with the ability to learn.

But the blood of the fish still in Laas Jun soon soaked into the sand and the crust, infecting Monah Fin Nahl Gol. She was soon driven to hunger and the plants she took care of (once peaceful and lush) became eaters of other creatures. As animals grazed on the plants, they too were infected by the blood. They began eating each other just as the fish had done in the beginning. The weather began to change, becoming more unpredictable and dangerous. Desserts formed As nutrients from the ground became sparse, Enraged at them, Laas Jun brought into the world four Dovah (meaning dragon), one for each end of the earth. Giving off wisdom and helping cultivate leaders.

With blood having mutated all of nature, as the Ogiim ate from the plants, they too became twisted. One day, jealousy erupted from the Ogiim and one of the Ogiim took a leadership role among them. His name was Coragakth. Over a few days, he and the rest of the Ogiim plotted to overthrow the spirits. "How could they get all of the lushness and knowledge when we are here by ourselves?" This was the thought. It was a grasp at infinite knowledge. The revolt only lasted a few weeks before it was struck down by a very upset Laas Jun. Laas Jun shouted at his creation. "I loved you, I took care of you, I gave you knowledge to lead the earth and all its creations. Yet you continue to betray me in exchange for more knowledge, strength, and power! You will no longer be in our high esteem; you will be the scum of Golt Do Nahl. I will create other races. Each better than you." As he spoke out about the races, each race came into the world. First came The Fahiil, made from the bark of a tree and given the gift of prosperity, riches, and power abound. The Mal Vum were next. Carved out of the sides of rocks, they were gifted with crafting skills beyond any Ogiim had ever seen. The Gogil soon came after rising from the swamps and able to survive the darkest of nights. The sand from the bottom of the oceans then brought Siigonis, faster and more adaptable than races before. The jul came last, straight from the body of the Ogiim themselves, made to be great at multiplying. "This is the first of many races to come, all better than what you have been" "These will now be taking care of my creation." You will be hunted and hated by all until the day of Laat Jun Ah, where you can then regain your glory. "


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Zach Harwood

Started Writing in highschool. Stopped for a while. Started up again. As of right now it's 10:31. I need sleep.

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