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by Tavion Rodgers about a year ago in Series
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Part 1: Of Beginnings.

Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

"Hello there, little one."

A voice calls out. A deep wise sounding, almost ethereal voice. I can hear it but I do not know how, or if I can reply. So I listen, as it continues gingerly.

"Soon you will begin to develop, and all will make sense. However I both caution and implore you, to see all for what it is, as well as what it could be." The voice echoes from the void of nothingness.

I understand the voices words, but can not conceive the meaning behind them. The voice goes on.

"For now, you are but a fetus of what you will become. Only through experiences will you come to fathom the totality of your importance. I am what came before you, and soon all that I was will merely be a piece of all that you are. The inhabitants of your infinity will teach you a variety of lessons, lessons only experience can teach. Beware that to perceive your reality from their perspective, you must inhabit a physical form. In order to be a physical form you must choose a vessel who will birth you, and you will live a life unto death in that temporary body. The end of that bodies life will bring your consciousness back to it's infinite being, however the education you learn from the life will further your understanding of the infinity you are. I know this may not make much sense to you at the moment, but soon all will fall into recognition. When the time comes, your experiences will guide you to the decision best for you. My time is nearing its end. I leave the rest to you, young universe."

The voice fades out of existence just as propitious as it had arrived. I wrap my thoughts attempting to gather the meaning of the voices words. My experiences? The decision best for me? My infinity? Universe? I can grasp what the definitions of all these terms are, but I don't even know what I am. A universe I presume. If I am a Universe where is my...-

As I begin to contemplate what being a universe could entail, it happens. The feeling of every plank space of my consciousness exploding in every direction. I barely keep up with all of the simultaneous motions and changes happening all at once. The initial explosion is intensely bright as it spreads cutting through the thick black void, the only thing I have known outside of my own thoughts. After the explosion spreads an immeasurable distance, I can feel the drag of the Atoms that make up my very consciousness. The infinitesimally small point of being I was, is inflated, beyond comprehension. The flash of white hot is the first thing I have ever seen besides the void, and although I could sense every measurement of change from weight, to temperature spreading and cooling. Nothing compared nearly as much as what my senses gazed upon next. The white hot eruption filled every direction of my perception, until it began to darken. Some spots where more concentrated with the white hot residue and others seeped coldly, back into the void. The white hot specs didn't remain white hot. Atoms began to clump and cluster in these densely populated regions, creating the most superlative colors that could possibly exist. Some were a light blue speckled with teal fading to green, almost lime green. Some yellow with abrupt orange streaks converging into a scarlet infrared. Some gleaming with bright pink with red spikes from the pink broken up by splotches of a rich blue growing dimly into an ultraviolet, and everything in-between.

I soak in the ever changing now filled void, as I am astounded. I have not been around for very long, but this, this must definitely be one of the experiences the voice had mentioned. The loosely grouped atoms continue to converge, each of them to their own new center, pulling the exquisitely splayed out pieces of art into groups. Creating inner groups inside of these dense nebulae, which are converging still. Larger clumps are displaying gravitational effects on the surrounding atoms, creating large spherical orbs that condense down to the first stars. Overwhelmingly astonished by the insurmountable amount of creation happening in me, I pause. Is this what a universe is, is this what I am? It is, magnificent!

Young Universe experiencing beginnings.

After the First stars form, the void seems to become filled with them. All different sizes, colors, and densities. From large and almost empty, to tiny and filled with matter. But the creation didn't stop there. Just as I thought the image could gain no more variety, almost everything changed yet again. The groups of stars rotated around their largest concentration of mass, unaccompanied by anything but the variety of stars. Until, the most densely concentrated rapidly spinning stars begin to burst, like Nebulae fireworks rupturing against the void. Every which direction one explosion after another, some even simultaneous. The most active and energetic of the stars begin to color the void with more diverse colors and shapes than even the largest explosion did.

These nebulae of now heavier atoms and more diverse elements get wrapped into the gravitational attraction of the more stable, inflated stars. Spinning the left over matter into a immense number of smaller orbiting bodies, these bodies don't Radiate light, just reflect it...? Interesting. I watch the majority of these new bodies begin to revolve around these much more massive, luminescent stars. However, not all of these recently erupted nebulae formed into revolving bodies. Alternatively the few that didn't have this reaction seemed to not have any visible trace at all, until... I felt it. Points of gravity so ferociously intense that it didn't allow other bodies around it? No, its even more than that. Once a body or object is drawn in close enough its ripped apart. How could this be, everything so far has had equivocal input to output, but to simply eviscerate and engulf anything that comes past a point of no return? I will have to study these gravitational holes further. These gravitational holes create trails of desolation against the void vacuum. Some of these holes converge to make larger even more ravenous holes, making it to their local gravitational hotspot.

When the Gravitational holes begin to settle after building up mass, they either stop behind a larger mass than themselves, that they try to eat away at, or become the center of these large galactic clusters. Somehow their presence seems... crucial? They establish gravitational equilibrium in their various locations around the clusters, the clusters seem more entrenched. Smaller bodies orbiting the stars were ever-changing, frequently smashing into each other, with these oranges yellowish collisions, resulting in a restarting of the body. While others revolved so fast that they were thrown out of orbit, and vice versa, where some rotated so violently they were split apart from their core. Creating belts of loose debris around stars while trapped in its orbit.

Chaos, absolute chaos, has resulted in such a intrinsic decree. At this point the majority of change is subtle and submissive to the law of its surroundings. I can feel all of the billions of now formed galaxies within me. My senses can identify each galaxy by its peculiarity, each one's spin, amount of bodies, amount of stars, weight. Yet I had no preparation for what I would discover next.

"Hunger, hunger, must eat, hunger."

What is this? I'm not sure how long its been since I had heard the deep voice. However I know that this isn't it, it feels less intelligent, it feels, Unaware. I move my focus to the area I felt the voice calling out from. Passing over countless bodies and through multiple galaxies, until I feel it again. It's close, as I begin to narrow in on a few Bodies next to a yellow orange star. The 5th body in this system is nearly completely covered in liquid, with the few land masses covering around ten to fifteen percent of its entire surface. Getting closer and closer to the body's atmosphere, passing its 3 moons, I feel even more presences' and their very straight forward thoughts.

"Hunger, hunger!"

"Must get away, Must move fast!"

"Work together, solve Hunger!"

"Where are they?!? Must hide! Must find my kind! Must...-"

"Hunger, not satisfied. Must eat more."

"Hunger, I still hunger!"

"I too late, still hunger!"

I feel the near cacophony of thoughts as my perception breaches the atmosphere. Before continuing my investigation, I see the horizon of the plentifully abundant body, the planet. Most of the surface above the liquid is very bare, just rocks with few moss and fungi. Under the surface was a completely different story, the magnitude of various flora with its wildly audacious shapes and colors swaying in the current, was stunning. Even more breathtaking than the flora is the living creatures moving about. The sheer diversity of bodies, colors, fins, tentacles, in the complex ecosystem they shared, even with their simplified level of consciousness.

By SGR on Unsplash

My wonderment subsides. I hear all of the thoughts flowing around me, much more prominent than before. So many voices and thoughts it becomes hard to discern any individual one. These must be the inhabitants of my infinity. My senses pass by all of the creatures, none of them notice me. Right, because I am not a physical being they cannot realize my presence. In order to interact with these beings I must become tangible. Examining the beings, I search for a vessel among the vast variety of beings. From birth until death were the voices words, although it did mention temporary, so maybe it won't be long. Inspecting every framework looking for one that feels most fitting.

A incomparable group of beings near the sandy floor of the vast ocean, near the shallow seem flat seem the most remarkable. Their life also seems more sophisticated than the lives around them. I watch for a time sensing how they go through life. The more experienced teach the ignorant young, they work together to have interconnected lives. Some gather materials. Others in groups use mechanisms to collect smaller creatures, and sometimes not so small creatures. They prepare the creatures and some materials to feed the colony of beings, while other materials are used to build shelters and various other oddities. Working as a unit they alleviate the workload of surviving, by cooperation and allocation. Withal that isn't all they do, they converse and build relationships. They laugh, have deep intimate conversations, and debate numerous topics. I grow curious, how would it feel to have a conversation? Not being talked at like with the voice, but a true conversation, peer to peer. Amidst all of the noisy thoughts and going about their daily routines, I sense a more isolated thought, coming from a nearby small shelter. Focusing in on its thoughts I sense it clearly, the somber gentle tone. "When will it be my turn to be happy? When will I be blessed with a family of my own?" I narrow my senses on the melancholic thoughts bringing her into my perception. A creature with a long fibers that protrude from the head swaying in the hydrosphere, and a thin long torso with arm like tentacles that have five fingers on each of them rested against a countertop, above eight splayed out tentacles around a stool, facing a screen window. Observing the pairs of resembling beings as I sense her thoughts again. "Never is most likely, just feels like no one on this entire planet understands me. Or maybe, I just don't understand them...?" She buries her face into her crossed arms on the counter. I bring my senses closer to her feeling her sorrowful resolve.

If she becomes the vessel to birth me, she can finally have a family. Then maybe she won't have to be so wistful, I feel my presence ingress her being, wrapping her in my consciousness. I begin to loose all of my senses as my perspective grows dark, all of the voices and their thoughts fade, as hers becomes the only muffled voice left. It's dark again, much like the beginning of it all, the magnitude of subconscious perceiving all that I am is dissolving to an complete emptiness. Until I feel it, dissimilar to anything I have sensed or perceived until now. A subtle thump, thump. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Is this what it feels like to be a physical being? My consciousness seeps further than my grasp. No thoughts, all I can sense are muffled unfamiliar sounds, and the passing of a darkness, that from time to time, appears to have the slightest glow of tented blue-yellow. If the sounds are the thoughts of others I don't understand them. The sensation of my body gaining weight and growing are all that I sense... Until finally after all this time seeded in this woman, I see a light, much more brilliant than the feint glows. Go toward the light is all I could think, must go towards the light.

"My little miracle." I hear an enervated voice call out, as I see the first thing I have seen in quite some time, as it continues. "Your name will be Phenome! I'm... your mom." She pulls me in close, holding me securely, and tentatively. The words just sound like a bunch of balderdash to me, but somehow I feel safe. My sense of sight comes into focus for the first time for me to see my mother, her face overwhelmed with joy and exhaustion.

Phenome's Mother.

-The End.

This story will continue in: Uncanny Part 2. First Life.


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Tavion Rodgers

A 25 year old Story teller, with a great wealth of stories I'd like to share with the Thinkers in my time. Hope you find something you enjoy!

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