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The Window


By Raven BlackPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

Looking down at the many glittering specs of city lights against the midnight sky, she pressed her palm to the cold glass. Wincing at the sensation, she pulled her hand away. Why was she always so attracted to the cold, she pondered.

Staring into his face, she momentarily paused, taking a deep breath before asking, “You are going to let them burn all of this to ashes, My Raven, aren't you?” Her quiet voice shook slightly as she imagined all the beautiful lights exploding in one cacophonous and deafening moment.

He remained silent, paused in his thoughts, not even a smile, or movement graced him. The still of the room offered no answers.

“My Raven,” she murmured as she quickly grabbed his hand.

His black eyes continued to stare out over the glorious array of city lights before he murmured, “My Little One, why should you care. Look at how they have all treated you,” he stated with some compassion in his voice.

“I could care less about people surviving,” she innocently said, cutting the stillness of the hotel room with her determined voice.

“Yet, something inside of you still makes you care?” he questioned.

She stifled a laugh before replying, “Not in the slightest. I just want to see the world before it turns to ash.”

“Even though I’m the one that burns it all?” he replied with a look of curiosity on his face.

“Why can’t you just stay with me, My Raven?” she implored with some worry in her brown eyes before hugging him tightly, pushing her head into his chest.

“I never said I was leaving you. I just wanted to create a better world for US to live in?” he retorted with a smile.

“My teddy bear, I love you,” she enthusiastically stated before kissing him. She continued, “Not all of this world is bad. I found a Raven, didn’t I, or wait a second, did you find me?” she happily stated with a broad smile.

“True, you are my light in this world. What would you have me do, stand back and watch it destroy itself anyway?” he interjected.

“You’re not responsible for the actions of others, My Love,” she replied in a musical voice before continuing, “Everything must face its own extinction at one time or another.”


About the Creator

Raven Black

He stepped out into the street, cloaked in his midnight-smoked suit and twisted-brown leather boots, shouting to the world, "Writing is my religion, and this is my church."

Hi, I'm Raven Black, and writing is my passion.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    I've always wanted to find someone who would burn the world for me. Isabella is so lucky to have you! Loved your story! Also, I'm from Malaysia so I loved your choice of cover pic as well!

  • Isabella Rose4 months ago

    I believe this exact story, or something like it, has happened with us before, My Raven! I enjoyed writing this with you, My Midnight Feathered Love.

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