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The Untouchable City

by Dany Jean-Pierre 4 months ago in Fantasy / Sci Fi · updated 3 months ago
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what happens when a holy city becomes touched by the unclean

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say." Ladon said ominously definitely attempting to spook her out of the mission.

Aria was the first legacy to attempt to leave the colony. Families of the greatest innovators were selected to build a new world, and she was 'luckily' apart of that legacy.

She laughed,"Ya, I'm sure no one would hear me scream in terror. You forget innovators correct solutions to all foreseen issues. Lack of communication sounds like one they would have latched onto first."

Ladon rolled his eyes. His eyes with black sclera and gold irises were always striking. All of his emotions fierce with an intimidating countenance that most Ruo guardians exuded. The softness that came over him was only for a select few.

"You know I'm just trying to prepare you. It's not like the Council of Ruo-Aht would let me follow you on your little excursion. It's bad enough you're leaving Nihana."

Aria looked at his stern face seriously. Knowing that while this was everything she wanted. No one, not even her closest confidante, could be supportive of her. She would break every tradition in doing this. Finding a Astro-pilot to instruct her had been hard enough. Getting a mission outside of the test flights sanctioned by the Council was a miracle. Aria knew it would break the sanctity of the family structure. She could be afraid of that reality or embrace.

Her decision was made long before this moment.

Ladon grasped her arm with his scaly hand,"I know you have waited for a time to have real adventures. It is not only my worry as a guardian and teacher, but as a friend. I have watched over you since you were but a babe. I know you have always looked to the stars in comfort. I just hope all the risk that I know you are taking is worth this adventure you are taking."

She knew her city was a pristine oasis. She knew that nothing horrible or wrong had ever graced the planet's surface. They were a crowning jewel in the galaxy. A light for a peoples to see. Aria was trained to keep it that way. Holy, sacred and a high point of innovation.

However, she never knew that paradise could break, until that day the giant fell out of the sky.

The day started like any other. She went exploring; Aria had a curious heart that led her to any myth or untold mystery. This day she would venture into the forests on the outskirts of their little city. The ancient buildings towered over her, with pillars and marvelous murals. The history behind the city in the sky told in pictures carved on sparkling marble, that almost looked like stars in the night sky. Ladon protecting her from afar, at her side for as long as he could.

Her fellow legacies said their greetings and made pleasant small talk with her, asking what legend she was searching after today. They always spoke with her fondly like she was but a child. Her thick, callused brown hands waved enthusiastically as she demonstrated the story. Explaining her research of the stars and the planet she planned to venture to. What else could she babble about if not the most exciting thing to ever happen to her.

The group laughed incredulous at the girl who kept her head pointed to the stars in a galaxy that was looking to the place she stood.

As she went on her way, her steps were light and determined as she trekked through the streets made of stone. Her path went from cobbled clouds to bits of dirt and weed. The forest guiding her through with their soft breezes and gentle sways. The launch pads were remote kept on the outskirts of their civilization. As she came to her craft, she admired it, checking for any flaw or dent that would stop her adventure. She checked in with her crew members. Preparing for the trip to the planets beyond.

Her journey coming to an interruption, when the world shook.

The earth beneath seemed to lose all stability. The trees swayed, branches fell and the sky split open. She tripped. Having taken herself outside to look to where the commotion had started.

Her black curls splayed on the ground as she saw the angel fall from the sky. Cracked obsidian wings seemed to hasten his plummet to the ground.

As he fell, trees cracked down from his weight, the giant’s body too much to allow safe passage through its branches. Tentatively, Aria moved towards the giant, slowly going through and around debris. Her path not made easy by this unknown creature.

She, at last, made it to the seemingly unconscious being. Her curiosity heightened to new levels as she looked at him. He was a being whose size made her feel almost insignificant. Wounds lined his body, and his wings looked mangled. Obsidian skin torn to showing his trauma.

He opened a grey eye to stare into her soul. Connecting to her in some anomaly. His voice came out to a low rumble as he spoke,"Daemons come to strike the Enlightened One."

This world did not have anomalies. She was supposed to be the first.

This fallen angel, this entity, would alter her reality indefinitely.

FantasySci Fi

About the author

Dany Jean-Pierre

I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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