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Unexpected Enclosure

Bounded By Fate

By Eman MariumPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

It had been four hours since Rania and Raghav were locked in Alizeh’s house, and now they were exhausted. For the past three hours, they had been calling all their friends for rescue, but all their friends were making fun of them, saying that the two lovebirds should stay together for a while. Raghav and Rania were polar opposites in personality, yet they shared the same friend group. They had all gathered to give a farewell party to Alizeh, who was leaving for London later that evening.

After everyone had gone home following Alizeh’s departure, Rania returned to Alizeh’s house to check if anything had been forgotten. Upon entering, she saw Raghav coming out of Alizeh’s room. Surprisingly, they were both there for the same reason. When Rania saw him, she made a cold face and snapped the main door shut, forgetting in her stress about the smart lock installed on it. After ensuring everything was in order and that Alizeh had all her belongings, Rania went to the lobby and saw Raghav already sitting there. She gave him a side glance and went to the door, only to realize it wouldn’t open.

“What’s this?” Rania shouted in astonishment.

“All thanks to you, miss,” Raghav replied calmly.

“Would you like to tell me how?” she asked sarcastically.

“Was I the one who closed the door despite knowing that Alizeh had installed a smart lock?” he asked.

Rania’s face turned white. “You have the key, right?” she questioned. “Otherwise, how did you get in here?”

“Luckily, when I arrived, Alizeh’s flight hadn’t departed yet, so she opened it for me through her mobile app,” he responded.

“Now what? I can’t stand even a single second here with you,” Rania said.

“I don’t have any such wishes either, miss,” Raghav replied.

“Have you tried Alizeh’s number?” Rania asked.

“Unfortunately, she’s on her flight, and we can’t contact her for the next ten hours. Wait, let me try someone else’s number,” he said, moving to Alizeh’s room while Raghav remained in the lobby.

After half an hour, Rania returned to the lobby and said, “Those cheapsters think we deserve this and should spend more time together.”

They both sat in silence in the lobby. After seven long hours of silence, Rania got bored and decided to break the ice. “Are you hungry or need anything?” she asked.

“I don’t want to die so soon,” Raghav replied.

His words made Rania furious, but she decided not to react or fight because it was her mistake that had locked them there. Another stretch of cold silence ensued. After some time, Raghav cleared his throat and asked, “Why do you hate me so much?”

Upon hearing this, Rania opened her mouth to say something but then decided to stay quiet.

“Have I asked a very difficult question?” he added.

This prompted Rania to respond. “Look, I don’t hate you. It’s just that I don’t like you because, in my opinion, you’re a spoiled, careless, non-serious rich kid.”

“And why do you think so?” he asked again.

“Just look at yourself. What do you do all day except flirt with girls and waste your father’s money?” she said.

“It’s not like that,” Raghav replied. “I do love to spend money, but it’s my money that I earn from freelancing. My father’s wealth has nothing to do with it. And I can’t live a boring life like you, being a bookworm and the teacher’s favorite all day. I love being who I am.”

His response shocked Rania. “I never thought you considered me this useless,” Raghav said.

“It’s not that I think you’re useless. I used to envy you, thinking you have everything anyone could ever dream of. And here I am, just a member of a broken family whose father left her when she was only eight years old,” Rania said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Raghav stayed silent for a moment, then said, “You know what, you are too special, just like pure water.”

Rania looked at him with empty eyes. Just then, Raghav’s phone rang. It was Alizeh, who had just landed. She told him that the swan-shaped decoration piece on her central table in the lobby was the key to the door.

Hearing this, Rania picked up the swan and asked, “Was this the key? But how?”

Alizeh explained that its beak was carved in the shape of the key. Rania immediately dashed towards the door to open it. Before leaving, she looked back at Raghav (who was still talking to Alizeh) with teary eyes and said, “Sorry and thank you for today.”

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Eman Marium

Hello, I am Eman. Writing fictional stories is my passion; however, I am a professional blogger and article writer. I've worked with prestigious tech hubs. I have 3 years of writing experience during which I've secured decent clients.

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